Black Friday This Year

Generally speaking, if a day is Friday and its date is 13th, it is called Black Friday.Because Friday and the 13th are both unfortunate in western countries.It said that the special day originates from western religion and superstition. Jesus Christ died in Friday. Also the Bible says that the God created the first man and woman called Adam and Eve. The day of Adam was created; they ate forbidden fruit as well as they died are all in Friday.Besides, the number 13 is unlucky. Whenever at 13th, 12 witches will hold a carnival, and the 13th is devil Satan who appears at climax and brings disaster to human. So not only the 13th but also the number 13 is taboo. It is obviously that there is not the number 13 used for street or building name.However it has another side. In US, it is the Friday after Thanksgiving when all the retailers offer many hottest deals of the year and the prices are extremely low, then customers will rush to purchase so that it make a big profit for all the retailers. While red is symbolized deficit and black is profit in US market, therefore this day is called “Black Friday” by retailers, which means they would no longer have losses from then on.So Black Friday 2009 is November 27th. Now many shops have being prepared for that day and promote many great deals for customers.As references, you can find best deals on that day at Deals Vista which reports the latest and hottest deals on the web.

Planning Ahead For the Biggest Shopping Day

Planning ahead is always a good idea, especially when you are talking about Black Friday. Black Friday 2009 is expected to be one of the biggest in recent years. As the country is coming out of the recession, more businesses are becoming generous on their discounts. Major stores, whether they are online or not, are going to have plenty of sales that are bound to please everyone. Today it is possible to seek the sales before they come out in the ads on Thanksgiving Day. Before deciding to wait in the long lines at a store, you can see what sales you want to go after and what stores to hit. Several Black Friday-goers wait in the long lines as window shoppers. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is also nothing wrong with standing in line if you know what you want to buy.Black Friday 2009 ads will be plentiful and places like Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Apple and more will be having their ads early for people who want to explore that possibility. Get great deals on electronics, clothes, jewelry and much more.There has never been a better time than now to start if looking for sales. With slightly less than two months before the big day, get excited about the possibilities. Some sales will last for several days while some will only last for a day. Don’t miss out and be prepared.Searching online is the easiest way to look for such ads. You can also shop at the convenience of your own computer.

Hooray! It’s Black Friday 2009!

It is almost like the Friday after Thanksgiving has become a holiday in itself! Black Friday 2009, as it has come to be known, is usually a retailer’s dream day. But how will our struggling economy affect sales for this semi-recession year.I had a chance to sit down with a number of retail outlet employees in my area (southeastern New England) to see if I could gauge the mood of this year’s Christmas buying season. It was an enlightening experience and I’d like to report some of my findings.A couple of Sundays ago I spoke to Terry Bridgewater at one of the local area outlet stores (selling womens lingerie). While she was optimistic, she was also somewhat guarded. “I’ve noticed a slight drop off leading up to this month,” Terry said. “Our parent company realizes that people are spending less and that they are perhaps shopping more online to fight the high gas prices.”Chris Tucci of Hobbyville has a different view. “We’re a very specialized niche so we haven’t seen as big of a down turn in sales like some of the Big Box Stores have been reporting. We’re fortunate in that respect, I guess. Like everyone says though, the competition from the internet seems to be building. But we also have a strong web presence to I’m not too concerned.”That seems to one underlying theme in my research. Even the smaller stores are now offering an opportunity to be able to shop online. If people can save money by not driving and stores can still make sales, everyone wins.My personal feeling is that the future of the retailer’s business IS, in fact, by developing a strong internet presence. There are a number of online retailers that can easily out pace some of their brick and mortar competitors. With web hosting far cheaper than rent and property taxes this only makes sense. So regardless of how this recession might affect companies, it is clear that it is still the smart shopper that will ultimately decide whether Black Friday 2009 will be a lucrative one for retailers or not.Happy shopping!

Getting Pumped Up About Black Friday 2009

The excitement is in the air and rightfully so. There is so much to enjoy about this holiday season, with the highlight being Black Friday 2009. It promises to be the biggest ever and why not. There will be sales on several items from clothes to electronics. Below are places that are going to have some great sales from which to choose.Best Buy-Don’t miss out on one of the biggest electronic stores ever built. Best Buy is a popular option because of the prices on some of the top brand electronics. Come Black Friday look out for deals and bargains on items like the X-Box 360, PS3, various DVDs, and HD televisions. You will find out quickly why Best Buy is one of the more popular destinations to shop, not only on Black Friday, but anytime of the year.Walmart-Walmart has been around well over a decade and the reasons are easily understandable. Walmart is so diverse that you can find anything and everything you ever need there. Then you include the sales that they will offer on Black Friday and you have a combination that you ca not beat. The sales will be plentiful and you can find them on things like clothes, electronics, sporting gear and car services. Don’t miss out on what Walmart has to offer.Amazon-One of the biggest, most diverse online shopping places there is. This place always booms with sales whether it is big festival or not. Find sales on books, electronic and DVDs, their most popular items.No matter where you look, Black Friday 2009 ads are a great way to find the sales that suit you best. Happy shopping. The day draws near!

How to Shop on Black Friday 2009 Like a Pro

As Black Friday 2009 approaches, shoppers are gearing up. People are clipping ads, and maybe even getting out the camping tents in preparation for a night in the parking lot. If you don’t want to stand in line for five hours and come home empty handed, follow tips below to make you shop like a pro on Black Friday 2009.Step 1:Do the research. Websites posts black Friday ads weeks in advance. Know what is on sale and what you want to shop for, so you can pick your favorite stores. Pick a shopping mall that has multi stores of interest. Stores don’t open at the same time, thus make a plan to shop as the first wave at different stores.Step 2:Arrive early. You will still have to face a line but it won’t be nearly as long as it would be a couple of hours into the sale. If you arrive later, you might end up standing in the line for five hours, yet get nothing.Step 3:Plan the path. Go to your favorite store beforehand to find out where everything is, and plan the best path. The path has to start from the front door, to your most favorite department, second most favorite etc. Your organization will give you an advantage over other shoppers. Sometime, 10 seconds can help you grab the last available item.Step 4:Shop online. More and more stores begin to offer similar or even better deals online too. Check black Friday ads 2009 now, and you might end up grabbing a deal with your computer and have a good dream instead of standing in the line. Some stores won’t release the online deals until Thanksgiving night. Keep checking after your Thanksgiving dinner and you might have surprises.