2010 Best Buy Black Friday Sales and Deals on Digital Cameras Become Popular in November 2010

In 2010 many Americans will look to save as much money as possible as the economy continues to greatly struggle. One way to save money during the holiday season is to take advantage of 2010 Best Buy Black Friday sales. Some of the sales that will often be considered include the deals that are available on digital cameras. Each and every year more and more Americans buy cameras as they want to take pictures and save these pictures on a computer rather than having a printed copy.When thinking about a 2010 Christmas gift idea it is often the case that many parents and grandparents think about giving their children and grandchildren a new camera. With the advancements in technology it is now the case that almost everyone in America wants a digital camera as they are light weight, small and can fit in your pocket. One of the major electronics retailers in the United States happens to be Best Buy and they often offer many deals and sales when it comes to these cameras on the day after Thanksgiving.Before making any final decisions when it comes to buying a digital camera it is always important to do research and understand just what your loved ones want. When it comes to gadget devices it is often the case that many people are very picky. If you pick out the wrong type of advanced camera it may be the case that you have to return it on the day after Christmas as the person receiving the gift will want the camera that they had initially thought they were going to get.Unfortunately, it tends to be the case that there are many options available when it comes to purchasing a digital camera on Black Friday. There are many companies that offer great new cameras and most of these companies are willing to put them on sale during the busiest times of the year. This makes it very difficult for those who want to come up with a completely unique gift for the loved ones in their life. Sometimes it is a wise decision to just ask which type of digital camera is best. Once again, it is unfortunate but each situation dictates which digital camera will be the best fit. One of the most important things to do is to just ask your loved ones to write down the exact name and model of the digital camera that they would like to have on Christmas morning.One way to save on Best Buy digital camera sales is to do research in advance. The Black Friday and cyber Monday ads will likely be released at the beginning of November so make certain to check out which cameras are available. Remember to do research on this cameras as you will want to select a camera that is of good quality. Going to Consumer Reports could help with this process. Look for the popularity of these sales to grow this year as many people want to save money.

Day After Thanksgiving Shopping – Navigate the Crowds and Still Get the Best Deals

If you are a brave soul, you probably love the day after Thanksgiving shopping excursions that thousands of Americans participate in each year. There is no question that there are fantastic deals to be had in shopping malls and online, but do you know where to look?Historically, shoppers have camped out in front of stores before the sun even comes up in anticipation of the huge savings they can get once inside their favorite store. It is not uncommon for people to bring chairs and even tents to wait for those doors to open so that they can rush inside to start their Christmas shopping.However, just because it is the day after Thanksgiving shopping event does not necessarily mean you will get the best deals on that day. Stores will be running promotions like crazy leading up to these events, so it pays to do some serious research before heading out for your shopping trip. Collect sales circulars well beforehand and make a plan on exactly where you will go, in what order, and what you will buy. Try to stick to your plan!Another great option that many shoppers are starting to take is online shopping. You can find just about anything online these days. From massage chairs to baby toys, you can take your time finding the best deals without getting involved in the mad rush of the mall shopping experience. Plus, many online retailers offer great promotions and even free shipping.No matter which route you choose to take, planning is vital. The day after Thanksgiving shopping trip can save you a ton of money, but if you fail to plan you might end up losing money instead of saving it.

How to Get Black Friday Deals Everyday – Never Pay Retail Price Again!

Every year there is one day that every bargain shopper greatly anticipates. The day that I am referring to is none other then “Black Friday”. This day is special because “Black Friday Deals” are known to save eager shoppers a ton of cash for the holiday shopping season.This famous day after Thanksgiving sale usually forces even the most reluctant holiday consumer out and about fighting the large feisty crowds and the seemingly never ending lines. This is all due to some of the amazing deals that can be had on this day.But what if you could get “Black Friday Deals” everyday of the year.You are probably asking yourself is this possible and if so, how?Well to answer the first part of this question, yes there is a way that you can experience “Black Friday” like discounts every single day of the year.I know this because I have been doing this myself now for over 2 years now.”It feels great not having to pay full price for anything!”That’s right, whether it be clothes, jewelry. electronics even sporting goods, I have been paying way less then those of you that shop at the traditional “Big Retailers” and I’m sure you know who I am talking about. Heck, there everywhere.I pay anywhere between 30%-80% less for the same exact things that my friends are inmost cases are paying to much for.Ok, at this point I know your thinking, “That’s great for her, but how can I do this?”.The secret to doing this is so simple but so powerful!The secret is to buy from wholesalers.The truth is, most people have heard of wholesalers but never really thought about using them.The trick is finding quality wholesalers. Once you have done this you will be able to practically get whatever you want whenever you want at incredibly discounted prices.When you buy from wholesale companies you are basically cutting out the “middle man” (big retail stores). Now you can get what you want straight from the manufactures and forget about all of the unnecessary overhead cost that you shouldn’t have to pay.No longer will you have to fight the crazy crowds and dreadful lines that wrap around the store building

Are the Black Friday Sales a Con?

If you have ever got all excited when you see the Black Friday ads showing a crazily low price for the TV,Sat Navigation system or anything else that you want so badly then lines up from 3am to get it and found the store only have 3 of them you will have wondered if it is all a big con.Every store makes a big deal of the huge reductions on their TV’s and other high ticket items but they don’t make such a big thing about the fact that each store will only have a few and some stores may have none at all.While it is impossible for the stores to know exactly how many of each item they need to get to satisfy demand in all the stores you must wonder if they could get more than the meager number they manage to have. Of course there is hardly ever a shortage of the lower priced items which only have a dollar or two discount on them.What can you do about this problem? Well not much really, apart from look for alternatives in the black Friday ads and make sure you know what is available where. So if you want a 50inch TV and three different stores have them then you could start at the one that opens earliest and if they don’t have enough then try the next one.The usual process is for the store manager to come out just prior to opening and ask who is there for a specific item, they will then give out tickets for that item to the people in line, so if they have 10 TV’s they will give out tickets to the first ten people in line who are waiting for them.So make sure you know which stores open at what time and exactly who is selling which TV, 3am on Black Friday is not the right time of night/day to forget what you have been lining up for in the cold!

Save Even More Money on Black Friday

After scouring the ads on Thanksgiving, you may be wondering if there is a way to get more savings than just the advertised specials.Check the items you have circled. Then go online to see if there are any coupons offered. While most businesses won’t offer coupons, keep your eyes open for rebate offers and also offers such as cash back at the register, or cash back off your next purchase at that same store, which is a good as cash in your hand. Also some places will offer, for example, $5 off every $25 purchase.Black Friday is a great day to buy gifts for Christmas, but it can also be a great day to purchase other items which are more essential. Great deals can be found on blue jeans, t-shirts, bedding and at drug stores or mart stores, you can find specials on shampoo, makeup, and even food items.If you are struggling to make ends meet, then try buying grocery items on this day as well as presents. Again, check online to see if there are coupons to make these grocery items cost as little as possible, or maybe even get it for free! Comparing the sale prices on groceries with your saved Sunday coupons will also add up to great savings.An alternative way to make ends meet is if you find an extraordinary special deal on Black Friday, buy the item and sell it on eBay, Craigslist or even at a yard sale. Every little bit of extra money comes in handy at this time of year.

Don’t Let Black Friday Ruin Your Finances!

It’s a nation-wide, post-Thanksgiving tradition – stores entice you through their doors with a few phenomenal deals, hoping you’ll do even more of your holiday spending with them. It’s called Black Friday because retailers make enough to get out of the red. But don’t let this annual shopping frenzy transfer the red to your own family budget!Check out these tips to help keep your inner spendthrift from taking over:Make a budget and stick to it.Sounds simple, but really have a list of how much you want to spend per person. And really follow it. This will keep compulsion from ruling your head.
Do your homework. Be sure you’re getting the best deal by using a variety of resources (newspaper ads and the Internet) to check competitors.
Beware the “limited quantities” ploy.There are no rules that govern how many products the store must have available for promotional sales, so those hot items that enticed you into the store may not even be there.
Stay home.Black Friday is crowded and uncomfortable, and while the advertised specials may seem too good to resist, the truth is some of the hottest deals can be had either online or right after the big day. You can still make Christmas day special by having things to open in the morning, and then “discover” later that Santa left an extra present in the garage (probably wouldn’t fit down the chimney).
Pledge to have a bar-code-free Christmas. Maybe this is the year to invest your cash in your community by shopping at local artist markets. You’d not only be saving money, but you’d also be helping your local economy – and giving a gift that’s one-of-a-kind. Most cities have craft and artists markets with a seasonal theme, or you may just want to check your local farmers market for bounty such as local honey or homemade pies.Don’t forget that the spirit of the season is about giving and spending time with family, not going into debt! Don’t add more stress to this busy season by spreading your budget too thin. Sometimes giving something simple, like homemade cookies, can mean just as much as a trendy gadget.

Make The Most Money This Black Friday At Home

Black Friday is rapidly approaching and millions of Americans are shuffling through store ads, surfing the web, and flipping through TV channels for one purpose – finding the best deals to buy this Black Friday.Black Friday is the official kick-start to the holiday season and is the busiest shopping day in America. Thousands of people will get up in the early morning hours just to stand in line with other “half awake but caffeine infused” customers hoping to snag the best deal for the cheapest price.I, on the other hand, will be sitting in my underwear in front of my laptop adding items to my shopping cart, then with one simple click, will purchase the items I need and go back to bed. You have a MUCH better chance of buying something online verse waiting in line for it at the store. Most stores have a maximum number of “Black Friday” items in stock and once they are gone – they are gone forever. The product quantities online are much higher and result in giving you better odds of getting them. I have been buying products online for more than 5 years and usually make anywhere from $500 to a few thousand dollars of profit in 1 day. It all depends on what deals are being offered. If you want to make money, then stay home. There is nothing more frustrating and irritating than waking up at 3 AM, standing in line for hours, then finally getting inside the store only to find out that the items you badly wanted were taken by someone who is two times your size. Not fun.To successfully prepare for Black Friday, you first need to do extensive homework. If you want to make money, you need to find out what to buy. Start as soon as you can. There are many sites online that list each store along with their deals. Look at the stores that carry items that will become wanted such as electronics, video games, gadgets, toys, etc. These items always skyrocket during the holidays and will give you the best profit.My favorite places to buy from are: Best Buy, Amazon, and Toys R Us. These stores tend to have the best products for the cheapest prices. I HIGHLY recommend leaving Amazon’s homepage open on Black Friday. They always have the best items to buy.Next, make sure to be a member of the site, such as Amazon, and have all your information filled in, such as your credit card info. This allows you to check out quickly and secure your item. The last thing you want is to lose an item because you took to long to add your credit card info.Finally, set realistic expectation. Don’t think that you will make millions from 1 day. Also don’t buy 100 of the same exact items. By setting realistic expectations you will not only have a great time on Black Friday but you might also make some money from it!

Black Friday 2010 – Get Earth Shattering Deals on Everything

Yeah! Its that time of year again, ladies and Gentlemen! Are you ready? Black Friday 2010 is coming up and it is time to get some of the best deals ever! I know that times have been tough for a lot of people these past few years and many folks have been holding back from engaging in a little shopping therapy.Well, if you wanted to buy something special for yourself or your loved ones, then this is the day that you should take the plunge. Black Friday has always been the most shopper friendly day of the year and this year, be prepared for some amazing shopping deals.I am going to help you out in getting a lot of stuff for cheap. So here are some tips that will help you make the most of your shopping dollar and I will also show you a way to get free stuff for yourself (Its completely legal).So on Black Friday 2010, the first tip is to always keep the big three stores in mind,. Before you head to the mall, make a beeline for Target, Walmart and Best Buy. If you are looking for some great inexpensive clothes for the teens in your family, Target is your top choice. Get in there, and take a look at the latest trends and fashions. then go ahead and get some amazing bargains and discounts.To get some wild and crazy Black Friday 2010 deals and discounts on electronics, I would suggest you head straight on down to your local Best Buy. Ever since Circuit City folded up, Best Buy has been the big dog on the block when it comes to the best Electronic products. If you are looking to buy a new PS3, Computers, Printers, Flat Screen TVs, Speakers, Sound Systems or games, then you should definitely look into Best Buy. They will have some great deals this year, I will show you a way to get a lot of this stuff for free.And of course, there is always Walmart. When in doubt, head down there to get some incredible Black Friday 2010 deals. If you can’t find a deal anywhere else, you can be rest assured that Walmart will have you covered. Once you have exhausted these possibilities head on down to the mall to round off your shopping day. But keep that as a last resort and you will do just fine.

Retailers and Consumers Benefit From Social Media on Black Friday

For retailers that jumped on the social media bandwagon in 2009, the impact on Black Friday was significant. Before heading to stores and malls this Thanksgiving weekend, many consumers scoured Facebook, Twitter, and other Web sites that track Black Friday sales to decide where they wanted to shop.Social media has become another avenue for shoppers to compare deals and find bargains. This is especially valuable in the current tough economic environment, where making a dollar go further makes a huge difference. The rapid growth in these tools, especially this year, has made them a practical alternative for bargain hunters ahead of the holidays.Many retailers reached out to their customers via social media this year. With plenty of consumers already using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, companies felt they needed to go where their customers are and engage them:
Best Buy advertised its $500 laptop deal on Twitter and Facebook.
Sears held a Facebook sweepstakes to win the chance to shop its Black Friday deals before Thanksgiving and a $500 gift card.
J.C. Penney tweeted about its 4 a.m. store openings.
Office Depot tweeted its Black Friday deals, including a Vivitar digital camera bundle for $49.99.
Staples sent its Facebook Page fans and Twitter followers a sneak peek of its Black Friday sale.
Toys”R”Us gave its Facebook fans the first look at its Black Friday deals.
Target, Kohl’s, and many other retailers experimented with these tools as well. Twitter feeds were nonstop leading up to the hottest shopping day of the year, as companies maneuvered for top-of-mind position with the estimated 134 million Black Friday shoppers. Many of the consumers who crowded stores on Friday came armed with facts and advice they obtained via social media outlets and were prepared to take action the minute they walked through the doors.There are many shoppers who aren’t interested in social media, and plenty of them still turn to the newspaper. A Deloitte study conducted by before Thanksgiving found that 40% of consumers planned to get their deal information in this manner — a considerable number of the shopping public. Some even clipped coupons, a tried-and-true recession tactic for stretching cash. Deloitte also found that 27% planned to check Web sites specializing in Black Friday deals, and 29% were going to look at flyers and mailers. Only 24% were turning to retailers’ Web sites for specials.But for consumers who want advice from others before making purchase decisions for their limited dollars, social media is fast becoming a fundamental part of their shopping experience. Once deals are posted on Twitter or Facebook, shoppers often share them with friends and repost them. Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide, said, “It’s almost crowdsourcing for opinions. We increasingly need affirmation from our peers and our loved ones and the people that create our lifestyle to feel good about where we are buying things.”Salzman said that social media still needs to prove itself as a meaningful driver of retail sales. While companies may beckon shoppers by offering special deals — as when Starbucks let its Facebook fans print out an invitation to get a free pastry when they purchased a drink — customer loyalty isn’t always the result. “Success lies in a repeat customer,” she said.The focus of reports on social media has been on the benefits to the consumer, but there’s a lot of upside for retailers that use these tools to engage their customers — upside that extends far beyond the ability to get in front of prospective customers in a new channel. Kasey Lobaugh, a principal at Deloitte Retail, noted social media’s market intelligence and tracking capabilities, saying many retailers like it because it enables them to track how many shoppers they’re reaching: “If you send out a URL via Twitter you know how many people clicked on that URL,” he said. Other forms of advertising, including print, can be virtually impossible to track unless there are additional mechanisms in place, like coupons or special offer codes “When you put a newspaper tab out, you have no idea of the traffic in your stores, how much was influenced by seeing an ad in the newspaper that day,” Lobaugh said.Social media may still be an immature marketing tool, but retailers have recognized its capacity for generating sales and they are starting to take action. This year’s social media engagement was a learning experience. Next year, it won’t be optional.

Black Friday, The Ins and the Outs

It’s the crisp & beautiful month of October…we’re close to Halloween but not quite there yet. Yet still, with over a month to go, the ads for Black Friday are here! You need to look for them on the search engine of your preference but believe me, they’re there! What is Black Friday, how many people partake in this tradition & does it truly save you money?Well, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving widely believed to start the Christmas shopping season. Stores open before dawn has broken, often offering crazy 5am deals and the most in-demand products of the season. Millions of people brave the crowds and brave you truly are. Everyone has heard the stories of fights breaking out over the last fill in the blank gadget or the rush at the door to get in for….whatever the IT product is for the year. Tickle me Elmo, this doesn’t seem very festive! But the deals…oh the deals. The people who partake in Black Friday swear by the deals.If you’re super organized, you have your list for each person you buy for, you do your homework researching the Black Friday ads and you go to the stores with the best deals & buy only those items then you will likely save some cash. If you get lured in by other products, products not on your list but just “too good to pass up”, then really….you’re not saving any money. You may actually be spending more.So really, Black Friday really comes down to you. Knowing yourself, your habits, your tendencies, your level of organization etc. If you can make your list, check it twice & stick to the list….then I guess go for it! If not, play it safe. Shop when you DO have it all together. We promise, there will still be sales! After all people, we are in a recession if you haven’t heard yet. So, shop smart…and remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas! Maybe this will be the year where we do that!! Where we give gifts of meaning without breaking the bank!