Smart Tips for Scoring Superb Laptops for Black Friday 2011

If two of your goals this year are: 1) have your own laptop and, 2) join this year’s Black Friday shopping event, then better read through and learn some smart and simple ways into scoring wonderful and affordable laptop deals this Black Friday.Without a doubt, laptops sales are the most in demand gifts for the Yuletide Season. Whether it’s for yourself or someone special, items like these which are made so affordable will really encourage any thrift-loving shopper to purchase one.But while stumbling upon constant shop sales is an excellent sign, a smart consumer like you should be mindful of the condition and quality of the gadgets getting marked down. To avoid any setback from your purchased laptops during the Black Friday hunt, always keep in mind that even if the prices have been slashed, these laptops should meet, or better exceed your expectations.Defining Allocated Budget for LaptopsOnce you’ve decided to invest your hard-earned money on laptops, the next step is to determine your specific allocated budget. Going overboard your ceiling amount is a thing you should avoid. Unless you want to charge extra hundred dollars to your credit card and suffer the consequences later on.Know what laptops are on Black Friday 2011Though Black Friday this year is still a number of months away, it will be beneficial to start scouting for potential laptops. Don’t be surprised if you will find a lot of product brochures and sale catalogues circulating in the Internet. Your choice on laptops can be Dell, Sony, or Apple.Check the specifications of your chosen laptopWhether it’s a hugely discounted Dell or HP on super sale, your decision in buying a new laptop should depend on its good performance and decent internal parts. Reading reliable product reviews, asking seasoned users, and visiting technology-related forums will help you decide on what would fit your lifestyle and primary requirements.Determine the validity of laptop deals As mentioned earlier, something that appears to be affordable doesn’t mean it’s already a good find. It will be a good practice to keep a discerning eye on the products you choose, most especially when you’re in a bargain hunt.It will also be sensible on your part to compare and contrast two or three brands before finally deciding what laptop you should buy. Some laptops for Black Friday event may bundle more freebies than other brands; but at the end of the day you should assess if you would want a good laptop with tons of freebies over a better quality laptop with less freebies.With the grave economic turnaround these past years, it’s just a common reaction for most of us to be in love with budget-friendly deals. Perhaps, this is a factual reason why shopping events such as Black Friday has gathered a massive amount of supporters. But while we are enjoying and saving a few hundred dollars to purchase our laptops, make sure that the quality of the item isn’t a compensation for its low price.

Black Friday Myths Exposed

Only a few days until Black Friday and the excitement is building rapidly. We’ve already seen some of the merchant deals and can say with confidence that consumers are going to be in for a treat as retailers compete for your dollars in this economy.Below we expose the Top 5 Black Friday Myths so consumers like you can get your hands on the best deals of the year.1. The Deals Are Mainly Hype: If you’ve been thinking about buying a specific item in the next 6 months, this is absolutely the time to do it. We monitor prices every day and can tell you that you will not see many of these items priced equal to or lower for the next 10 months. If in doubt, buy it. You can always return some of the items later that you don’t want. In this case, patience is not a virtue.2. All the Deals Are Gone Within an Hour: Many of the biggest deals do have extremely limited quantities. However, there are so many great deals to choose from that many last until Cyber Monday, when another slew of deals from merchants appear.3. You Need to Wait In Line: This myth was true 5 years ago but the online channel has grown so large today that last year we saw that 95% of the in store deals were also available online. So while others are waiting outside in the cold, you’ll be warm, cozy, and happy knowing that your amazing flat screen TV is on its way.4. The Deals Are Cheaper In-Store: Rarely is this true. Driving to the store expends gas and most stores are offering free shipping during this time. Even if stores like Best Buy and Circuit City don’t have the particular product deal online, chances are another online merchant will have a similarly priced deal. As a bonus, if the online merchant doesn’t have physical operations in your state you could save on upfront sales tax – significant on large ticket items.5. Black Friday Sales Begin on Friday after Thanksgiving: Despite the Black Friday name, most of the deals actually begin online in the early morning on Thursday.

Online Holiday Shopping – Make it an Easy Holiday!

Holiday shopping can be an adventure in and of itself. Searching for the perfect gift, navigating through hectic stores, and keeping enough money in your wallet to be able to eat on Christmas are all things that are on many shoppers minds. There are many ways to shop smart this holiday season with the number one option being shopping online.Many online stores are offering just as good (if not better) deals as the brick and mortar establishments you are used to frequenting. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the kickoff to the holiday shopping season and lucky for shoppers, there are great deals to be had for all. So if staying in your pajamas on the couch with your favorite warm beverage and the music of your choice playing sounds like your kind of shopping experience here are some suggestions for maximizing your holiday shopping savings:Start digital window-shopping – many retailers start advertising their sales and deals before the big sale season begins on Black Friday. Do some searches that pertain to the gifts you will be looking for and do some comparison-shopping.Consider sales tax – if your favorite web retailer is not located in the same state you are, chances are you will not be charged sales tax. This saves you money and if you are making a high-ticket purchase, it could really pay off!Check for coupons – many online retailers use coupon codes or coupons online to save you money while shopping via the internet. Even 10% off can add up if you are buying several items or just looking at the total savings perspective.Shipping costs – though many retailers are cutting down on shipping promotions this year there are still great deals to be had this shopping season. Sometimes if you spend $100 or more you will get your items shipped for free. Other stores offer incredibly reasonable shipping prices year round and now is the time to take advantage!Custom gift cards – people love to get exactly what they want! Make it easy on yourself and your friends by getting gift cards or gift certificates at their favorite stores. Most online retailers make it extra easy for you to purchase gift cards online with fun customization options to provide for a more special gift.Overall, the bottom line this holiday season is how much you are going to spend. Online retailers are holding their own this year by offering extra affordable sales and deals to their shoppers. Not only will you avoid the crowds by doing your shopping via the internet this holiday season but also you will be extra kind to your pocketbook.

This Black Friday Was Not Spent Splurging

This black Friday was not spent splurging. If you went shopping this past black Friday, you were not alone. The National Retail Foundation’s 2007 Black Friday Weekend Survey determined that more than 147 million people spent the day heating up their plastic. Although those numbers have gone up this year, spending didn’t necessarily.The number of shoppers this year has gone up 4.8% when compared to last year; however they were not splurging this year. The study showed that the average spending spree was a cool $347.44, which is actually down from last year by 3.5%. It is hard to believe that there is anyone surprised about these numbers. The only people that this shocked were the Wall Street big-wigs.Government officials seem like they try to put all this pressure on consumers telling them that they need to start spending more to help our slumping economy. I’m not really sure what they expect. Gas prices are growing steadily over three dollars, and American families just don’t have to means to go overboard on Christmas like they used to.I think it is safe to say that the online shopping experience is going to be very common this year. As for myself, if there is anything I can buy online, I will buy it online. I’m not going to make a trip to the mall unless I am absolutely required to. It is just frustrating to hear how some of these officials are shocked that people are spending less this year. I mean, what do they expect? Everything from gas to corn and milk prices has increased ridiculously, and the salary of the average person is not parallel with that line. People just are not able to afford to spend a lot more this Christmas.Who knows, maybe when we all wise up and start buying cars that run on hydrogen like the Honda Clarity that has zero emissions and whose fuel prices doesn’t depend on whim of dictators, maybe we will see a day when these prices come back into a reasonable range. Until then, just be thankful to get more than a lump of coal.

Do You Have A Budget For Black Friday?

Have you not set up a budget for Black Friday? This could be dangerous for your finances. With the economy taking such a hit everyone should have a budget set for their holiday shopping. First you can make a list of what you want to buy for your family. Sit down and take note of how much you will need to make sure all of your monthly bills can be paid. Then you can search online to get an estimate of what your desired gifts will cost. If you have enough left over to buy them then, and only then, can you start to add to your list of things you would like to get outside of your family.Too many people get in over their head because they are trying to impress people. Who are you impressing when you by the entire office five dollar gifts that they will probably re-gift or toss after a while. Those may even take place before you have finished paying off your credit card for this season. Woe. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not for impressing other people but for enjoying your family and quality time which builds life long memories.Will they even remember what you bought them one year from now? Who can enjoy these precious couple of months knowing they will be in debt for even longer? Not me. With that in mind, keep to your budge and keep to your list and go shopping by yourself or with just one other person. Without knowing it people actually spend more in a group because of the cheery atmosphere.When one-on-one you can even feel more free about confiding in that one individual about sticking to your budget. You may even help them stick to a budget if they know you are on one. Team work, yeah. You can enjoy the holidays without going broke, I promise.If you want to earn a little extra cash for the holidays I have found a great free resource to show you how. You will learn how you can put the Internet to good use for your holiday budget. To get started as early as today CLICK BELOW.

How to Spot a Real Black Friday Bargain

After searching your ads on Thanksgiving Day, you may be left with a few items that you think are such a great deal, but you’re not really sure. Have you ever bought something on sale, only to find it at another store the next week at half the price?The best way to find out if an item is a real bargain is to do your research. Most of us have in mind what items we would like to purchase for our friends, family and significant others. Make note of them. While shopping for about a month ahead of time, try to find these items in the stores you visit and see how much they are. If you look through the Sunday advertisements, check the sale price of the items during the month of November.Don’t stop at just ads, also look online. There are many sites which will compare prices at the touch of a button, and even tell you where to find a certain bar code for the lowest price. Make note of these prices so you can compare them at the time your Black Friday ads appear.Take into consideration the rebates, coupons and combined special offers at the time of sale. An item may sell for the exact same price as you saw it before Thanksgiving, but this time it’s offered with a lifetime replacement, or a $25 rebate, or maybe it has a free printer. Make sure a combined offer is a better deal. Don’t get stuck with a free item if you’re not going to use it.Either way, make sure you know what the normal sale price is for an item before Black Friday and before you make the purchase. Just because it’s on sale on that day, doesn’t mean it’s a bargain. Be a careful, wise, and savvy shopper.

Top 5 Secrets to Survive Black Friday

For those that want to brave the shopping crowds, you need to learn the Top 5 secrets of Black Friday survival.At most retail stores Black Friday is a day of shopping madness. People forget about being kind and turn ruthless when it comes to these great holiday shopping deals. In order to survive and not lose you mind or even a few fingers you must follow the 5 Survival Tips listed below.

Always shop with a friend. Send one person to the checkout lines while the other snatches up the bargains. Keep your cell phones charged so you can easily meet up later. Leave the kids at home. Crowded aisles and unscrupulous shoppers can be a dangerous combination for small children.
Arrive Early. Arrive at your favorite store early before the doors open. The nice thing for early birds is they get to choose from an entire range of merchandise before it’s been picked through.
Plan ahead. The best strategy is to be prepared. You don’t won’t want to waltz into a your favorite retailer without knowing what you want to purchase. Look through the Black Friday ads several days in advance and write down all of the things you want. Also make note of the price and model number if possible. That way, if you arrive at the store and none of the things you want are on the sales floor you can give an employee that model number and have them quickly scan their inventory.
Prep Your Car. If you’re going to be bringing home a new big screen TV, you’ll want to make sure there’s room for it in your vehicle. Make sure the trunk is cleaned out or back seats removed from your van. Also, top off your tank to avoid wasting time at the gas station.
Dress Comfortably. Don’t try to be too fashion conscious; just be comfortable. Be prepared to wait outside in some situations, so carry a jacket, hat and mittens. Leave your purse at home and just bring a credit card or enough cash. It’s one more thing to worry about or potentially get lost or stolen.
Have a safe Black Friday shopping day and an enjoyable Holiday shopping season.

Black Friday Returns

It’s the day after Black Friday and you’re sitting in your warm home, looking at bags and bags of merchandise which you got on sale. You got such a deal! The sales were fabulous! You’re thinking back to when you were in the stores and you noticed something on your way to the checkout. You weren’t going to buy it, but it was so cheap and you were caught up in the excitement and grabbed it. Now you’re sitting there wondering if you should return it.As you get to the store to return your item(s), you notice a few dozen other shoppers doing the same thing. You were all having Black Friday euphoria and bought everything in sight. You all are feeling guilty and knowing that your credit card statement will prove how wrong you are.It’s better to restrain yourself during your shopping trip. Make your list the night before and stick to it. It’s not fair on the store owners to have half their merchandise returned a few days to a month after it was purchased. It’s also not very kind to the store employees who have to work extra hours because you weren’t in the right frame of mind when shopping on Black Friday.By all means, have fun in the excitement of Friday’s shopping, but be aware of your list and your budget. If you think there’s a chance you might not want it tomorrow – don’t get it. Manage your money wisely by making smart shopping choices.

How-To Market Your Retail Store During Thanksgiving

Holidays are a great time for shopping, and Thanksgiving sets the tone for one the busiest retail seasons in the entire year. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, shoppers look for the best deals, the perfect gifts, and the greatest sales. If you don’t advertise your business during this time, you’ll be ignored as customers rush out to your competitors. Use effective signage to stand out from the crowd during Thanksgiving.When ordering signage for the Thanksgiving season, identify the products you offer that will entice holiday shoppers. Create Thanksgiving advertisements using these holiday products. Around Thanksgiving, shoppers are finishing their fall decorating and starting their Christmas shopping. The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is one of the most highly-anticipated shopping days of the year. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your products in a Thanksgiving setting for professional advertisements which you can use for all of your holiday advertising.The design of your signs should include a Thanksgiving color theme, with natural colors like oranges, greens, and browns. If you’d rather focus on the Black Friday sale as opposed to the holiday itself, create signs in bold red and black, or other bright, vivid colors that make a statement.Make use of your store windows to promote your top holiday products and offers that are unique to your store. One great product for Thanksgiving sale signs is the window cling, which is reusable. When Thanksgiving is over, you can take them down and store them for next year! Your signs should focus on your Thanksgiving sale-include a deadline so customers know they have to get into your store soon to get the best deals. If you offer special Thanksgiving tableware, food, or other themed products, put them to the front of the store and highlight them with your signage.Add a vinyl banner which states that you are the place to shop for Black Friday deals and Thanksgiving sales. Design your banner to hang across your storefront with your early-bird shopping hours and special discounts. When you store experiences the holiday rush, add a vertical banner to your entrance to get the attention shoppers, direct long lines and spotlight your featured products. Your vertical banner design should utilize your top product images and special notices. These banners are a great way to inform customers of your special offers as they enter your store or stand in line.Your signage should make a strong impact with your customers but not overwhelm them with too much information. Professional signage informs customers that you are honest and professional-a great place for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping.

How to Make Thousands in One Day From Black Friday Shopping

Before you start shopping on black Friday you will need three things. Money, transportation, and advertisements. Money is an obvious requirement, but just make sure not to go crazy. Set a fixed budget that if you lose it you won’t be hurting to pay your bills. For transportation, make sure you have a vehicle with a lot of room preferably a sedan or a pickup. Last but not least is advertisements you need to find as many black Friday sale advertisements as possible the internet is a great source for finding black Friday sales before they are printed especially eBay.The next thing you need to do is do your homework. Make a list of items that you think will make you a profit then check them against completed auctions on eBay to get an approximate selling value. Look at the advertisement’s sale price and compare it to eBay auctions to see what kind of profit you can make. You should repeat this process for every product you want to sell and have a good idea on the potential profit that you can make.Ranking and scheduling stores would be the next step to do. Look at your list of items and see which stores are going to be more profitable than others, these are the stores you would want to visit first. After you have arranged your shopping order of stores, double check the hours of each sale to make sure you can catch all of the sales opportunities for all of the stores on your list. Last step is to write down an exact order of the stores you will visit and an exact order of the products you will buy in each store.Now comes the big day, black Friday. While it might be complete chaos in the stores you already did your homework and know exactly what you need to buy and what store to buy it at. Remember to remain calm and polite but be assertive enough to get what you need. Buy as many profitable items as you can if you can’t get one item just move on to the next you need to manage your time as efficiently as possible. As long as you stay calm and utilize your list the best you can, you should have no problem making a good return profit on eBay, good luck!