Reality Check: Illinois Dwight’s Maximum Security Prison Correctional Center for Female Inmates

The Dwight prison center is 1 of the 6 Illinois Department of Corrections (idoc) maximum security prison for adult women which classifies it as a certainly dangerous complex and shouldn’t be an establishment any women wished to be located, especially pregnant. The Dwight prison center was established on November 24 1930, but it was originally named the Oakdale Reformatory for Women. The prison center cover an area of 100 acres (0.40 km2) and it’s located at 23813 E. 3200 North Road in Nevada Township, unincorporated Livingston County, Illinois, near Dwight and houses female death row inmates.There’s a manifold of misfortunes that can lead to such a bad location as Dwight prison center. For as an example, if your common-self swill down a gallon of Abbey-style Dark Beer or Peruvian wine overmuch the written law’s limit and proceed to sledgehammer the window of a Dodge, you might encounter yourself in maximum-security prison such as the Dwight prison center. Nevertheless, there’s many and various of kinswomen who rule out the sure thing of now and forever ending up in the Dwight prison center or another gov prison. But hellishly this could hazard to any living women soul at any calendar month. In one gravitational pole one and all seem to be sunny and at the other pole you can catch yourself in a frosty blizzard storm of problems.Early in the Dwight prison center, the booking can be optimally distinguished as going through any animal’s bowels! In that interval a female inmate could completely wish that she was so ever more taught prior to her incarceration. Knowing earlier could have waived a towering gross amount of bedevilment from the secretariat, federals and other women inmates. Still the vicissitude is surely to come as the hour you’re jammed among felons from differentiated figures such as murderers, mob members, rapists, baby abusers, robbers, housebreakers and the related, you need to get a good idea of the actual location and even more important, the classified inmate laws. If you assume that it’s harmless in the Dwight prison center since the patrolling officers are surveying all year and all nocturnal instants, visualize again!Overly full cells in the Dwight prison center has irrupted into a specially accepted abnormality in the last regular year due to the breakthrough of the venial sin proportion. The female inmates hands down outnumbers the guards 21 to 1 and with such a scandalous ratio, it’s unthinkable trying to flag every women inmates inside the Dwight prison center. When you have an architecture that can enclose about 1500 and are communicating with a total ranging in the area of 2599, catfights are sure to leave a few scratches. For that antecedent separately, it’s important to be undoubtedly well advised on the values that are enforced inside the Dwight prison center, manage your conduct, identify with you’re your own league and be careful of the grouped female gangs as they embody the greatest number.Furthermore noteworthy is not to put aside your friend Molly, other female friends, husband Henry, paterfamilias, colleagues or tribeswomen as they could accumulatively venture a self-important job from the outside as far as ministering you up-to-the-minute and succeeding an incarceration. The follow-up of this memorabilia is that alertness can be major in special conditions! All women are beautiful and should enlighten themselves on the dangerous grounds inside the Dwight prison center and read on how to measure-up for forcible possibilities such as collisions, foregathers and confrontations.

Elizabeth Short – The Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short’s life and death have been a big topic of discussion in the years since her body was found in two pieces in the Los Angeles area. Many movies have been made that depict her in many different ways; from aspiring star to sexual tease. Everyone in law enforcement is aware of this case and it is still referred to quite a bit. A lot of people still like to delve into the depths of her case from the comforts of their home to see if they can pinpoint her killer even though the killer has probably been dead for years.Elizabeth was 22 years old and unemployed. Her body was discovered by a housewife on a foggy morning on January 15, 1947. The body had been cut in half and was face up in the dirt. The arms were raised over the head; the lower torso was placed about a foot away with the legs open. Blood seemed to have been cleaned and the intestines were tucked neatly inside.Due to the lack of blood, detectives determined she’d been murdered somewhere else and brought to this particular location. They also determined she’d been placed there after 2am and the temperature at that time was 38 degrees. The murdered used a knife on her face and ropes on her wrist. Police determined her to be about 5’6 and 115lbs.Fingerprints were lifted from a previous job she had at an army base as well as a criminal record of underage drinking and the identification was made that it was indeed Elizabeth Short. Her mother was also a victim of sorts, by the media. The Los Angeles Examiner got wind of the case and contacted Elizabeths mother, Phoebe. They told them Elizabeth had won a beauty contest to pry information from her and then informed her that her daughter was dead.At the army base where she worked, every soldier is said to have lusted after her. They told her she was “movie star pretty” and fought for her attention. She liked to visit nightclubs often and in December 1944 she wrote to her mother “”I met someone New Year’s Eve, a major, Matt Gordon. I’m so much in love, I’m sure it shows. He is so wonderful, not like other men. And he asked me to marry him.” Shortly after, a messenger stopped by her house to inform her that her soon-to-be husband had been killed in a plane crash on his way home.She knew the value of good looks and used it to her advantage with a string of men after that, all who had plenty of money. They often paid for her meals, rent and other bills. Money she earned on her own went to buy clothes, she seemed very into fashion and refused to wear outdated clothing. She spent some time in Chicago in an attempt to be a fashion model.After her murder, 40 officers went in search of evidence and came up empty. They also contacted her father who refused their request for body identification. The coroner determined she had been killed by internal bleeding caused by multiple blows to the head. Because the body had been so cleanly bisected, the FBI required a list of every medical student at the University of Southern California. This list is 203 pages long and full of declassified information on the case.Her purse and one of her pumps were found in a dumpster at 1819th E. 25th street, away from the crime scene. Someone, a lot of people believe her killer, sent the Examiner a package which smelled of gas where the individual cleaned their fingerprints from the items. Inside it was her photographs, birth certificate, social security card and her late husbands obituary. It also had a black book with the numbers of 75 men. However, key evidence has been lost… including 13 taunting letters the killer sent to media and the police.Short was buried in Oakland’s Mount View Cemetery with 6 family members in attendance.While the case will likely never be solved, no matter what reputation this young lady might have had, she was still someone’s family; someone’s daughter. That is why those in Criminal Justice do what we do. Everyone means something to someone, no matter what. Reputations and backgrounds should not, and do not, take away from the seriousness of criminal acts.

Penal Code 273(a) – An Analysis of the Law and Defenses

The State of California has an interest in protecting the health and safety of children, and passed a law, Penal Code 273a, that makes endangerment of a child, illegal. Endangerment includes the willful neglect or infliction of pain or mental anguish upon a child. It also covers individuals who know that a child is being endangered, abused or neglected but fail to do something about it – as in the case of a mother knowing a child is abusing her children but failing to report it or protect the children. It is also true that a child does not have to be the recipient of abuse, but can be a witness of domestic violence.Defending a Child Endangerment ChargeIt’s heartbreaking to be accused of child endangerment if you’re innocent, and contacting an attorney who specializes in Child Endangerment should be the first thing you do if you’re charged. A lawyer experienced in Child Endangerment can review the facts of a particular case, and can spot and offer factual or legal defenses to defend accusations of child endangerment. There are, in California, a few recognized common defenses to child endangerment, including:False AccusationsThere are times when the courts are told (through a police report or criminal complaint) that a child has been endangered when in fact the child has not. For instance, if a neighbor hears raised voices and calls the police, alleging that there are children in the house next door and the adults are fighting, a child endangerment charge could happen, but be without merit. This is especially true if the adults are bitter or angry at one another and one of the adults files a false accusation of domestic violence. Proving that the child was not endangered is one defense an attorney may use to get his or her client’s charges dropped or reduced.UnintentionalChild endangerment is the willful neglect or infliction of pain or mental anguish. Therefore, individuals who did not intentionally do this are not guilty of the crime. An example may be a woman who is continuously abused by her husband and truly fears for the life of herself and her children if she should try to seek police help. The attorney will consider the circumstances, including past attempts to seek help, attempts to leave, and any other details surrounding the case. He or she will use these details to strategize a proper defense that conveys the accused individual’s innocence.The most important thing one can do when accused of child endangerment (if the case is in Orange County), is find an Orange County criminal defense lawyer specializing in child endangerment. He or she will know the laws inside and out and will be able to take the proper steps to ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is fairly tried.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Defense Lawyer

Sometimes, tough things happen to basically decent people and they find themselves staring at the wrong end of a very bad road that could land them in jail, quite possibly. This may not even be something for which they actually bear responsibility. If you find that you need a San Diego defense lawyer, or criminal defense lawyer, keep a couple things in mind.Many people are unaware that a lot of lawyers aren’t necessarily experienced in delivering a case at trial. A great deal of the time, cases are able to be settled before the trial is to take place, so if you believe there’s a good chance that your case will end up in trial, you might want to search for a lawyer who has a proven track record in trial cases, particularly in the area of the law that your case falls under. As this person could be fighting for your very freedom, it is important to select one who is experienced and confident in their ability to handle a trial in court.One thing you should try to avoid, mainly if you are dealing with a criminal offense, is talking to anyone but a lawyer. Friends, family, and police should not hear the details of your case until you have first told it to a lawyer, and only then if the lawyer advises you that publicly talking about the matter is okay. The reason for this is due to the fact that anything you say to a person (a potential witness) can be used against you in court.In the above circumstance, it’s best to look around, find a good San Diego criminal defense lawyer, and then work with him or her on the things that can be said and the things that are best left between a lawyer and a client. This is not to assume that you’ve done anything wrong at all; it just is a caution that ANYTHING you say can be taken the wrong way and used against you, in extreme cases, by the authorities.A criminal accusation is a very serious situation, and therefore you should make sure that whichever San Diego attorney you choose to represent you has experience in dealing with cases similar to yours. It does no good to hire a tax attorney to try to prove you innocent of grand theft auto. A mistake in selecting the right lawyer could cost you your reputation as well as your freedom.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer? And How to Hire a Good One

When being faced with a criminal charge I highly recommend that you hire a criminal defense lawyer. I recommend this because the hire of a professional in this matter could be the major difference between a jail sentence and the charges being dropped. A criminal defense lawyer handles many different charges a person can receive such as drug crimes, domestic violence, juvenile crimes, parole and probation violations, white-collar crimes, traffic violations, weapons trafficking, kidnapping, murder and much more.Consider This While Searching Through Criminal Defense Candidates.Start off by making a criminal defense candidate list. You can create this list by browsing either through a phone book or via internet searches. Thing’s you may want to look for is someone in your area. Or quite possibly you have special needs such as a language barrier, so do they have someone to accommodate to your special needs? After all communication between you and your lawyer is vital! Now that you have done this you are ready to make some phone calls to the firms and get more specific information pertaining to meet your exact needs.Things to Ask When Deciding Best Fit to Represent YouWhile speaking with these firms some information that will play an important role in deciding who is best fit to represent you, would be do they have an exact area of expertise in criminal defense? How many years experience do they have? Or even more valuable information would be what kind of result have they produced with previous cases? How many people have they represented? How many times have they been to trial? Are they able to meet with you and if so when? How do they get paid, because some want full payment up front and some want an hourly this differs from firm to firm. By now you should have been able to narrow your list down to only a remaining few candidates.Making the Final DecisionNow that your list should have only a few candidates remaining you should ask these lawyers for references. Check these references see what these people have to say about the lawyer and how they handled their individual case. Knowing how they handled cases similar to yours should be of great value to you. Make sure you are treated with common courtesy from the lawyer and the other staff at the firm. The criminal defense lawyer should have complete total knowledge of the law of the state they represent. It is also a necessity that they have had a great amount of experience with the federal criminal system also. Make sure that you have confidence in the criminal defense lawyer you choose to represent you, because after all you two make up a team now. Do not allow yourself to be forced into any action you do not agree with taking. Last but not least take your time in choosing the perfect criminal defense lawyer to represent you. The research is worth your time and hopefully in the end it turns out to be worth your money also.

When An Unfortunate Los Angeles DUI Charge Has You Down

Facing a Los Angeles DUI charge can be a very scary experience to endure. for anyone who has been cited with a DUI violation in Anaheim, anywhere in Orange County, Los Angeles, Topanga, and any other community or city in California. Drunk driving lawyers are all too familiar with how a .08 BAC charge can harm your reputation and insurance credits, as well as set you back financially.One of the most important steps you can make if you or one of your family members have received a DUI citation, is to contact one of the Los Angeles areas leading DUI attorneys who have the experience and the knowledge in representing many individuals who have received this unfortunate citation. When an unfortunate DUI charge has you down – help is normally only a phone call away.You can have the peace of mind in knowing professional and very experienced criminal defense attorneys will do their utmost to see that your DUI charges are dismissed at the DMV administrative court or heating, and they will be by your side along every step of the way. And even if you are broke, the Public Defender has zealous and talented legal advocates who may be appointed for you.Tips To Cope With A Los Angeles DUI Charge:Do not just automatically assume that you will be facing a long jail term when you have received a DUI charge. Aggressive criminal defense attorneys will review and study the field sobriety test and any breath test, such as a Breathalyzer test, that were given to you at the time of the citation. Blood tests that you were given can also be double-checked for accuracy, if need be.When you or one of your family members have been faced with receiving a DUI charge, you need that added assurance that you have an experienced lawyer who is on your side, working for you and not against you. These competent attorneys have vast knowledge and experience in handling DUI cases with the utmost in professionalism and aggression that is needed in cases of this nature.Often times, the evidence that has been brought against you, can be challenged, these trusted lawyers have no problem in doing just that.It does not matter if this is your very first DUI offense, or if this is three (3) strikes for you, or one of your family members, you need a highly experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to take on your case with aggression, and get your DUI charges dismissed.

Finding a Trustworthy Los Angeles Lawyer

If you are looking for a Los Angeles defense attorney, particularly a criminal defense attorney, it can be overwhelming with the amount of advertising online. Just searching on your favorite search engine, will return somewhere in the region of half a million links in the LA County area. However, the best place to check for a reputable organization is the official Los Angeles County Bar Association’s lawyer referral service, (LRIS).The LA Bar Association is a member of the American Bar Association and can be considered a highly trustworthy source for a referral. You can visit them online at where you will find plenty of resources available for your use.When you go to the home page, you will notice a form in which you can specify the type of lawyer you are looking for, such as a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer or malpractice lawyer. You can then select the specific LA area you wish your lawyer to be located in, which is handy so you don’t have to travel very far in the event of a last-minute meeting.This will then take to a more in depth form, where you will be required to fill in personal details such as; your name, address and contact details. Once you have confirmed these, you will be referred to a suitable lawyer in your area. You will be given all necessary contact details, whilst they also give you directions from your address to the Los Angeles Attorney’s office.The Los Angeles defense attorney you are referred to will be informed by the LRIS so that they can expect to be contacted by you. If after consulting with the lawyer, you are not comfortable, you can simply contact the LRIS, who will give you further referrals, until you find one suited to you and your needs.

Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

No one is prepared to get arrested. No one is financially prepared to hire a lawyer. Legal fees can be very expensive. It is your life and your freedom at stake. You need someone to “get you out, keep you out, and make the case go away.”Choosing the right criminal defense attorney could be the most important decision you ever make. You need to take into account several areas of concern including:The attorney’s past results are very important.
Overall cost, including up front fees.
Creative representation: Is the attorney able to think outside the box?
Alternative negotiations: Can you settle out of court?
Personalized attention: Who is really representing you?
What experience does he or she have?Look for an attorney that starts by treating every person differently, as each case has special needs and unique situations. Each person also has their own financial ability. Why pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to go to trial, when your case may be settled to your satisfaction for far less? If you are not happy with the settlement, only then should you proceed to trial.The attorney should research, investigate and review every case personally. Your attorney should evaluate your case and defend it in every possible way. However, keep in mind that you want them to first attempt to settle your case with the most creative alternatives possible to reach a settlement you approve and a settlement you can live with.A resolution or settlement is the result of what is commonly known as “plea bargaining.” People enter into a plea bargain for many reasons. It is not always because they are guilty. Often times a person wants the case to simply “go away” as quickly as possible and as painlessly as possible. Other times, a person is accused of a lot of charges and enters into a settlement so that more serious charges are dropped in exchange for accepting responsibility for significantly lesser charges.Most people want their case settled and most cases can be settled. Don’t pay an attorney huge fees to prepare for trial when you can settle your case in a manner acceptable to you – for a price you can afford.Their rates should be reasonable and comparable to other attorneys. I would also not suggest bargain hunting when looking for the right attorney. A great attorney will know their worth and will charge accordingly. You should only pay a flat fee to attempt to settle your case.If your case cannot be settled or you are not satisfied with the proposed settlement, you can decide whether to proceed to trial. In most cases a flat fee is charged. This means you will not be charged on an hourly basis. You will also know the exact fee for each portion of your criminal case. If your case requires legal services beyond the initial settlement fee, then you should be quoted additional fees for those services up-front.