The Cons Of Bank Fraud

A criminal defense attorney in California now tackles on the criminal cased that is bank fraud. Banking fraud is any falsification, thievery, misinformation or otherwise unlawful technique used to acquire cash by means of or from a federally regulated banking system. According to Title 18 of the U.S. Code, bank fraud is punishable by 30 years in prison and/or $1 million in financial penalty. Bank fraud costs the financial industry huge amounts of dollars annually and can be perpetrated by bank personnel, bank customers, third parties, or organized crime rings.Every time people are put in a position to handle huge amounts of money, and the opportunity for fraud presents itself, it is always a serious threat. Banks and financial institutions are constantly upgrading security to prevent insider fraud. The recorded cases of fraud have already been on the decline over the last several years. While computer monitoring and improved security certainly deter fraudulent practices, the threat still exists, and insider scam still occurs on a regular basis. It is said that white collar offenses are victimless crimes because they are not really violent. That account is not accurate, however. All of us pay for the crime of insurance theft by having to pay the cost of higher insurance fees. It is a real problem which affects every covered American and it’s a criminal offense which carries a significant punishment for the criminal. Because of this, some people try to commit the white collar crime of insurance scam to try and receive insurance profits even without the qualifying event.Keep your bank receipts until you receive your regular statement. Examine each receipt against the statement to be sure it has been recorded accurately. Review your receipt prior to leaving the teller line to make sure it fits your purchase. Count your money prior to leaving the teller window. Keep your ATM receipts and compare them against your monthly record. If you don’t get a statement when you expect it (either monthly or quarterly), inform the bank to ask for a replacement duplicate. If you’ve got a problem with your monthly statement, report it to the bank audit department, not the representative who handled the transaction. Never sign a blank document or an unfinished form. Keep all bank documents (passbooks, certificates of deposit) inside a secure location. By no means reveal passwords or PIN number with anyone including bank employees. Compare the fees, charges and rules with other banks to see and select the most favorable.Not too long ago, the collapse of the subprime financing market has sparked a flurry of case inquiries by the Department of Justice. Criminal defense attorneys represent customers in several cases which includes a subprime lender indicted in federal district court. There are a lot of articles on subprime home loans found in various articles and newspapers on the web.A criminal defense attorney in California adds that experts are in a distinctive position to make insurance scams. Since some professionals regularly bill insurance providers to be able to receive payments they could add a couple of claims in for work that was not actually completed. Doctors as well as dentists, for instance, could bill health insurance companies for treatments that they did not carry out or auto mechanics could bill car insurance companies for repairs that they didn’t do.

Explaining Rape As A Crime

Rape is forced, undesired sex. Rape, sometimes also known as sexual assault, can happen to both women and men of all ages. Rape is all about power, not sexual intercourse. A rapist uses actual force or violence – or the particular threat of it – to take command over a different person. Some rapists make use of drugs to take away a person’s capability to fight back. Rape is really a criminal offense, whether or not the individual committing it is a stranger, a date, an acquaintance, or a family member. No matter how it took place, rape is frightening and traumatizing. People who have been raped require treatment, comfort, and a way to recover.Rape, sexual attack and sexual abuse are serious and destructive crimes. Sexual violence often causes emotional scars that can last for many years, and fears that, if not tackled, could last for a life time. For most survivors, rape and sexual abuse are a defining moment that splits their life, life before the abuse and life after. The aftermath of any kind of sexual abuse is a challenging and complicated journey. The violence does not conclude with the rape, the sexual abuse, the attack, the insults and the humiliation. Sexual violence keeps reproducing itself in a time which seems endless. It can be confusing how much pain remains after a rape, mostly because the stress imprisons you from within and it’s often misunderstood. Rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors are left feeling vulnerable, angry, tricked, terrified, dishonored, dirty, ashamed and powerless.Acquaintance rape, also referred to as “date rape” or “hidden rape,” has been increasingly recognized as a real and fairly prevalent problem within society. A lot of the attention that’s been focused on this problem has emerged as part of the increasing willingness to recognize and tackle issues related to household violence and the legal rights of women in general in the past three decades. Even if the early and mid 1970’s saw the emergence of education as well as mobilization to fight rape, it wasn’t until the early 80’s that acquaintance rape began to assume a more distinct type within the public consciousness. The scholarly study made by psychologist Mary Koss together with her colleagues is widely recognized as the primary impetus for elevating attention to a brand new level.Getting raped can have a big impact on your life and feelings. You could be annoyed, and you will feel shock, fear, anxiety as well as guilt. You may have an upset stomach or feel nervous. About half of people who are raped say they are depressed sometime in the first year following the attack. It’s important that you keep appointments with your doctor. Make sure to tell her or him regarding any physical, psychological or sexual problems you have during this time period, even if you do not think they are associated with the rape.Be sure to go to your physician 1 or 2 weeks following the rape to evaluate the results of the emergency room tests. Your doctor will give you details and tell you more regarding other support solutions, too. Most of these services include hospital social staff, local rape crisis services, your nearby public health department as well as the state attorney general’s office.

How To Safeguard Yourself From Legal Claims

In the event that you are required to protect yourself from lawful claims and costs, then it can be really tricky to be aware of just about all of the legal aspects of your condition. Luckily, you really do not have to go and achieve it by yourself. In reality, despite of everything that has occurred until this level, including the activity or event that you are being charged for, considered one of the ideal things you can perform for yourself moving forward is you ought to hire the appropriate legitimate representation.Because both a state and government criminal defense lawyer in the Us, that government circumstances are completed more significantly even though just about any legal case from a misdemeanor to a lawsuit need to be undertaken seriously. The govt doesn’t like to forfeit a case, which means that you can promise that the path in front of you has to be taken critically and that there is little or no room for mistake. Because of this, you first should look at how federal cases fluctuate from fees that are introduced towards you by the government.Distinct PrinciplesTypically, state court is powered by previous precedents and judgments that happen to be made inside that state previously. And while the laws and suggestions are obtained really severely, when compared to situations that are used in federal court, state lawsuits don’t need quite as much preparation and persistence.On the other hand, federal government court is led by constitutional law. This consists of quite a few crimes that are thought as “white-collar,” for example insider trading, in addition to crimes fully committed towards govt organizations like the FCC or Department of Education and any specific crimes that take place around different state lines. Further, in federal criminal courtroom, there exists a federal government awesome jury that determines the fate of your case, and this jury rests for thirty days distinct from the standard week that a jury meets for in a state offender court case.Authorities suggest that you and your law firm prepare diversely for a federal government case. It is most likely that the government has a powerful case against you and has been investing months, or longer, acquiring evidence and account. You can find also a lot more legal guidelines that want to be considered; and because the verdict will swiftly be governed in large part by the constitution, there exists very little room for variance. However this may not mean greatly to you as the offender, it does mean that you should be totally sincere and accommodating with your attorney.Remember that covering anything from your attorney will likely only harm your case. You’ll need to reveal any info you know about the evidence that the government has against you, and you’ll also must share any communication you have had with the authorities as well. In national cases, much more often than state legal cases, there is certainly a sturdy opportunity that your case will settle out of court. Nevertheless, even though it might seem like your case will reconcile, you and your lawyer should usually be prepared to move further into the phases of a proper trial.

Criminal Lawyer Discusses The Crime Of Arson

Arson is a criminal offense of intentionally and maliciously putting fire to buildings or wild land locations. It is usually recognized from different factors such as spontaneous combustion and natural wildfires. Arson oftentimes describes fires deliberately set to the home and property of another or to a person’s own premises in order to collect insurance settlement. Motives for this crime change. In most cases, a property owner commits this felony in an attempt to obtain the cost of the residence, that’s in most cases insured to stop fire. Arson is likewise focused on conceal evidence of one more offense, and many people even tackle arson for entertainment or excitement. Quite a few vandals likewise set home on fire, every now and then not with the express intent behind burning up a property down, but with the very idea of more general house damage planned.Arson was recognized at common law as the destructive burning up of the property of another, while house hold burning was burning your house and endangering the home or property of others. In many states, arson has been extended to add in burning structures besides homes, burning your own property for illegitimate purposes, and destruction the effect of a fire or an outburst. So if another person screws his/her home to gather the insurance coverage, given that the insurance is greater than the depressed real estate investment value, that could be arson. Other types of arson is usually to burn or bomb the place of worship in a hate crime, or burn a building in vengeance for a refusal to sell it.If someone else burns down his very own home as being a sort of low-cost demolition and accidentally sets half the area on fire, that could or might not be arson, based on the laws of the state. It is thought that arson might be more widespread than figures indicate while there is a sub-standard program for reporting fires and their causes. Statistics, it doesn’t matter how unfinished, do suggest that arson is about the nation’s most expensive crimes against house; and also it commonly ends in accidental injuries, often in fatalities.Even with today’s sophisticated technological custom modeling rendering programs, arson research remains a time intensive method which helps researchers to ascertain where and how fires begin. This process is very important in checking the abilities of claims in which the source of the fire is not known or dubious. The research process enables investigators to better establish fire patterns which could offer signs as to whether the fire was on purpose set. If you’ve filed claims and the cause of fire cannot without delay be motivated, you might experience delays in the cases pay out process depending on the investigators’ analysis of the property. During the research, your disappointment or refusal to cooperate could be viewed as a violation of the insurance policies types of conditions, thereby negating insurance policy coverage.On many occasions defense lawyers stand for individuals who have made fire loss claims following a house fire or business fire. Just in case the insurance plans organization turns down their claim and accuses a policy holder of arson and insurance fraudulence, they furnish successful defense. Call today to discuss your case with an experienced arson criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Lawyer Files: How To Get Familiar With Securities Fraud

What does Securities Fraud signify? It is a kind of severe white-collar crime where a company or person, like a stockbroker, brokerage company, corporation or investment bank, misrepresents information that investors utilize to make decisions. Investments Fraud can also be committed by independent individuals (for example by engaging in insider trading). The types of misrepresentation involved in this crime include supplying false data, retaining crucial details, offering terrible advice, and offering or performing on inside information.Do you believe you might have been a victim of securities fraud? What are your legal rights as an investor and what responsibilities does your agent owe you? How do you know if you’ve been defrauded by your stockbroker or investment consultant? What can you do about this, if you have been subjected to stockbroker fraud? You’ll find information with this Internet site which will assist you in dealing with these concerns and others which could happen in connection with incorrect investments and stockbroker/customer conflicts. The majority of investment losses are caused by market forces, developments and factors which have nothing to do with securities fraud. Stockbrokers don’t have a crystal ball and they are not guarantors of investments. But if your losses have been the result of wrongful action or scam, you ought to know since you might be able to take action and recover your losses.Learn about your broker. Before you decide to invest learn if your broker or the brokerage firm with whom they’re connected have been the subject of stockbroker fraud claims, disciplinary measures, or regulatory action for securities fraud, investment fraud, the violation of the government securities laws. Find out if your agent or their brokerage firm been the subject of client initiated, investment connected stockbroker fraud grievances or securities settlement procedures. Discover which brokerage firms your broker has been previously associated, and whether or not these broker firms have been expelled or disciplined by securities regulators for investment scam.There are rules and laws written to protect investors. Securities regulators “police” the securities industry and issue penalties as well as suspensions. To recuperate their deficits investors must file claims for recovery. Data show that they are much more likely to restore if they’re represented by skilled attorneys. Since investors sign account papers at brokerage firms which almost always contain binding arbitration clauses, most claims versus brokerage firms have to be resolved in securities arbitration instead of in court. Find out more about securities settlement.Some companies pay the folks who write Internet newsletters money or securities to “tout” or advocate their stocks. Although this isn’t illegal, the federal securities laws require the newsletters to disclose who paid them, the amount, plus the kind of payment. But many criminals fail to do so. Instead, they will lie regarding the payments they got, their independence, their so-called investigation, as well as their track records. Their newsletters masquerade as sources of impartial information, when in fact they stand to profit handsomely if they persuade investors to purchase or sell certain stocks.

What Is Sexual Abuse And How To Stop It

Sexual abuse, also called molestation, is the forcing of unwanted sexual behavior by one individual upon another. Any time that pressure is immediate, of brief duration, or infrequent, it’s known as sexual assault. The offender is referred to as a sexual abuser or (often pejoratively) molester. The term additionally covers any behavior by any adult towards a child to induce either the adult or child sexually. When the prey is younger than the age of consent, it is called child sexual abuse. Sex wrong doings can occur when one individual uses a position of authority to force someone else to take part in an otherwise undesired sexual activity. For instance, sexual harassment at work could involve an employee being coerced into a sexual scenario out of fear of being terminated.It could be very difficult to discuss molestation and much more challenging to recognize that sexual assault of children of all ages including babies occurs every single day. Child molestation has become the topic of great community worry and the target of many legislative and professional projects. This is evidenced by the expanding body of literature on sexual abuse, public declarations by adult survivors and increased press coverage of sexual abuse concerns.Molestation includes both touching crimes (fondling or sex) and nontouching offenses (subjecting a child to pornographic materials) and could include varying levels of violence and psychological stress. The most commonly reported cases involve incest, or sexual abuse occurring among family members, including those in biological families, adoptive households, and step families. Incest most often happens in a father-daughter relationship; however, mother-son, father-son, and sibling-sibling incest also occurs. Sexual abuse is also sometimes committed by other relatives or even caretakers. Indicators are signs or hints that abuse has occurred. Physical indicators may include injuries or bruises, while behavioral indicators are ways sufferers and abusers act or communicate with each otherA child who’s the victim of continuous sexual abuse typically develops low self-esteem, a sense of worthlessness and an abnormal or altered view of sex. The kid may turn out to be removed and mistrustful of older people, and could grow to be suicidal. Sexually mistreated children together with their families need immediate professional evaluation and treatment. Child and adolescent psychiatrists can assist mistreated children get back a sense of self-esteem, deal with feelings of shame concerning the mistreatment, and begin the entire process of overcoming the damage. Such therapy could actually help reduce the danger that the particular child will establish severe problems as an adult. Rather, one should try to find patterns or clusters of signs that suggest a condition.Even when individuals have spoken of the abuse prior to group treatment, any enjoyable factors have usually been denied. The opportunity to relate to others who have shared these emotions, as well as the experience, is part of the healing power of this form of therapy. The feeling of isolation, of being “different from the whole globe,” quickly begins to subside. It is only in disclosing the secrets and coping with the pain that survivors of sexual abuse can and do go on with their lives.

What’s the Number One Quality You Need in a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

I am a criminal defense attorney. That doesn’t make me a special person. But it does give me a fly on the wall view of the practice of criminal defense law that most people outside the profession don’t get to see. And as you might expect, within my profession there are some good apples and some bad apples, some people that know what they are doing and some that don’t, and some exceptional attorneys and some terrible ones. But unless you are a part of the profession it is hard to tell. It’s kind of like hiring a plumber or an auto mechanic; anyone can dress like a plumber and talk like a plumber, but we all know there are some plumbers you’d leave at home all day to work and some you wouldn’t let near your sink without watching over them.While I’m not here to give you an end all be all plan for finding the right criminal defense attorney, I am going to talk a little bit about one quality for attorneys in general that I think sheds a lot of light on their legal skills and they job they will do for you once you’ve hired them. And that one thing is communication. Find an attorney that has a good communication set up and I will show you an attorney worth hiring.But what do I mean by communication? Well, I mean a couple of things. First, I mean an attorney that will answer your phone calls and return your messages when you leave them. You wouldn’t believe how many attorneys, once they get your money, will just not answer the phone to talk with you no matter what the problem is. This, obviously is the sign of a bad criminal defense attorney, and something you should check on before hiring them. And the easiest way to check on this is to ask them. And by ask I don’t mean just say “do you return phone calls?” because they’ll say “yes.” Ask them what kind of a system they have in place to ensure that your call finds it way to your criminal defense attorney and what steps are then taken to make sure you are called back. If they don’t have a ready answer to this question, it might be time to start looking for someone else.Second, ask your potential criminal lawyer if they have any procedures in place to remind you of upcoming court dates and deadlines for completing any requirements that might be in place by the courts or by you to make yourself look more reputable. If they don’t you might want to look out there for someone else. I’m not saying we, as criminal attorneys need to be babysitters for our clients, but we tend to be much more on top of our calendar than the average person. And a phone call to remind a client of a court date takes five minutes. And the effects of missing can be enormous.For example, I had a buddy recently in Seattle, he got a Seattle DUI, hired this guy (who, by the way, is someone I would not recommend, but I didn’t know him at the time) to help him out who was supposed to be some kind of a great Seattle DUI lawyer. But, he did like most of the shady DUI lawyers in Seattle and took the first deal he was offered and talked my buddy into taking it. Part of the deal included some requirements with some strict deadlines. Well, these deadlines were coming up, my buddy’s DUI lawyer went to court for him and found out when the deadline was supposed to be, and forgot to tell my buddy! So, this deadline comes and goes, the court asks why it wasn’t done, and my buddies criminal defense lawyer just lets my buddy go down in flames! They find him in violation of the agreement, find him guilty of the original charges, and now my buddy is in a world of hurt.Bottom line, choosing a lawyer is difficult, and choosing a criminal defense lawyer is even more difficult as it seems sometimes the less ethical of our profession seem to migrate there from time to time. But you can make a great choice if you look past the smooth talk and try to find out the actual operations of the firm you are looking at. And don’t forget to ask around to see who people have used in the past. Once you’ve paid your money you actually get to see what someone’s made of. Don’t wait too long to choose someone that is right for you.

Criminal Defense – Why Not Testify In Your Own Defense?

In every criminal trial, the defendant faces a critical strategic decision: to testify or not to testify. Those outside the criminal justice system tend to view this decision in simple terms, believing that the innocent will take the stand and tell their side of the story while those with something to hide will not. Experienced criminal lawyers know that the decision is far more complex and rarely has anything to do with guilt or innocence.Testifying is fraught with peril for any defendant. Guilty or innocent, if the defendant takes the stand, the case will likely turn on his performance as a witness. With so much at stake, the pressure on the defendant is enormous. One false step and he could lose his case. During cross-examination, a skilled prosecutor will attempt to confuse him and twist his words to make it appear that he is lying. If he’s a bad public speaker or gets nervous and says the wrong thing, he may appear guilty even though he’s not. If the jury is turned off by his tone or demeanor, or simply doesn’t like him for inexplicable reasons, the defense may never recover.Apart from the impression the defendant makes during his testimony, the mere act of testifying may have the unintended effect of lowering the burden of proof. In a criminal case, a conviction requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt, the highest standard of proof in our legal system. When the only evidence presented comes from the prosecutor, the jury focuses on whether the prosecutor has met that high burden of proof. Once the defendant testifies, however, jurors tend to focus solely on who they believe, the defendant or the alleged victim. Rather than weighing the prosecutor’s case against the extraordinarily high standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, the jurors tend to weigh the defendant’s story against the prosecutor’s or the victim’s story. This effectively lowers the standard of proof to something approaching a preponderance standard (more likely than not) and dramatically reduces the chances the defendant will win the case.Finally, in some cases, there is truth to the widely held belief that a defendant who chooses not to testify is hiding something. Court rules normally limit the evidence admitted at trial to that which bears directly on the alleged crime. Evidence of uncharged misconduct and prior criminal convictions is usually excluded for fear that jurors who are exposed to such evidence will convict the defendant just because they believe him to be a bad person rather than because they have been presented proof that he actually committed the charged crime. If a defendant testifies, however, he may open the door for the use of such evidence by the prosecution. Knowing that evidence of prior bad acts may prejudice the jury against him, the defendant may elect not to testify so as to avoid any risk of exposing the jury to such damaging evidence.Because of all the risks involved when a defendant testifies, many criminal defense attorneys advise their clients, regardless of perceived guilt or innocence, not to testify unless absolutely necessary. This advice frustrates the countless defendants who desperately want to proclaim their innocence to the jury. Most criminal defense attorneys have learned the hard way, however, that it is usually much safer to attack the prosecutor’s case than to put on one of your own.

Criminal Defense Attorney Files: What Is CPS Investigation?

What’s Child Protective Services (CPS)? Child Protective Services (CPS) is actually a specific part of the child well being system. It focuses on families where a child is recognized as a victim of or in peril of child abuse or negligence. This also could be referred to as child maltreatment. State lawsdemand child protective services firms to do these:• take reports from folks who believe a young child has been abused or neglected• find out if abuse or neglect has taken place• make sure that there’s a strategy in place to help keep children safe• provide services to families to ensure their children’s safetyChild Protective Services caseworkers look into reviews of child abuse or neglect to be able to see whether any youngster in the referred household was mistreated or neglected. In addition, caseworkers evaluate critical aspects of individual as well as family functioning to find out if any child within the referred household is at risk of maltreatment or neglect; and begin protective services for kids who need protection. To figure out whether any child in the household has been mistreated or abandoned and is even now at risk of abuse or neglect, the investigative worker may meet with members of the family and appropriate collateral sources.A government law called the Child Abuse Protection and Treatment Act (CAPTA) states that at a minimum, child abuse and neglect is “any recent action, or failing to act, on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death or serious physical or emotional harm, or sexual maltreatment or exploitation, or shows an imminent risk of considerable harm.”How could CPS get a report regarding my young child? Any person who might suspect that your child is being mistreated or abandoned may contact CPS to report the suspicion. Each state or neighborhood has its own 1-800 phone number and 24-hour hotline. Any person in the community, parents, or child victims themselves could call and make a report of suspected child abuse or neglect. Any person may voluntarily report believed abuse or neglect. Persons that work with kids and/or families are legally required to report suspected abuse or neglect. They are called “mandated reporters.” This includes experts in medical care, childcare, social services, education, mental health, law enforcement; guardians ad litem; and clergy (unless details are considered privileged).To know whether or not any child in the household has been abused or abandoned and is still in danger of abuse or neglect, the investigative worker may interview members of the family and suitable collateral sources. A federal law known as the Child Abuse Protection and Treatment Act (CAPTA) says that at the very least, child abuse and neglect is “any current act, or inability to act, on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death or severe physical or emotional harm, or sexual abuse or exploitation, or presents an imminent risk of serious injury.”This review of CPS guidelines in the States inventoried the main components regulating front-end service provision by CPS agencies. These procedures and methods were explained in great detail in the policy manuals of many States. Responsibility for decision making was delegated to the local level regardless of whether a State’s administrative structure was generally specified as a “State-administered” or a “State-supervised, county-administered” system.

Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses The Crime Of Child Enticement

Child enticement together with exploitation are serious criminal offenses. Child enticement suggests conduct, or an endeavor or conspiracy to commit such conduct, constituting criminal sexual maltreatment of a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor, violent sexual contact of a minor, sexually direct conduct with a minor, or any equivalent criminal offense under government or state law. Kids of all age brackets make use of the Web for making friends, school projects, music as well as entertainment. The Net can unlock a world of information, but unfortunately, it may also throw open a world of hazard, with children particularly susceptible to this risk. Lustful predators reside in chat rooms and go to social media websites scanning for victims. Once they make contact they quickly build relationships by feigning common interests. Susceptible children can easily build psychological reliance on folks they meet over the Web.The price tag of child maltreatment carries considerable social stigma. Prosecutors are under considerable stress from the general public to pursue charges of crimes against kids and are highly motivated to get convictions for these kinds of charges. Child enticement cases can be complicated because of the use of the accounts of kids. Prosecutors can often induce the testimony of a kid in a manner that benefits their case. The social preconception associated with harming children could reduce the tolerance of evidence within the thoughts of jurors.This crime usually occurs when a person brings about or tries to cause a kid (a person younger than eighteen years) to go to any remote place for unlawful purposes. Enticement is an inchoate crime, which means that neither the temptation nor the planned crime must be completed in order for a crime to have been perpetrated. It is a criminal offense to try to entice a kid into illegal actions whether or not the illegal action occurs.In order to establish temptation, the state’s attorney must show that the enticement was deliberate, and that the individual sought to cause or triggered the little one to enter a building, automobile, or some other remote place for the goal of having or actually having sexual intercourse or sexual contact with the kid, engaging the child in prostitution, uncovering a sex organ to the kid (whether it’s the adult’s or the kid’s organ), documenting the child doing sexually explicit actions, causing physical or mental harm to the kid, or providing or selling drugs to the kid. Under federal law, online temptation is a felony punishable by a minimum prison term of 10 years and a maximum of life imprisonment. Nevertheless, while all fifty U.S. states consider the online enticement of a kid for sexual acts a crime, the penalties differ widely among states and could range between a simple fine to life in prison.If you are facing potential child enticement charges, it is critical that you use a legal defense staff with precise experience and expertise working with crimes against kids. Remember to contact a criminal defense attorney for a totally free, confidential initial consultation. Early treatment is critical to obtaining the best results.