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All companies who share a common heritage: the data. What is the organization of information, which is ultimately what separates them. Maintains inventory and sales information paper written information about their data storage, all companies in a manner that the collection, storage and use of information. The effectiveness of the techniques used are still in progress, but it is clear that the information age, where they now live on the production and use is concentrated. A known source of structural information, new techniques for capturing unstructured information, the purpose and the main theme. So the question is: What to do with the information? The data can be compared to money. Some people are satisfied with the waste, other hidden savings account, if you feel useless, while using others to invest wisely and benefit from the advantages. Corporate Data is the most important value. Energy, such as Wal-Mart announced that the company’s strength is based on knowledge focuses on all aspects of the company. This makes it possible to perform a well-structured decision analysis on facts instead of guesses low base. Small businesses do not have to share that understanding. Finally, if small businesses be able to compete in the global market, you may want to change the information age, information that gave him proper respect. Small businesses are relatively easy because you can gradually build up and improve information systems, such as the growth has been achieved. However, the first step is to grant that knowledge management is needed.Once to help you understand how to recognize the importance of communication strategy, store, analyze and use data should be developed. Although this strategy may vary from company to company and between companies as well, the guidelines remain constant. Guideline 1: Understand what is important and noteworthy.
This is almost automatic for companies that are already in operation. All employers need to know the information needs of its customers. Not every entrepreneur knows what kind of information “may” be needed in the future. Therefore, you must first is simple: all that is needed to capture the future! Storage does not cost much, so apologies for not too much. In addition, for many systems, choose the open-source databases. Although this step is not always certain information can be changed later. However, it is best to give information about what is necessary, and remove it after reading the missing parts. You can always delete the information was useless after that, but you can never retrieve historical data, not the most important effort.Guideline 2: Choose how storage.
As already mentioned, plenty of storage space is cheap to acquire. Although it is difficult to calculate the non-technical solution for the data, you can always ask for advice on places such as CompUSA or a similar technology. Note that TB can be bought for more than a hundred dollars. The next step is to choose a database system. There are some basic management systems (DBMS), such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others. The last two are open source. If you choose the DBMS, the portability, the expansion and development and technical requirements. The data are the most important resource, so choose something that can easily add the current IT infrastructure and consulting, to avoid errors in an important decision. In fact, all DBMS systems in a more or less the same list of characteristics and differences are mainly in the taste and experience. Guideline 3: God’s love, protection!
This data is also the most important resource! All DBMSs provide a system backup and protection. He decided on one (or several) to see and use. Then check back and make on a regular basis. Backup strategy can be recorded for the period (journal), backups, replication, and SQL dumps, for example. The study and use. It is not enough time to do the job. Make sure it is marked regularly.Guideline 4: Analysis and use of information.
This guide is can be difficult, but if the above instructions, help is available. Analyze and use data, reports, like Crystal Reports can be read by the database engine, and useful information. Many other tools and systems can be added. It is important to the way that information together based data.Putting choose. These instructions will help entrepreneurs open their eyes, what is currently available. Information systems for the functioning of companies in today’s volatile and rapidly indispensable. Companies that are technology-savvy people have successfully developing and implementing IT systems procurement or outsourcing these activities is .

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Size and industry, every company in information technologies, and have a strategy on how to use them, especially if the Internet is becoming more common. Strategy for Information Technology is a catalyst for the company’s strategy. It is not enough that the company manages its relationships with the group, but should be able to electronically connect the arteries to the data – information that supply chain and demand. Source of information and communication channels to foreign demand, the value-chain strategy, the use of information technology strategy works internal.An case, because all functions of society requires the ability to electronic data and many of them require electronic monitoring of the process as also send. In large companies, the strategy can be formulated with regard to the business and organizational units. Just as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Plaxo, Twitter and more cases, you are your applications and databases and social networks to important groups in partnership with communications and collaboration. In an e-mail itself is the primary method of communication companies and their groups, social networking sites, particularly in advertising and ecommerce.Business to identify opportunities for competitive advantage. But the same technology can be a catalyst for competitive advantage, particularly when the ability to buy products or provide electronic information products have. In this case, the company’s strategy closely with the IT strategy. Information systems and database technology, analytical applications and infrastructure and technology (hardware and networks) companies. Not all IT data. Information technology for process control applications use special hardware. However, the connection is of crucial importance, because the applications are not integrated. As a digital design and development of Good Manufacturing Practice, using techniques such as computer-aided design / computer manufacturing (CAD / CAM), process control and product and / or services are all processes on a combination of information technology. For example, in production, not only in design and production takes place through the integration of CAD / CAM, where delivery.Through the electrical connections to carriers such as FedEx and UPS, but the entire project management process of electronic design products such as electronic data interchange and electronic funds transfer, and the data flow can be monitored by digital information products and the information in the supply and demand for parallel delivery of materials and products, and / or chains, the demand for services. The company, which require the flow of information across the value chain, supply chains and channels of information. Develop a strategy for information technology to describe the requirements and the members of the Enlightenment

His influence is the degree of business or organizational units, and other parts of the strategy can not operate without administrative tasks, how to act as the legal, financial and human resources, and activities such as research and development, procurement, production, or the equivalent, the distribution to hang marketing, sales and services Information technology – operating systems and analysis, and administrative and commercial functions of time, costs, risks and scope of activities older and complex and requires further action is understood to be a tendency of the proposed information technology out of control and has to offer – the plans are required if the issue can be difficult, if not properly explained the strategy of information technology is often packaged in separate, but related to strategic planning. It was carried out and implementation of specific programs and projects for new or improving or maintaining existing applications, databases and technology development projects infrastructure.Large technical information are often complex and may be part of a larger initiative to promote the many communal activities. The most important initiatives, the technology components are:

Market research and developing research and development of research infrastructure and development processes and by providing information, for example – the development of:

Digital production system integration research and development, production and sales (Sponsor: Manufacturing and sales functions – this will affect research and development, purchasing, production, distribution, sales and service functions), accounting, management and monitoring and reporting (Sponsors: the role of Finance – the impact on the entire organization), Human Resource Management System (Sponsor: role of human resources – the impact on the business of scale) Sales Monitoring System (Sponsor: the role of distribution – it is for all providers of enterprise-wide) Some projects may affect only the role of information technology that, if the customer is to be yourself. Steering Committee should represent the most important programs and projects, the various departments to resolve cross-functional barriers are set up. The main program needs to committee for planning and policy development strategy the company has level.Information Technology Project or organizational unit to be checked. Large projects are divided into parts of a program in relation to the program director. Projects can also be independent. A single project can contain one or more applications and information systems and technical infrastructure, have one or more projects may be required, depending on the complexity.For for example, new products, it may be necessary to perform marketing, product development and infrastructure projects, including the deployment of new systems and upgrades of existing systems. If, however, was called also later to the range of products to life, a new project or a project team needs to improve or maintain existing or create new structures of division of labor continues guidelines have been taken to develop improvement and maintenance of the project is in the design , analysis, design, construction and implementation of performance measurement are divided. Phase of performance measurement can be performed in parallel to other phases, and each is a complete performance evaluation. Site planning future activities should be designed so that past experience in future costs and requirements of the program can be recorded initiatives.Meeting is always an important factor. Therefore, the “encounter” is a common requirement for success. But the entry into force, more than what is delivered and its quality is the most frequently mentioned. To make in anticipation of the need for change after the execution, the proposed amendment may be necessary to regulate, to harmonize and integrate the planning is done deliverables.The company, organization, unit or program, or several projects, depending on the size and complexity. But any database applications and systems and the technical infrastructure for the project through the analysis of various design, construction and implementation. Every step of the development plan is used to ensure that resources are allocated properly. The functional structure does not preclude the use of iterative at each stage of rapid application development and prototyping. The development, improvement and maintenance can be very fast and highly interactive with users, if you use the right tools. The strategy should be based on relationships between data and information products in the digital arteries of the IT strategy focuses enterpriship pervasive.Formulating (entrepreneurship, leadership), the competition .

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What is the difference between a good salesman and marketing? The most important is the ability to anticipate market needs and trends to really is the core of marketing. Marketing Manager, to be able to predict whether a question is a piece of luck, the company is. Given these forecasts are based on facts and figures, not emotions. Companies that “smell blood” can (anticipation) and the “go kill” (ready for the next boom in demand), we can always manage to get their hands most of the administrators to help the market. changes in the market and anticipate consumer preferences, requires a robust information system, known as marketing information. Marketing information system to collect the relevant information, organize it into something meaningful recommendations based on these numbers, and stored for future use. All parts of the marketing information system that is missing one of these three units is the only obstacle to business.Among these three elements, the first of which is the most important since the efficiency of the system depends on the availability and accuracy of the information. There are two types of resources typically used for data collection. Basic resources, which makes the company itself, through various media (interviews, observation and consumer behavior, etc.) and secondary resources, which uses an external Web page (eg, research, governmental or professional). All of these measures has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is to be involved in decisions to carefully choose the font, the quality of the information necessary and cost.Then organization that classifies and organizes the information into something big “is useful. When the data were obtained from the basic resources, then the task is to organize the information should not be a big problem, but if a different use of resources, it may take some time in various parts of the data. This was also of high-performance computers and data in the electronic forms.Last results and decisions on the basis of these data stored easier. This is mainly made by management, but the success of these decisions are exclusively on marketing information data. As you can see, the market information system is a prerequisite for important decisions, but many companies continue to function well without MKIS .