Day After Thanksgiving Shopping – Navigate the Crowds and Still Get the Best Deals

If you are a brave soul, you probably love the day after Thanksgiving shopping excursions that thousands of Americans participate in each year. There is no question that there are fantastic deals to be had in shopping malls and online, but do you know where to look?Historically, shoppers have camped out in front of stores before the sun even comes up in anticipation of the huge savings they can get once inside their favorite store. It is not uncommon for people to bring chairs and even tents to wait for those doors to open so that they can rush inside to start their Christmas shopping.However, just because it is the day after Thanksgiving shopping event does not necessarily mean you will get the best deals on that day. Stores will be running promotions like crazy leading up to these events, so it pays to do some serious research before heading out for your shopping trip. Collect sales circulars well beforehand and make a plan on exactly where you will go, in what order, and what you will buy. Try to stick to your plan!Another great option that many shoppers are starting to take is online shopping. You can find just about anything online these days. From massage chairs to baby toys, you can take your time finding the best deals without getting involved in the mad rush of the mall shopping experience. Plus, many online retailers offer great promotions and even free shipping.No matter which route you choose to take, planning is vital. The day after Thanksgiving shopping trip can save you a ton of money, but if you fail to plan you might end up losing money instead of saving it.

Are the Black Friday Sales a Con?

If you have ever got all excited when you see the Black Friday ads showing a crazily low price for the TV,Sat Navigation system or anything else that you want so badly then lines up from 3am to get it and found the store only have 3 of them you will have wondered if it is all a big con.Every store makes a big deal of the huge reductions on their TV’s and other high ticket items but they don’t make such a big thing about the fact that each store will only have a few and some stores may have none at all.While it is impossible for the stores to know exactly how many of each item they need to get to satisfy demand in all the stores you must wonder if they could get more than the meager number they manage to have. Of course there is hardly ever a shortage of the lower priced items which only have a dollar or two discount on them.What can you do about this problem? Well not much really, apart from look for alternatives in the black Friday ads and make sure you know what is available where. So if you want a 50inch TV and three different stores have them then you could start at the one that opens earliest and if they don’t have enough then try the next one.The usual process is for the store manager to come out just prior to opening and ask who is there for a specific item, they will then give out tickets for that item to the people in line, so if they have 10 TV’s they will give out tickets to the first ten people in line who are waiting for them.So make sure you know which stores open at what time and exactly who is selling which TV, 3am on Black Friday is not the right time of night/day to forget what you have been lining up for in the cold!