Using Credit Cards to Get More Out of Black Friday Sales

For many people, Black Friday shopping is a ritual. They start on Thanksgiving by getting the circulars that are advertising the sales that will be offered Friday morning. Many people then set up a plan to camp out at those stores, sometimes in freezing temperatures, so they can be the first in line when it comes time to shop and get the limited specials.There is a better, and warmer way to get in on great holiday sales. Use your credit cards.Learn What Your Credit Card OffersMany credit card companies have seasonal specials of their own hoping you will make your holiday purchases on their cards. Take a little time out today to log on to your credit card company website and look for any of the specials they are advertising. You may find a list of stores they are working with to offer something a little extra on your Black Friday shopping. Perhaps they will offer double or triple points or cash back for the purchases you make with your card through select stores.Find the Black Friday DealsNext you need to do a little research to find out what Black Friday deals are out there for you to take advantage of. Make a list of the ones that you are most interested in. Now see if any of those stores are also companies that your credit card company is offering a special savings with. This way you can double or triple up on rewards when it’s time to buy.Start ShoppingOne thing you need to remember when it comes to Black Friday sales is that they start at the crack of early. Generally they begin at 12:01 A.M. on Friday morning, so you need to stay up late (or get up real early) to make sure you can get in on the online deals before they are sold out.Cyber MondayJust in case you don’t get all the shopping you had hoped to done on Black Friday, there is also Cyber Monday shopping. The Monday after Black Friday has become the biggest day for Internet sales of the year and many companies will be offering special sales this day as well.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

It was Thanksgiving evening, the turkey was almost done and I was looking at all the ‘Black Friday’ ads in my local newspaper. Not exactly what the pilgrims and Indians had in mind but there I was none the less. Best Buy’s ad caught my eye as they were having a special on a Western Digital External Hard Drive, 250 GB, for only $69.99. These things often sell for over $175 so I was impressed. I needed one to not only back up my web site,, but I could also use it for my families digital pictures and my music collection. Best Buy opened at 5 a.m. on Friday morning and I decided I would try to get there when it opened and make my move on this external hard drive.5 A.M. – What Was I Thinking??So I get there a little after 5 a.m. and what did I find but a line all the way around the Best Buy store of customers just waiting to get in. I thought this is crazy, I got out of bed in the dark for this? I contemplated getting in line for a total of 10 seconds, but my warm bed at home was so inviting that I fled the scene for some more sleep!Moral Of This Story?You may be asking what is the moral of this story? Well, it was an interesting learning experience because what I found out was that many of the people waiting to get into Best Buy were only going to turn around and sell their merchandise on ebay. I did a search on ebay right after ‘Black Friday’ and much to my surprise there were a ton of my Western Digital hard drives up for auction. And the good news is they were only selling for around $85 due to the increased supply. So essentially I could buy my hard drive for $15 more than what Best Buy was selling it for and I had to stand in line for a total of ZERO seconds. Now I do have to pay for shipping which is around $10, but it is still a lot less than the average retail price. Try this technique next year; you may be as surprised as I was.What Is ‘Cyber Monday’?Also, the Monday after Thanksgiving is now referred to as ‘Cyber Monday’ and is said to be one of the biggest online shopping days of the year as folks go back to work and use their “Free Time” to do some shopping on their computer. What I discovered was online retailers really picking up on this ‘Cyber Monday’ idea and have some amazing deals on their web site for one day only. Best, for example had some great online coupons and deals for flat screen TV’s and digital cameras. Also, I noticed that Lane had a 30% off coupon, a couple rare JCPenney coupons good for free shipping or 15% off, and there was an American Eagle Outfitters coupon good for 15% off, all of which were only available on Cyber Monday. I say next year sleep in on Thanksgiving weekend and do your shopping online in your PJ’s with a cup of coffee. Not only will you avoid the long lines and crowded parking lots but you may be amazed by the savings and coupons online retailers are handing out.© 2007, Kyle James

Surviving Black Friday

It is the busiest, craziest, and most profitable shopping day of the year. The day after Thanksgiving – affectionately known as “Black Friday” – is a day consumers scavenge for deals, and retailers line their pockets with profits so steep they would make Bill Gates weak in the knees. This day is so profitable, in fact, that some businesses, both large and small, take in more gross revenue on this single day than the rest of the fiscal year combinedThe major draw to Black Friday is the outlandish discounts offered on many of the most popular items of the shopping year. Items that are sure to be hits over the Christmas Holiday are offered at steep discounts, and older products that are still “hot” can be had at deals too good to be called anything other than a “steal.”The one real drawback for the consumer and retailers like on this day, however, is quantity. There are finite numbers of each product (and therefore, each deal) to go around, so getting the item you came looking for can often be similar to the Pamplona running of the bulls.To have any chance at all of getting big-ticket items, such as televisions, shoppers often need to arrive to the store as early as 3 AM to wait in line. The experience can be long, tedious, and physically taxing, so here are some key pointers to surviving Black Friday.Carry Along Plenty of ClothingThe weather around Thanksgiving is typically cool, if not downright cold all across the country. Be sure to bring plenty of clothing, in several layers to avoid freezing. Layering is also recommended as it allows you to remove articles of clothing when the sun comes up.Make Yourself ComfortableYou should take along a camping chair or at least a bleacher pad or blanket to sit on. The concrete surrounding most stores is not only uncomfortable, it is also filthy. Especially in colder regions, I would also recommend bringing some coffee or another hot drink in an insulated cup or thermos. Also, consider a breakfast bar or something pre-packaged to eat that you can carry around. Most people are not accustomed to being up at 3 AM, and your body will need sustenance if you are going to stay awake.Use Debit Cards if PossibleTry to avoid carrying around a lot of cash. There have been many reports over the years of robberies taking place in Black Friday lines, and carrying little to no cash will make you less of a target and minimize potential loss.Most of all…Enjoy the experience! Deal-hunting and camping outside of a store can be a lot of fun, so try to keep a positive attitude and have a good time.

How to Shop on Black Friday 2009 Like a Pro

As Black Friday 2009 approaches, shoppers are gearing up. People are clipping ads, and maybe even getting out the camping tents in preparation for a night in the parking lot. If you don’t want to stand in line for five hours and come home empty handed, follow tips below to make you shop like a pro on Black Friday 2009.Step 1:Do the research. Websites posts black Friday ads weeks in advance. Know what is on sale and what you want to shop for, so you can pick your favorite stores. Pick a shopping mall that has multi stores of interest. Stores don’t open at the same time, thus make a plan to shop as the first wave at different stores.Step 2:Arrive early. You will still have to face a line but it won’t be nearly as long as it would be a couple of hours into the sale. If you arrive later, you might end up standing in the line for five hours, yet get nothing.Step 3:Plan the path. Go to your favorite store beforehand to find out where everything is, and plan the best path. The path has to start from the front door, to your most favorite department, second most favorite etc. Your organization will give you an advantage over other shoppers. Sometime, 10 seconds can help you grab the last available item.Step 4:Shop online. More and more stores begin to offer similar or even better deals online too. Check black Friday ads 2009 now, and you might end up grabbing a deal with your computer and have a good dream instead of standing in the line. Some stores won’t release the online deals until Thanksgiving night. Keep checking after your Thanksgiving dinner and you might have surprises.

Black Friday Holiday Shopping Secrets Revealed – How To Get Those Door Busters

It’s that time of year again when people are already beginning to think of their Black Friday shopping. According to Reuters 200 million shoppers will hit the aisles this year on this popular shopping deal day. This is the largest number of people to shop on the day after Thanksgiving in history.Many people are already wondering what the deals are going to be this year. Perhaps you are in the market for a laptop, new television or blue-ray player. You can rest assured that many of these items will be on sale during Black Friday at steeply discounted prices, quite possibly the lowest prices of the year. Don’t fret, there are many more deals to be had other than electronics on this day each year. Deals include almost anything you could imagine including, furniture, clothing, tools, picture printing, home fashions, beauty products, jewelry and more!Countless numbers of people attempted to shop Black Friday just to come away disappointed. These people do not understand why people would shop on a day where there is slightly controlled chaos and all the deals you saw in the paper are gone. People that come away from from this holiday shopping day simply do not understand that you have to shop very differently than any other shopping day of the year. There are shopping secrets that the very best shoppers keep to themselves and do not share. These are the professional shoppers that not only get all of the door buster items they went after, but are also in bed before noon with a horde of bargains they bought using their Black Friday secrets.So what separates a successful and delighted a Black Friday shopper from an upset, wore out and overwhelmed shopper? Preparation, planning and strategies is what separates the two. The successful and delighted shopper has gone shopping several times in the past and unlike the uneducated shopper they missed out on the best deals and had to deal with the biggest crowds. After years of trial and error they have learned Black Friday secrets that include systems that works for them every year get what they want almost effortlessly.Many of these Black Friday secret knowing individuals will go and buy items they have no intention of keeping or giving as gifts. Many of these individuals are able to go out shopping, grab what they want and items that they can late sell on eBay to help supplement their holiday shopping. In fact, some professionals have become so effective in this method that they are able to supplement their holiday shopping budget 100% by getting Black Friday door busters and later selling them on eBay. It may be hard to believe but it happens and this one of the many reasons why Black Friday is getting more and more competitive. You can beat the crowds and get the best deals. But to do so you need the know how and be able to discover the Black Friday Secrets.You can learn everything you need to know to save hundreds of dollars and be in bed before noon by going to http:///www.BlackFridaySecrets.NET