Reduce Student Loan Debt

Aside from the hardships brought about by the high qualifications set by the various colleges and universities operating, another principal concern by most college students today is the financial requirements of these learning institutions. The costs of financing one?s studies have gone up over the years. If a family can no longer support to spend for the education of a college student then the next best thing would be to apply for a student loan. It is thus not surprising that the percentage of students who avail of loans in order to finance their studies is similarly on the rise. In the United States alone, a survey was conducted and it revealed that at least half of its newly-graduates have student loans to pay off. This is indicative of the fact that having a student loan is normal for an individual who desires to finish a degree.Whether you are still a student dealing with a student loan or a recent graduate burdened with accumulated student loans, there is a way that you can reduce or possibly eliminate your student loan. The two most common types of student loan debt reduction are debt consolidation or debt refinancing.Under debt consolidation, your different student loans may be consolidated into only one loan. Under this scheme, by combining all your loans, you need to deal with only one interest rate, which is usually lower compared to when you average the rates for all your loans. The payment period is extended resulting to lower monthly installments for you. After consolidation, you only have to deal with one lending institution. Under debt refinancing, you have the choice of either getting a lower interest rate or spreading your payments into a longer period of time. Refinancing simply means trying to ask for better terms and conditions from your present financial situation.Of the two types available, applying for debt consolidation to reduce your student loan debt is more advisable as it offers more benefits to you.

Are Debt Consolidation Loans a Good Idea For Paying Off Debt?

One of the solutions that is often advertised to help people get out of debt is the use of a debt consolidation loan. The idea behind a debt consolidation loan is that most people who are in financial trouble have several small debts that require monthly payments. These payments combined become large enough that people generally end up paying just the minimums, and never are able to chip away at their borrowed balance. A debt consolidation loan offers some advantages to other debt reduction alternatives, but also has some negative factors to be aware of. Some of the pros and cons include:Pros of Debt Consolidation- Payment Advantages and Simplicity: Instead of having several loans outstanding, the debtor has only one loan. This means only one payment, and the minimum payment is generally lower than if you combine the minimum payments on several outstanding debts. This significantly simplifies the borrower’s financial life. Having only one creditor expecting a monthly payment instead of several also simplifies things for the borrower.- Lower Interest Rates: A Home Equity Loan is generally what is used to consolidate debts – proceeds from a Home Equity Loan are used to pay off all outstanding debts and then a single payment is made monthly to pay down the Home Equity loan. These loans are generally at interest rates tied to either Prime or LIBOR, and are usually much lower than most revolving lines of credit, such as credit cards.- Tax Advantages: Payments toward home equity loans are usually tax deductible.Cons of Debt Consolidation- Temptation: Once your credit cards are paid off through debt consolidation, it’s tempting for many people to start using them again to add to their overall debt balance. Additionally, with a lower overall monthly payment, a borrower might feel like they have more money to spend. Paying off debt requires discipline, and a debt consolidation loan won’t help if the borrower lacks the self control to stop spending.- Your Home is at risk: If you default on a credit card payment, you’ll pay a late fee and you may hear from a collector. If you default on a home equity loan, you could lose your home, which secures the credit you used to pay off your debt.- Your debt will last longer: Unless you make more than the minimum payment, home equity loans are often based on a 30 year time frame. You’ll be paying down your debts longer if you only pay the minimum, and in the long run you’ll end up paying more interest overall.If you do not own a home or you own a home with no equity, there are companies who offer debt consolidation loans. The rates maybe higher than on a typical home equity loan and will vary based on your credit history, but could still make debt problems manageable. While debt consolidation can be effective, it’s not a magic pill. The borrower will need to focus on changing the behavior that created the debt problem in the first place. Overall, however, debt consolidation is a viable option for many indebted people.

Design Cheap Debt Consolidation Loans On Your Own

Why will a person look out for debt consolidation loans in the first place? Definitely to escape the high rates of interest that he might be paying on debts. So, it is implied that the debt consolidation loans will be inexpensive or cheap. However, the assumption does not hold good in all cases. At times, debt consolidation loans are priced at a very high rate of interest. This particularly happens when the debt consolidation loan has no backing from any collateral. Bad credit history may also result in lowering the quality of deals offered to borrowers.Does that guarantee that a secured debt consolidation loan offered to people with a good credit rating is cheap and the best deal. Most people are not sure of that. There have been numerous cases where borrowers satisfied both conditions, but the debt consolidation loan offered to them wasn’t cheap. Not only was the collateral lost to the loan provider, borrower also had their credit history tainted because of irregular payments on the so-called cheap debt consolidation loan.Consequently, if it is a formula that you are looking for to get cheap debt consolidation loans without having to move your body a bit, then we are sorry. This is because no such formula exists. Though one does not have to struggle now for getting good deal loans as in the yesteryears, at least borrowers will have to take time off to plan and search cheap debt consolidation loan properly.Debt consolidation loans have a greater responsibility to meet. They have to take the borrower out of debts. Failure to clear the debts of the borrowers will imply a double burden. While debts continue to pressurise borrower, the debt consolidation loan has added up to the burden. Thus, cheap debt consolidation loans are more of a necessity rather than a desire.The present age belongs to the smarter lot of people. People can plan and search loans properly without having to toil hard. The task of searching cheap debt consolidation loans has been made easier through the use of Internet. A large number of loan providers all over the UK are made available on a single platform through the Internet.Borrowers just have to come online and search for specific loan providers or just submit the exact loan type that they require on certain search engines. For instance, if the chosen search engine is Google, borrowers will just have to type cheap debt consolidation loans there and hundreds and thousands of search results appear. Combine this with the search results you derived from Yahoo and MSN and you have a cache of loan providers to be proud of.Not all the search results that appear in the search process are relevant. Some time needs to be spent on checking the credentials of the loan providers. Certain techniques like loan calculator gives an impartial view of the loan provider and the debt consolidation loans they are offering. By comparing APRs of several banks and financial institutions for the same category of loans, one can easily locate the cheap debt consolidation loans.Cheap rates must not be given prime importance during the search for debt consolidation loans. There are many other criteria that must be given weightage during the search process. These are quality of deals offered, reputation that the lender enjoys, speed of approval, varieties, etc. The debt consolidation loan found after incorporating all these criteria is sure to be the best deal, though not the cheapest.