DUI Attorneys Southern California

DUI attorneys in southern California have dramatically grown in numbers over the last 5 years to an all time high. The increase in sheer volume of DUI attorneys shows an even more alarming trend in southern California – the increased number of DUI arrests happening in the area.Why An Increase in DUI Arrests in Southern California?The increase in DUI arrests in Southern California has to do with a major allotment of federal highway funding that is actively supporting DUI patrols, checkpoints, and overall increased DUI enforcement specifically focused on major Southern California highways like;* Interstate 5 Golden State Freeway/ Santa Ana Freeway/ San Diego Freeway* Interstate 15 Mojave Freeway/ Barstow Freeway/ Ontario Freeway* Interstate 110* Interstate 405* I-710* I-105Southern California DUI attorneys defend their clients against two basic charges in Southern California DUI cases;* 23152 (a) Which states that it’s a misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.* 23152 (b) Which states that it is a misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle with a .08 percent or higher blood alcohol concentration.Every offender arrested and charged with DUI in southern California is charged with both of the above offenses even though only 1 particular incident occurred. This is what a Southern California DUI attorney will argue against.A good attorney will challenge every aspect of your incident and work with the prosecutor’s office to try and work out a reduction or dismissal all together if the evidence against you isn’t sufficient.It’s becoming increasingly difficult to win DUI cases in the area due to tougher laws and less lenient judges presiding over the cases.