Finding College Education Funds to Help You Fulfill Your Dream

The cost of going to college can be a daunting prospect for many high school students. When there is a choice between earning a wage straight away or paying thousands of dollars to go to college it is understandable why many choose the former. Even though it is well known the paying for a college education is one investment that always gives huge rewards, that doesn’t make it any easier for students to find the funds.Luckily, there are many ways of getting financial aid to add to your college education funds. The most common way of raising the money required is to get a college loan. There are many different loans available and most allow you to pay off the loan over a long period of time which considerably reduces the financial strain on the students.The other way is to get a college grants to raise funds. Usually grants don’t ever have to be paid back which makes them a lot more attractive than loans. Depending on your financial status and choice of subject a grant may be available for you. You can find out more by searching on the internet.It’s important to look at the college education funds available before making a decision not to go into higher education. With the extra funds the cost of college is often a lot less than advertised which can make a big difference to your final decision. Going to college could be the smartest investment you’ll ever make, so taking your time is essential

Federal Prison “One Day at Club Fed”

I was making a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen when I overheard a CNN story about our exploding inmate prison population. This brought back memories of when I worked for the federal prison system in years past. I performed an internet search and found as of last year, 1 out of 136 people are behind bars. The search also revealed that the population is increasing at a rate of 1000 per week nationwide. Total inmate population as of 2005 was 2.2 million.In early 1992 I was working for the U.S. Navy as a civilian “Tech Rep” living in the Norfolk, Virginia area. During that same period of time, my father-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the Mid West. Because of this, I decided to relocate back to the Mid-West by taking a new federal job with the DOJ (Department of Justice).I worked for the FBOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) from 1992 thru 2001. Prior to this job, I envisioned prison as a place where inmates wore striped jackets and turned large rocks into smaller ones. My view was similar to the one portrayed in the George Clooney movie, “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”. Up until 1992, I never knew of anyone who actually worked inside a prison.Now, fast forward to about the year 1999 with about seven years of working for the federal prison system. While supervising a small group of inmates working inside of an inmate housing unit, I noticed a piece of paper on the bulletin board that had a list of available items in the inmate store. The inmate crew I was working with knew me well and enjoyed working with me on various jobs. I turned to one of the crew and told him, “It says here you can buy Chucky Monkey Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream”? I smiled and said, “God help you guys if Mike Wallace of the show 60 minutes gets wind of this”. The inmate laughed and went on with his work.Our conversation was overheard by another inmate who was not part of our crew. He casually approached me and said, “I take offense to your statement since we earn those things on the list. We pay for those things with our own money.” I turned and noticed this person was extremely well groomed for an inmate. Unlike the workers in my crew who had tattoos and worn faces, this unfamiliar inmate seemed out of place. He had pressed clothes, pasty face, spit shinned shoes and well groomed. At first appearance, he was what we call a typical “White Collar” criminal who spent years of pampered life on the outside.As I turned to respond to this unfamiliar inmate, I noticed one of my inmate crew who was grinning at me since he knew what was about to happen. I looked at inmate directly and spoke in a calm voice and made the following statements.
The items on the list are not basic staples at all. You can buy ten flavors of expensive Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. I also see you can buy many other extravagant things too.
I notice you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, but it’s 95F outside and very humid. Maybe that is because the A/C is keeping your housing unit a chilly 70F inside. I also noticed last winter this same housing unit temperature was set to around 80F. I can’t afford to keep my own home heating and cooling temps as comfortable as yours nor can most of the people in the United States.
I notice you have cable TV with HBO in your housing unit. I have cable TV, but we decided not to get HBO due to cost.
I notice you have fresh baked bread made every day, fresh milk, coffee, soda, butter, salad, fruit and vegetables every day.
I notice you have free medical and dental services and we even take inmates to the local hospital for medical services we can’t provide for you inside the prison.
I notice you have pool tables, arts and crafts rooms and some weight room equipment that is some of the best made. I also notice that your Gym has wall to wall carpet on the floor for your comfort.
I notice that your Library is well stocked with an outstanding collection of law books, novels and magazines for your personal use.
I notice you have an educational department that allows you to attend GED and college courses at no cost.
I notice that you have a lot of things that don’t cost you a penny. Tax dollars pay for many of the things you take for granted. My point is that the public is largely unaware of what you have inside of this federal prison. My point is that the public would be shocked if they knew you had access to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. I don’t care if you pay for it or not. That is my point.
At this time, the inmate turned around without saying a word to me and walked away. One of my inmate crew lit a cigarette and told me, “You’re bad boss, but you’re correct”. After we completed our work in the housing unit, the inmate I had spoken to earlier approached me again. He told me he thought about what I said and he now agreed with me. He apologized to me and told me to have a good day.In conclusion, I don’t want anyone to think being in a Federal Prison is a good place to be. Losing your freedom to travel or do whatever you enjoy in your life is bad enough. I only spent nine years working for the FBOP and it was an interesting part of my life and an eye opener as to the reality of life on the inside. I hope you find the article interesting and pass it along to your friends.

College Funding and Student Loans

Most students do not have a college education handed to them. They have to figure out where they are going to obtain college funding for housing and other needs, and college tuition for the schooling itself. Many students have saved money for college during their high school years by working. Many parents give their children some funding towards college. But there is usually a gap between what funds the student has and what he or she really needs to attend college, whether it is a local school or not.There are two main sources for education financing. One of these resources is federal financial aid, provided for students whose families are not able to afford the expenses of a college education. This financial aid must be repaid, but there is no interest on the loan unless the student does not repay it after the grace period expires.Another resource is financial aid or federal student loans that are provided for students whose families can reasonably afford to pay for college. These college loans have interest attached to them, but at a reasonable rate, usually lower than private loans. There are also private loans, usually through a bank or financial institution, but the interest rates are higher than federal student loans.Some students find that their first student loan did not cover all their years of schooling and all their needs during that time. They may opt to take out another student loan at a later date. That leaves them with multiple loans to repay after they finish college and can be overwhelming. After they finish college and it comes time to repay the loans, the federal government offers to allow them to consolidate student loans, sometimes at a lower rate than the original loans.

Applying For College Loans With No Cosigner

With education costs continuing to increase year on year it is becoming increasingly difficult to source the funds necessary for a college education and more and more students spend more time thinking about raising the money needed than they do working at their studies. As if this was not bad enough in itself all too many students find that once they have graduated they are saddled with so much loan debt that it quite simply drags them down and will probably take many years to pay off. Now, if this seems to be a grim picture then for a lot of students the problem of funding an education is compounded by a requirement to raise the funds needed without having a cosigner to their loan applications.College funding today is not simply a matter of turning to one single source of finance for the majority of students but is a matter of creating a portfolio of funds from various different sources.The first action for every student must be to try to find scholarships and grants. Far too many students simply ignore this source of effectively free money altogether and yet it is surprising just how many scholarships and grants are available today. In a lot of cases of course the sums of money in question are reasonably small but nonetheless can be very useful as one part of your total funding plan.The next source of funding should be federal loan funding through schemes such as Stafford and Perkins loans which you can get as both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Perkins loans especially useful because of their low rate of interest but are also the hardest loans to get and require a student to demonstrate particular financial need.Regrettably at this point although you will have begun to build your portfolio it is unlikely that this will give you enough funds and you will now need to begin casting your net wider and will have two paths to follow.If you can get the help and support of either a parent or guardian then they can apply for a federal student PLUS loan to cover the shortfall between the money you have been able to find yourself and the overall cost of attending college. Student PLUS loans are conditional upon the guardian or parent having a reasonable credit rating but the requirements are generally not as stringent as those which would be applied by a private lender.If you do not have a guardian or parent you can turn to or simply decide to go it alone then you will need to seek a private loan and just how easy that will be will depend to a large extent on your personal credit history. In the majority of cases private lenders will be quite happy to offer you a loan as long as you have a good credit rating and will require you to have a cosigner if you do not have a credit history against which they can make their decision or have a bad credit history. However, with more and more people with a poor credit history nowadays there is also an increasing number of private lenders who are prepared to offer loans without the requirement for a cosigner and so it is simply a question of shopping around.A bad credit loan with no need for a cosigner will of course be more expensive than a normal good credit loan although if you take your time and shop around carefully you will find a loan at a fair rather than extortionate interest rate.

Business School

Business schools teach science, technology, information technology be used in the company. Business Technology students learn to build, repair and maintain channels of communication for companies, such as computers, software, networks, web applications and telecommunications.Business technology sector, which is an ongoing maintenance of new technologies and the use of better quality. Business Technology students acquire the necessary skills for a career as a systems analyst, programmer, special assistance, or the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to prepare. Technical experts should have a thorough knowledge of the enterprise communication systems. Employers want candidates for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with focus on information technology or a diploma in management systems. Previous experience of working in connection with information technology increases job possibilities.Business technology is a lucrative field, where the annual salary is $ 85 000 and $ 107, 000, depending on experience and training tool. If a technical understanding and a willingness to work of art you find in business courses at the local university. For more information about the schools of Business Technology [] online and Technology Business School, please visit our website for more information thoroughly and resources.DISCLAIMER: For a overview and does not necessarily correspond to certain practices to get courses and / or services specifically for the school (s) that are reported or not SchoolsGalore 2007th com.Copyright – All rights reserved a positive connection with Communications, Inc. Notice: Publishers are free to use this article on an ezine or website as long as the article is reproduced in its entirety, including copyright and disclaimer remain, and all links intact and active .

Business Career

To succeed in business, you need innovation and creativity. If you choose in the business world of work, which means that it invests its own success and the success of the organization operates. However there are areas of economic activity, if it exists. Their creativity and personal vision of a society have to improve, to love what you do. Thus, this region’s best abilities and personality, here are a few races, and methods of instruction available anywhere in the world business.AccountingAccounting is a measure of financial information used primarily by managers, investors, tax authorities and other stakeholders to ensure the financing of businesses, organizations and government agencies. The accounting is also known as “the language of business.” Financial assets and financial management and information management research taxationBusiness ethics this distribution rules and ethical principles to add in a commercial context, the various moral and ethical issues that might arise in a corporate environment and the special responsibilities or obligations in respect of workers and trade : Jobs in the field of accounting can be found. The business world, an era of corporate social responsibility so that those who study business ethics has a highly demand.Financial Financial Analyst as financial analysis. Analysts who work as analysts and financial analysts in banks, insurance companies, mutual funds and pension funds, investment companies and other businesses and help companies or their clients make investment decisions. Investment analyst for consumer lending perform “balance sheet analysis” research their financial statements and information on the consequences of its human resources related resources risks.Human credit to people, businesses and NGOs, the judge with the people. Human resource management in support of these tasks: recruitment (recruitment), compensation, promotion, evaluation and management (efficiency), reporting on the planning and management. And the responsibility of government human resources to implement these measures effectively, manner.Industrial legal, fair and consistent and organizational dynamics Whenever people interact in organizations, many factors play an important role in organizational studies attempt to understand and model this factors. Like all social sciences, management of the organization by trying to predict the control, and to explain. Study the dynamics of the organization is important in the world economy, when people have different origins and cultural values, work effectively together. Subfields in the field of organization, organizational development and organizational development, organizational design information SystemsOriginally of computer science, systems management has become an integral part of any business. Many companies have created a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who sits on the board. Since the objective of the company increasingly focuses on product knowledge point of strength information, the company is an enterprise computing infrastructure. Jobs are in information systems: strategy and information systems, information systems, Management Information Systems Development Marketing Marketing is the process of planning and implementation of the concept, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, services, organizations and events to create and maintain reports on the individual and the organization’s goals. American Marketing Association defines marketing as “organizational functions and creating a set of procedures, communication and added value for customers and managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.” Marketing career include: advertising and public relations, market research, product management, profit and retail.

Online School of Information Systems

These include information systems, development and application of technologies for the implementation of programming languages ​​are used in general business conditions. Telecommunications equipment, all schools offer courses that prepares the integration of systems management and computer systems technician information.An online education students for careers in systems analysis, programming and technical support to activate. Language training school offers advanced technical knowledge of information systems professionals need to pursue a career in information systems, the responsibility business.Online schools closed the design of information systems and computer networks, computer programs in C + + or Java to facilitate supply, the definition , management and systems approach to corporate environments and maximize the opportunity, operating systems. Information online students can learn at their own pace, without the current job. Students can earn associate’s degree and Master of IT systems. Some schools offer certificates online distance education emphasized in Information Systems Research, the Tour technology.If interested in a profitable and exciting career in information systems, and to examine options: www.schoolsgalore systems. com http:// and the search for information on the school network [], colleges and universities, education and training needs.DISCLAIMER: the review and may or may non-specific practices, courses and / or services with a school (s) reflect connected or not. Copyright 2006 – All rights reserved
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Student Loans Are Disappearing, Now How Do You Pay For College?

The credit crunch has already taken many victims during these Recessionary times but now parents and students are affected. Sallie Mae the nation’s largest student loan lender has reported very distressing news. They can’t continue much longer to write student loans unless they get help from the Federal government.In the first quarter of 2008, Sallie Mae reported a $104 million loss and fell short of Wall Street’s expectations. Like residential mortgages, student loans are packaged into securities and sold to investors. The problem is that amidst our credit strife, the demand for this kind of debt has fallen dramatically even though the majority of student loans carry a federal guarantee and is highly rated.If the Federal government doesn’t step in soon then parents and students could be finding themselves without a way to pay for tuition. “Our current economic situation has people strapped for liquidity. The cost of living is going up and people are struggling to stay afloat. People have tapped out their credit cards, available loans and salary and are now pushed into a financial corner”, said Ben Peterson successful entrepreneur and author of “$500 Startup”.The Recession is expected to get worse and now with the troubled student loan industry, a rise in student drop out is expected. More than 50 student lenders have stopped making federally guaranteed student loans until something changes.”Parents and students need to re-evaluate how they fund a college education. Utilizing the power of the Internet and the 21st century, people can create a new revenue source by starting an online business. You can do it with less than $500 immediately,” said Ben. He brings up an important point of finding new revenue streams to help pay the bills. His idea is that parents and students can start a company even part time and pay for college.He is offering his book for free (digital version/limited time) at the following website []. It is a step by step guide to starting your own online business with $500. As families struggle with rising costs in everything from gas, food and now college, they need to consider how to create additional streams of revenue. He is donating his book as a way for families to get out of debt or develop the money to send kids in school.The Recession and student loan crisis really brings everything into question. How we got here is another story but we can’t be a strong society with fewer people attending college.

Thoughts on Paying For College Beyond Just Loans

You’ve made it through all of it – high school, prom, applications – and now you have finally been accepted into the college of your dreams. Move over mom and dad, it’s time to hit the college road. The only question now is, how do you plan to pay for your education?If you are like most newly accepted college students, you probably plan to apply for a number of student loans in order to help with those payments. And, let’s be realistic here. You probably plan to go for the maximum amount of money just in case you have to spend a bit on, um, books.While this strategy is one that is adopted by nearly every college student on the planet, more students than ever before are graduating with a boat load of debt. How much debt? Roughly seventy percent of all college students these days rack up around $20,000 worth of student loan debt.This number may not seem like much to you now, but it will seem like a lot when you start getting those repayment bills four years from now. Four years seems like a long way away, doesn’t it? Make no mistake about it, those four years fly by far too fast leaving you with a lot of hefty bills.So, how can you avoid this horrid fate? Well, choose your loans (and loan amounts) wisely. Should you have any amount of money currently save up, use this money to pay for some of that tuition prior to applying for loans. You may be a bit skeptical about spending this money on loans, but it is worth it.Should you have a decent job that you plan to hang onto in college, try and pay for your courses one by one without applying for loans. If you are spending your pay check as soon as you get it, now is the time to realize that you must start saving some of that money.You’re young, free, and ready to experience life, so you don’t have to save all of the money that you work hard for (after all, you do want to enjoy those college years too). Still, save enough to cover your courses, books, and tuition if you can. This way, the accrued debt will be a lot less when you graduate.It may be hard to think of those inevitable student loan bills now, but when those four years are up you will be glad that you did. Enjoy your college years, get a great education, and find a superb job that you love. Just don’t wind up owing more than you can handle when you graduate.

Should College Loans Be a Hindrance to Education?

In today’s professional world, higher education has evolved into a social norm. If you want to earn more money, you have to go to school longer and build up your credentials. In fact, a bachelor’s degree in today’s culture is equivalent to a high school diploma years ago. Of course, pursuing post high school education involves more than grades, and ambition, it is heavily influenced by financial capacity.Many high school graduates, even the top ranked students, are forced to take on blue collar jobs because of financial constraint. Sure, there are many scholarships available, but are fairly limited. Now, issues arise with the role the government should play in assisting students in continuing their education to strive for their dreams. Many people are failing to look at the financial rewards, as well as other perks of getting a higher level education. Many students want to avoid taking out loans, but are they really that burdensome down the road?Just imagine you’re an average kid that just graduated from high school. You got into an average university but cannot afford the tuition. You don’t qualify for any scholarships or grants. Now what? Do you feel too intimated by loans? You shouldn’t be and here’s why.In the long run, most people work to earn money to support their families. Well the good news is that there is a strong correlation between education and earnings. In fact, this correlation is true for ALL racial groups and men AND women. Well what if I start working immediately out of school, won’t that be financially better than going to school for at least four years and paying all that tuition? WRONG! Studies show there is an increasing earnings gap between high school graduates and college graduates. Thus, the life time earnings of an average college graduate far exceeds the life time earnings of an average high school graduate, even taking education costs into consideration. So financially, you are well off.What else can you get from a college degree? Studies show that low unemployment rates and poverty levels are linked to higher education. Basically, the government is able to collect more tax revenue from you, but you’re still able to live a happy, healthy live. With more government support, comes more societal gain and increased quality of life since the public sector is able to support its citizens, including you. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a genius, these studies pertain to the average person.Let’s look at numbers. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the average after-tax income, in dollars, is as follows:Professional Degree – 74,500
Doctoral Degree – 59,500
Master’s Degree – 46,600
Bachelor’s Degree – 39,000
Associate Degree – 31,500
Some College – 29,000
High School Graduate – 24,900
Some High School – 18,800As you can see, there is an upward trend with education. The difference between a high school graduate income and college graduate income is almost 57%. Now you ask, I cannot afford college; I would have to take out a loan. Data by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that cumulative life time earnings net of loan repayment of a college graduate is close to 33% higher than a high school graduate.In fact, analysis by The College Board shows that “by age 33, the typical college graduate who enrolled at age 18 has earned enough to compensate for borrowing to pay the full tuition and fees at the average public four-year institution, including interest on student loans to cover those charges, and earnings forgone during the college years.” Along with financial gain, studies show that jobs for college graduates cover a greater percentage of health insurance.These days, at least from my experience with friends of mine who took out loans, they aren’t very costly. Some companies will offer you interest free loans for years after graduation, and only charge a fixed cost, say $500 for the service. So instead of paying a ridiculous amount, say nearly 1.5 times the initial tuition, your only paying about .5% more (the average private four year tuition is about $25,000 per year).Of course, you may easily think of examples that show the contrary. Remember, this analysis is based on an average. There will of course be exceptions, which are most likely outliers, and represent an extremely small percentage of the population. As long as you have the ambition to complete your education, your investment will pay off. Think of education as an investment, not expenditure.People will say your undergraduate degree means nothing, but in reality, it has a lot of value. Your career path may be nothing compared to the writing on your degree, but it carries wealth, prestige, and a respectable quality of life.