Shopping and Birding in Miami

South Florida and Miami in particular is a magnet that draws shoppers from South & Central America and the Caribbean. It seems as if at every neighborhood in the city there is a mall and there is variety in the malls. There are strip malls, regular malls, outlet malls. Shopping in Miami is year round but seems to reach a fever pitch on the 3rd Friday in November which is the day immediately after the American Thanksgiving holiday. Known as Black Friday because the hordes of shoppers are expected to drive retailers into the black (profit). Black Friday is a day of deep discounts that marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. At some malls shopping starts at midnight, while at others the shopping begins at 5am. As soon as the stores open the hordes descend.South Florida is also a magnet for migratory and Neotropical birds. Located along the Atlantic Flyway, Florida is in the pathway of birds migrating from their summer breeding grounds in northern and central U.S.A. to their winter grounds in Central or South America and the Caribbean. For some species Florida is their winter home. An abundance of ponds, lakes and waterways means that Florida is especially good for waterbirds.This dual magnetic force means that during Thanksgiving you can combine two passions; shopping and birding. Or husbands can accompany wives to the mall and while the wife shops the husband indulges in some bird watching. Dolphin Mall located on NW 12th Street off the Florida Turnpike is a good location. The Mall has a huge selection of stores with a wide variety of items. The mall also has two ponds along 12th Street next to the mall parking lot. Among the birds that can be seen in those ponds are Anhingas, Coots, Grey Herons and Snowy Egrets.At other malls, the desire to introduce greenery into an asphalt and concrete jungle has resulted in trees around and within parking lots. These trees have in turn attracted various bird species. So simply wandering the parking lots gives you the opportunity to see different species of birds.Even if you do not go near the malls on Black Friday, it is easy to indulge in bird watching in South Florida. The numerous lakes and ponds in residential areas attract birdlife particularly waterfowl. Among the most easily seen Florida waterfowl are Double-crested Cormorant, Pied-billed Grebe, Common Moorhen, Green (Green-backed) Heron and the most common waterfowl found in Florida’s suburban areas, Muscovy Ducks. The Intracoastal Waterway and other canals along the highways and roads are also good locations for spotting avian life and it is easy to stop at an attractive spot. For the more dedicated birdwatcher South Florida has numerous state and national parks.So when next you are planning a trip to South Florida, remember, you can combine shopping and bird watching.

How to Get a Miami Home Equity Line of Credit

Home equity lines are an extremely beneficial way of borrowing a loan, wherein one takes a loan against their Miami home. The home serves as security, against the loan amount. To have a home in a popular city like Miami is an added advantage. The lenders are assured that their credit is safe as Miami is a hot favorite with tourists from all over the world. The buyers too are assured of high returns on their investment, owing to the sound economy of Miami.Advantages Of Home EquityHome equity lines of credit have many advantages over a regular loan. It gives you the flexibility of borrowing a large sum of money according to your need. You can easily access the funds, as and when you need them. This way you and other Miami home owners can save money by paying interest only on the amount borrowed. Most of the times, the interest is also tax deductible, which means, you save more money.Home Equity Lines – Some DrawbacksHome equity lines also have some shortcomings. As this is not a fixed loan, the rate of interest can change anytime. Thus, the payments also change. Interest rates are high as compared to a fixed loan, but that is the price you pay for the flexible nature of this loan. This may make it difficult to refinance your first mortgage.You must also know that the amount that you can borrow on your Miami home is calculated in a certain way, which may differ marginally from lender to lender. A percentage (set at 75% to 80%) of the assessed value of the house is taken. From this amount your remaining dues in mortgage are deducted. The amount reached at, is the available line of credit for your Miami home. This available limit varies from one client to another in accordance with their capacity to pay back the loan.Before deciding to opt for home equity lines, you must ascertain whether the cost you are paying is well-worth it, in terms of the benefits that you are getting. The conditions laid down by the financial organization should fulfill all your requirements and at the same time, not pose excessive financial burden on you. If these things are not taken care of, you will fail to make your payments on time.Your Miami home is your most precious asset, don’t lose it.