Should You Wait Until Black Friday?

I must admit that I am guilty of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. While not a true trooper (I don’t spend the night), I do wake up super early and try to hit the stores shortly after they open. Basically this means that those $100 computers will be out of reach for me. But there are other deals to be had.The real question is whether it is worth waiting in line for the cheap computers, otherwise known as “doorbusters”. These doorbusters are deals that are too good to be true and are only available in limited quantities.Before the explosion of the internet and eBay in particular, regular folks actually had a chance at getting one of these good deals. After all, people in line were getting something for themselves. But now online auctioneers are out in droves on Black Friday. Getting a great deal on the Friday after Thanksgiving. If they can get a good deal and resell at a profit then why not wait in line?So what does that mean to the rest of us? Should we just give up or should we try and brave the crowds? What I have found is that the big ticket items with the biggest discounts are sold out quickly. But items of lesser value are more readily available later into the day. I usually find some great prices on technology media like memory cards, mini dv tapes, cd’s , dvd’s, and the like. Deals on clothing, and non-technology items are also easier to find.A little prep work goes a long way in getting what you want. Making a list ahead of time of the stores you want to visit, and the items that you plan to buy from each store is essential. Also deciding the order in which you will visit stores will help keep the morning organized and running smoothly – this is especially key if you are shopping with other people as they will have their own list of priorities.One little known secret is that many online retailers also try to get in on the hype and offer their own sales. So if you would rather shop from the comfort of home then hit the internet running and you may find a few steals while everyone else is at the mall. And this is even before Cyber Monday.As for me, I honestly enjoy the spirit of comraderie and competition that I find in the wee hours of the morning on the busiest of all shopping days. And the best part is heading out for a hot breakfast after we are completely tuckered out.

Cyber Monday Shopping Deals

This is the time of the year when we begin to get into the holiday spirit. We begin to reflect on what we have done through out the year. We start to think about what we are going to do during this holiday season.We think about the people that we have not seen all year. We begin to wonder what those family members will look like after a whole year of not seeing them. Some people start to make their travel plans while others begin to prepare for people to come visit them at their home.When you think about the people that you love you begin to think about what you should buy them for a gift. Most of us feel obligated to buy things for everyone that we love but we can not always afford to get something for everyone. When you take advantage of the big holiday sales it makes it more affordable.This is why most people wake up extra early the day after thanksgiving. For some people this is fun and for some folks this is just a big hassle. Black Friday has become old fashioned.For those of us that would like to take advantage of the great deals of Black Friday but just do not want to get up early and fight with the madness that takes place in the stores there is an answer.
The answer is called Cyber Monday.Cyber Monday is when all of the stores offer huge discounts on their website. This is a way for us to get the same great deals without having to leave our home. If you have not had a chance to researce this amazing holiday shopping experience I will give you some resources to get you started.Happy Holidays,Ben Povlow

Network Marketing Success – Make it Black Friday Every Day

The day after Thanksgiving in the US signals the beginning of the end – the mad shopping frenzy that beats a path to Christmas Day and leaves a trail of exhausted shoppers in it’s wake.For most Home Party consultants, however, the holiday season is quickly winding down, and many consultants find themselves in a slump from around December 9 through the end of the year. In fact, many consultants – and some companies – close their doors for the last two weeks of the year – despite the potential for additional sales, parties and possible recruits.Black Friday shouldn’t be a one-day-of-the-year occurrence. Retailers pin their profit dreams on the single biggest shopping day of the year – and many find their dreams dashed on the rocks if sales aren’t all they imagined.What can you do to make your sales cycles more consistent? What can you do to make every day Black Friday – that is, more profitable?Diversify. Don’t pin all your hopes on one show on your calendar – or one month (or day) of the year. Every day that you have a show, your office is “open for business”.Consistency. Touch your business regularly. Have business hours – even if it’s only one hour a day. People like consistency and prefer to do business with you when they know what to expect.Over-deliver. Rather than slash your prices to the absolute rock-bottom – or create a loss leader for yourself to pull in more sales, consider adding more value to your customer’s purchase. Perhaps free training on the proper use of a product, or a special recipe, or hand-written thank-you note. Not a coupon. Coupons are NOT value added. Coupons imply that the customer must spend money with you AGAIN in order to get the benefit. Give value, get loyalty.Consistency. Say you’re going to do something. Do it. Then do it again, just like you said you would.Accept nothing less than the best for your clients. Notice that many of the companies going out of business over the 2008 holiday are the low-price competitor. Price is a minor consideration in the customers eye. If the value of the offer is 10-100 times greater than the cost of the investment, the customer will buy.Consistency. There’s nothing like getting what you expect time and time again. McDonald’s is McDonald’s is Mcdonald’s. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all. Just like Krispy Kreme.Reward your best customers. Give repeat buyers an additional incentive to continue shopping with you. It is far easier to keep a client than it is to gain new ones. Invest some of your advertising budget in client retention.Consistency. It may be redundant, but it’s important to be consistent in your business.Serve ALL your markets. Do you have clients that prefer to shop online or in person? Don’t ignore them. Use direct response mail and email to reach out to your customers in the way they want to be reached.Consistency. Need I say more?Building a profitable home party / network marketing business is a bit like dollar-cost averaging. If you do the same amount of work every day, over time you’ll see a greater return on your investment. Some days may be up, and others down, but if you’re consistent in building your business the RIGHT way, you’ll be ahead of the curve at the end of the year, and every day can be Black Friday.© 2008 Lisa Robbin Young. All Rights Reserved.

Black Friday’s A-Comin’!

Yes. It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving and the preparations for the coming Christmas season. And of course… Black Friday!Why would they call something so positive “Black”? Merchants all over the United States plan for weeks to provide shoppers the best discounts possible. And shoppers plan for weeks where they will start and finish while trying to hit every merchant that has the products they wish to purchase.Maybe that’s why the call it “Black Friday”. Merchants are losing margins on their products (although they make up for that with the additional sales. And the buyers are fighting for position to get the very best products for the best price of the year.But you know, it doesn’t have to be like that for shoppers.Did you know that most on-line merchants are offering Black Friday deep discounts as well?That’s right!Instead of fighting your way to the rack of cruise wear for your vacation you can simply go on-line to your favorite merchants and make your special purchases at rock-bottom prices. From swim wear to outer wear; from intimates to coats; from shoes to hats you can get everything you need and want without the hassle of the crowds.No more driving all over the county to find what you want just to fight your way through the crowds… AGAIN!Some on-line merchants are even extending Black Friday through the whole week-end. And you can shop twenty-four hours a day. No nasty weather. Let the rains come; let the snow and sleet create havoc on the roads. You do not have to deal with Mother Nature’s moods.Selection on-line for Black Friday can be better on-line than from “brick and mortar” merchants as well. They are not limited by using storage space for display space. Some even can ship direct from the manufacturer.And to start off with they don’t have the high overhead of a brick and mortar store’s choice location’s rent. Their choice location is right in front of your computer!Want to shop for a sexy teddy or that skimpy bikini but don’t like the gawking looks you get from other shoppers? No problem with those leers here. You are shopping from the comfort and privacy of your own home while receiving the deepest Black Friday Discounts!

Using Credit Cards to Get More Out of Black Friday Sales

For many people, Black Friday shopping is a ritual. They start on Thanksgiving by getting the circulars that are advertising the sales that will be offered Friday morning. Many people then set up a plan to camp out at those stores, sometimes in freezing temperatures, so they can be the first in line when it comes time to shop and get the limited specials.There is a better, and warmer way to get in on great holiday sales. Use your credit cards.Learn What Your Credit Card OffersMany credit card companies have seasonal specials of their own hoping you will make your holiday purchases on their cards. Take a little time out today to log on to your credit card company website and look for any of the specials they are advertising. You may find a list of stores they are working with to offer something a little extra on your Black Friday shopping. Perhaps they will offer double or triple points or cash back for the purchases you make with your card through select stores.Find the Black Friday DealsNext you need to do a little research to find out what Black Friday deals are out there for you to take advantage of. Make a list of the ones that you are most interested in. Now see if any of those stores are also companies that your credit card company is offering a special savings with. This way you can double or triple up on rewards when it’s time to buy.Start ShoppingOne thing you need to remember when it comes to Black Friday sales is that they start at the crack of early. Generally they begin at 12:01 A.M. on Friday morning, so you need to stay up late (or get up real early) to make sure you can get in on the online deals before they are sold out.Cyber MondayJust in case you don’t get all the shopping you had hoped to done on Black Friday, there is also Cyber Monday shopping. The Monday after Black Friday has become the biggest day for Internet sales of the year and many companies will be offering special sales this day as well.

Top 10 Tips to Help You Survive Black Friday

1. Arrive to the stores earlyLines at the stores usually start forming as early as 3 PM Thanksgiving Day. If you are after the limited quantity items, you need to be in this line. Some stores hand out vouchers an hour before the doors open. If you don’t get that voucher, you probably won’t get the merchandise.2. Park close to an exitFind a parking spot at a local store that is not open for Black Friday. This way, you won’t be stuck in the big rush of people coming in and out of the main store.3. Dress warm and comfortable. This is not a fashion show.The people in line don’t care what you look like. Ladies, leave the heels at home. Guys, don’t fix your hair, your going to be wearing a hat anyway. Even if by some miracle, it’s 50-60 degrees outside, it gets really cold when you’re in line for 8, 10, or even 12 hours. A thick coat, thermal underwear, and a nice pair of gloves will help keep you warm. Two layers of socks and comfortable tennis shoes are a must.4. Divide and ConquerWhat better way to plan your attack than at Thanksgiving dinner? Spread out the ads between family and friends, decide who is going to what store and make a list of what everyone wants. Each person buys everyone’s items and then you all meet up afterwards.5. Shop OnlineMany of the sale items will be available at the same Black Friday price online Thanksgiving Day. Purchase as many items as you can online starting Thanksgiving morning at midnight, and get the remainder Friday morning.6. Make a “Dry Run” the night before ThanksgivingAbout an hour before the store closes on Wednesday, go to the store and spot where everything is that you want to buy. Some stores, especially Best Buy, set up a checkout maze consisting of 4 foot high DVD players, TV’s, and other miscellaneous merchandise. One wrong turn could easily cost you an extra 45 minutes in the checkout line.7. Leave the kids at homeUnless you’ve taught your kids to get the deal no matter what (which is probably bad parenting anyway), leave the kids with a babysitter or family member. There are a lot of people at the stores that will be more willing to trample your child than help them off the ground. Standing in line for 10 hours is not fun for an adult, what do you think it’s like for a child?8. Protect your moneyAlthough big sales attract loads of shoppers, they also attract loads of thieves. Ladies, leave your purse at home. Bring your ID, credit cards and/or cash and keep it close to you. Guys, with 2-3 layers of clothing, it’s harder to feel a thief lift your wallet while you’re not paying attention. Keep your wallet in your front pocket.9. Make friends with others standing in lineHaving a good conversation with someone standing in line can pass the time fairly quickly. Not to mention, if you have to run to the bathroom because you just drank an entire pot of coffee. Your new found friend will probably be willing to hold your place in line, especially if you’re willing to return the favor.10. DON’T bring alcohol to a shopping frenzySure, adding a little something extra to your coffee may seem like a good idea, but there are police officers standing at every corner. They walk up and down the line to see what people are doing. They won’t have any problem hauling your butt off to jail because you decided to handle line jumpers your own way.If fighting the crowds is not your style, you can always buy many of the items on your wish list online. Many shoppers don’t realize that beginning Thanksgiving Day around midnight, retail stores automatically adjust the prices to reflect Fridays’ sale. Simply purchase what is available online, and then decide if you want to pick them up later in the day, or pay a little extra to have it delivered to your front door.

Top 5 Black Friday 2008 Websites

Are you ready for Black Friday? Friday November 28, 2008 is Black Friday, the day when merchants offer doorbuster deals. Before you start your holiday shopping, check out this Top 5 list and discover the best Black Friday deals.1. – Black Friday 2008 has over 50 companies in their database, including Costco, Burlington Coat, JC Penny, RadioShack, and Office Max. Stay updated with the Black Friday newsletter and come out a winner with their daily give-aways.2.
Traditionally, Black Friday actual printed ads come with your newspaper on Thanksgiving Day. In some areas they will be in the paper on Wednesday or on Black Friday itself. However on you can find these specials in advance so you can set your shopping list, and plan your day. This site provides lists of the ad items including links to the item pages on store web sites when available. Looking for a special item? Check the forum and get helpful advice from super shoppers.3.
DealInfo has deals for the online shopper as well as for those of you that like to touch your merchandise and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Pre-Thanksgiving, pre-black Friday, Black Friday and Pre-cyber Monday sections.4. has an online slant to the deals featured and includes coupons and specials for Cyber Monday. While Black Friday is a very popular shopping day when bargains are most prevalent, there are a lot of items you may be able to pick up well before the big day hits. DealTaker’s discussion forum has a constant flow of about 30-40 (or more) great deal items every day, many for a fraction of the normal is one of the most popular sources of black Friday sale information. The website has been featured on various TV channels, newspapers, radio stations and magazines. TheBlackFriday has specials for The Disney Store, Old Navy, Wal Mart, Staples, TJ Maxx, Pep Boys, and lots more.

Shopping Mysteries Solved – Why Is It Called Black Friday?

In the United States Thanksgiving traditionally falls on the last Thursday in November. It is a day of feasting, visiting, and relaxing. And in recent years many people have ended the day – not by rolling into bed – but by standing in line. For most stores and retailers the day after Thanksgiving is the official kick off to the holiday shopping season. To draw in the crowds they offer massive discounts and some incredible sales. But there is a catch.Quantities are limited and the best sales are only available in the wee hours of the morning. The result is a frenzied throng of shoppers braving the brisk November air, just waiting for the stores to open. Ok – so you get the picture. But what does any of this have to do with the color black? The most well known explanation has to do with accounting – of all things.When a company operates at a loss – people say that it is in the “red”. This is because negative numbers are usually written in a red color. The opposite is true as well. When a company operates at a profit – we say it is in the “black”. In the retail business – many stores operate at a loss for most of the calendar year. They make the bulk of their money during the holiday season. This is when shoppers are in the spending mood – buying gifts for others and a few things for themselves as well. Because the day after Thanksgiving is now the biggest shopping day of the year – this is the day when stores will start the transition of going from the red into the black.This was not always the case.History has shown that the term was used as early as the 1960’s but with a much different connotation. It seems that law enforcement officials would use the term in a negative sense because this day always resulted in increased traffic congestion. Of course, storekeepers did not take well to this definition. They did not want customers to stay away to avoid crowds. So they propagated the accounting relationship – and lucky for them it stuck. So this year on the day after Turkey Day – as you wait outside in the freezing cold weather, you can turn to the person next to you in line and impress them with your knowledge of Black Friday trivia.

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