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When I was asked to play social city by a friend of mine, I was skeptical. Yes, you can Facebook games are more addictive for some, puzzle games especially, but simulators? But after hearing that Playdom was the only developing the game, I have my doubts aside and try to play Thurs instead.Game is fairly easy to learn for your first social city out of the game with a limited amount money and the tutorial provides a brief introduction to how the game works. The interface allows you to get to build what you want and how you organize your small town in the first level of game.As the mayor of your new city, you are responsible for the collection of the population of your city, keep your citizens happy and manage the funds of the city in a small town in a megalopolis. Sounds easy? In fact, after a few minutes into the game, I rotated the major aim mechanics.One game play is to increase the population to increase your new city and the mayor, you mustbuild a residential neighborhood for your people to stay (for the Social City, it seems that you draw your citizens rather than forming from the nearby city or cities that are not really rare) and they are somehow feel more like a game of war strategy games like command conquer, rather than the standard city simulator. Train citizens … sounds like a citizen military me.Once city enough to live in your town whose mayor, it is your duty to keep them happy and productive with the construction of theaters, fast food and entertainment. The interface is able to build your city / town to manage quite easily, because it is divided into categories (housing, factories and leisure). Is this a problem I found during my time in the city social, as well as the buildings are very well trained, there are no options to clear, if you turn to them. I hope that this function can Playdom implement, as I may, is a better place my structure in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimproving the social city map.One I notice is the slowness with which they congregate resources during the match. As mayor, you do not collect taxYour beloved citizens. Instead your main source of income is from order entry and production of various goods in your work area (food, clothing high-tech gadgets). Everything you produce this takes time, and you have to invest something in before you can see your return. I like the way Playdom add realism to the game, but I wish I could suck some hard-working taxpayers some money. I am the mayor, after all, and it’s my job to keep the city running and I could.Also, I realize, is that more than a few friends need to grow with you to play for you or spend your land. The more people in your list of friends in the large estate, you can buy. I find this frustrating, a little early because I know I can create a host of friends to play this game, but I have yet to send one another, asking to be my neighbors. Playdom hope you will add it automatically and easily with this feature I could save myself the trouble of sending the invitation manually.GraphicsFor a flash game on the Internet, I amreally surprised that he did Playdom. Once you look, you will be impressed with the way the game is detailed. At first I was this game just a normal city simulator expect with all the buildings on the map. However, I was quite surprised to find a vibrant city with people walking the streets, working in the factory and also spend time in the theater. It is remarkable that a game you sit and look back and admire your creation, like flash game is far from the days of 2D sprites on 3D details models.The gone even go as far as the provision of clouds Floating the small town, can judicial officer patrolling the streets and ordinary people mow their lawn. Now just remember that this game would be more alive to have cars driving through the streets, it would be really cool, is not it? nothing too strong, I can say about the sound quality for this game, because it is like any other flash game with repetitive music is a loop. At least the music is not that annoying, but if you prefer something else, I recommend you muteThe music just to hear your favorite music in the city iTunes.ConclusionI is quite entertaining and all the social games on Facebook is for those who really want to spend their free time playing with it without having to install their system. It can be a bit boring after you run out of cash and wait until you enter the bank credit, but is more fun to learn, if you know how you manage your resources and your city grow as you wish. I would give this game a 3.5 star out of 5.

Essential Guide to Social City – A set of Facebook Playdom

Social City is a brand new set of urban construction Playdom Facebook. Players may different things, buildings, recreational off-road, homes and contracts, the goods must be created, which in turn will give the medal. Since each player to prove that the construction of new levels available. You start with a small range of power can blow you always play with play money or Facebook neighbors.Social City one of the fastest growing set of Facebook apps ever. In the game, the mayor of your own virtual city. The game begins when the player needs of the population, a growing base of your building furiously. If more people are available, a small mark in the view of a house or apartment and will indicate that more people are willing to join your city. Then you click on the icons, so people come and people of your city will grow. This may in some difficult situations with micro management, if your city starts to grow in size and can sometimes slow the game down and eventually frustrating.To money (coins) to start the game, the player must build plants. You canSome plants in the idea, but as you level up more you will be presented. In plants, you need some contracts, access to all products of your goods. You can puffies treaties, slink, tv ‘s, bicycles, President ‘ s and so on, the piece you when it is finished. You also need to use the parts for the manufacture of the goods and they can escape if you are not online and available when the goods are set for delivery. You need to decide which contracts to accept, if you ‘a relaxed casual type of player re the reason why it expires before you can save your money if you do not play. Once the contract is completed, you can choose the factory and start a new population one.Your also need recreational activities and these can be made available buildings, places of sushi, bars, parks, fast food, tennis and basketball, and so on. As your city grows the demand for leisure has also increased so that more of these types of buildings, so please ask all your residents. Leisure buildings must also be raised in time to keep the level of leisure clean,requires an extra click. You can also decorate your city with the increase of the tiles and add routes too.Social City is a fantastic game that Facebook is also interesting to play. Finally, it is free.When you play, you can watch small movements like cornice do people in your different activities. The only downside of the game is the sum of the extremes that your city has to click in order, which, over time, frustrating when you have a large network (city) to hold. You can find hundreds of screenshots to come up with maps and ideas as a guide on how quickly or have as much money as quickly as possible.