MRP vs. ERP (or “Why spend more than necessary, the system of corporate governance?”)

Many companies mistakenly believe to treat the experts or the decision to launch a personal interest in the MRP ERP needs. But what is the difference and where the line between those who need it and who does not? ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning, and this is an information system to resources, information and processes to coordinate within the organization. It consists of interfaces, and database information for all departments within the company. Monitored according to the definition of SRM to a variety of interpretations – the contents of the plan (MRP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP II), later to become the ERP. As ERP systems have evolved, some have strayed from the roots of their production. This led to the introduction of a failure, because the process of selecting an ERP system does not meet the requirements of the company. ERP includes, for example:
Accounting (general ledger, fixed assets, accounting, sales / purchase records, etc.)
Human Resources (payroll, time tracking, training, etc.)
Manufacturing (BOM, quality control, production management, etc.)
Supply Chain (control, inventory, purchasing, planning)
CRM (sales and marketing and customer service)
Project management (administrative costs, time and action)
Data Storage (document management), most of these areas are already covered in whole or in part, the MRP. Usefulness of the ERP is a unique solution for the management structure of the set of the company data and processes. In general, to reduce duplication of data, the data is stored once and the users often have a common interface, reducing training. This solution requires only a single supplier that could open the contradictions of data between different applications. Or at least it’s idea.Any systems – MRP or ERP systems – including protection for the user to ensure that appropriate staff receive the right information. ยง each of the above requires the ability to access read-only block or access.So such as MRP and ERP have to ask, to start? The MRP approach to budgeting, sales, orders, inventory control, purchasing, and all processing of payments, but the traditionally close processes such as CRM and accounting. These lines have blurred in recent years, systems based on similar data structures. Beforehand, MRP, CRM and accounting are each, depending on their database as they are interested, the main changes and advice to journalists in communicating with other systems require. Some systems are now operating systems such as SQL Server is now much easier to create lasting connections, robust information systems. In fact, many companies that have a seamless connection to critical applications such as MRP and accounts.There warnings about it. Statement is used frequently, that “the writer, and offer a unique solution is often a lie. Many by acquiring companies that produce one of the factors (such as CRM) and trying the central system has been integrated developed, is re-branding process to hide its origin. Often the result of a mixture of two or more systems that are not very stable, has a different interface with any other system, nor give a completely open solution, which sucks. ImplementationDue extensive coverage throughout the organization will be problems in connection with the larger ERP MRP defaults, potentially higher risk of failure. Other departments are involved, and information about each workplace should be in a format that can be moved to be treated, provided that this is possible. The whole task can be difficult for some, many of the structures, not by a lack of or improper use of the system. The configuration of the system is very important. Many make the mistake of many of the configuration of existing systems, the major adjustment to the new system is needed and there is the risk of making mistakes, of course, at this stage yesteryear.Of already separated from the money to dozens or even hundreds of thousands can output of the euro, many companies are forced to match companies to customize the system. Despite many achievements in the development of an approach for all applications, the new single, for others it is perhaps too much at once. A flexible system allows companies to set their own pace, rather than forcing them to live in all departments from day to implement. The first of many concepts that are easy to understand, like inventory control or routing before the introduction of all or part of the MRP ordering.After Go liveCompanies not often considered to be the fixed costs of traditional MRP / ERP software are connected. Can not compare them directly off the shelf products such as MS Office, if you pay and use only. When employees leave, their replacement will need to be trained, perhaps in his place. Many require days of training modules. So if a staff member to consider a range of services, a few days off around the clock, and a variety of daily exercise has In addition, you should always fit the system, or create custom reports that often requires consulting service provider. If you want to store and analyze data in different ways, expensive bills can be brought in touch with him. Many service providers by the fact that it does not survive first sale can only be motivated – is a way to generate an annual income from value-added services, training and consulting. Standard to all of the maintenance cost by about 15% -22% of original cost to be charged for the software – more than enterprise software, the high acquisition costs and contracts. summary when, because of the ongoing maintenance of the ERP system on the production of basic skills and the pedigree of the old system to organize your business – from manufacturing. Get the software before buying is much better (and only) way to ensure that the product meets your requirements. If this is not an option, and speak for many customers as possible in the current system. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps the weakness has no effect on the business, but at least I found the best sustainable practices “best in class” have to find jobs. For example, if it exists, the installation of the ERP account or not is less suitable for your business, maybe the best solution is independent of the MRP can interact with each cost factor plays an important role in the -. and have a lower value of M game Scrabble, but the correspondence to select from a computer system that can have a significant impact on the budget, too, without any improvement in the relationship .

Development cycle

[1] by identifying the problems: to develop a proposal for a new information system began a formal request by the problems of existing systems used to operate a mail order and wholesale. Still contains the manuscript, the detailed information about the current object in the field of trade, may be re-classified as one of the three zones., The ability of IT systems, and in this case, re-engineering of business processes, but a by-product. These include: information is the organization of resources is treated with the utmost attention to other resources. This is the cost for the processing of information [2] Feasibility Study connected. The need for a new system is clearly defined in order to identify the problem. Identify customers have not changed most of the business process support systems for years. Others claimed. To improve performance, decided to order some of the key business processes. If two different functions are performed by different people, there are two independent systems in processing plants operate in two different terminals, is seen as a problem. The proposed system is one of the actors presenting the new role of business and of course the terminal and the computer system to support the new feature. [3] for information about the proposed system: for each application to redesign the candidates, in the phase of problem definition, a process is defined with each of them assigned to identify, has been studied in detail
Determine the advantages and disadvantages of the business, operating costs, efficiency, problems arose and the specific functional requirements and technical capabilities that the current system to results.A detailed definition of functional systems and operations of the flow of information across organizational functions in the following way to achieve this existed, in one example, seats}: customer enters an order on how to use the payment method. When a customer order or collected a list of event data types. Information in accordance with the application directory or the contract required information includes a customer name, address, products ordered, shipping address, credit card information. The information in the archives of our customers securely stored environment.b) Sales: are contracts for the sale functions for the transfer function, accounts and manage accounts and send goods to the shops. c) processing customer orders: This includes all activities associated with the processing of customer orders and inventory management company, the current order system so that each employee directly from the keyboard, can simplify the process lifecycle management and improves customer orders. Service and satisfaction for this feature: Run a line of credit to keep detailed records, advise customers to order products directly get in touch with the delivery of goods and invoicing. Analysis of sales and payment history accounts, a valuable tool for This function is responsible for the production of customer invoices, requests for payments for goods or services. Information about this function (for customers and inventory) is produced and hosted generates invoices, usually printed information on a continuous load, depending on the sale of receivables stationery.To request for a public sale. e) Accounting: Financial Accounting is the process of documentation of transactions in connection with the organizations that produce almost all of these materials. This feature also serves as a control mechanism for processing the transaction. Records can be analyzed to provide information about the company’s results in the long term. f) Work:
To receive and pay the wages of workers with the necessary information on taxes and other deductions. To keep them in a manual system for preparing data for payroll and payroll is a huge undertaking. Although tedious and repetitive, it is important task.g) Transaction Processing:
Easily enter customer orders as well as copies of previous orders, delivery and billing address elements automatically turns the partially receipth later delivery), an open consultation:
Send items of information stored, including the current year so far, or all customers, credit reports, records of securities: i) file returns: generating a return of damaged goods and freight, the return of the loan account and generate automatically entries.j payments accounting) and revenues: they can be linked to sales orders or purchase orders. Receipts are the amounts received from debtors. Payments are made to pay off business debts with creditors (suppliers of the company) [4] analysis of the system. Current systems work developed on a commercial basis constitutional society. Proceedings of structures in central and design. Take stock of many of these legacy systems to manage orders, notes and files to individual customer accounts and track merchandise from back payments, but must also transmit information about inventory levels, a relational database. As the transactions directly to a fundamental change in the transition to the importance of information exchange that are not part of the course-based applications to business processes easier to grasp new systems to customer information made [5] The project, part of the system, the technical components and functional elements to be re-evaluated to determine how the system is compatible must be identified in the analysis phase. Coding (if any) information after an inspection is made and debugging.In In this case, the prototype in a simulated environment is a real personal, but found no proven effect on the actual behavior of the old system and still allows the system to safe and appropriate use of information displayed, and the need to act in the future. [6] on the implementation and evaluation: The evaluation phase is completed, all of this, and the final evaluation is to ensure that the installation and use of real data out.First new hardware and software, creating a complete system should be present, plays no role in the operation of additional studies done on all the subsystems in a placement intended. Staff of matter in which the employee participated in the evaluation, but everything else on this level, you can use it is not close to “school”. The new information system should be parallel to work effectively with the past, the company’s operations to the new system to ensure that the operation can not continue to operate if the system detects unexpected complications can be implemented in the last stage. The simultaneous application to be effective in this situation because it is the safest solution, where the old and new systems simultaneously, and the results of the old system is a benchmark that is comparable with the results of a new system for determining the reliability and accuracy the new system [7] is used interview. Performance of the new system must be supervised by the team installing the first weeks of work, if mistakes in planning the operations and if you go to all the original requirements. Set before the installation of recording devices in a continuous power monitoring systems are only used for employees of the company, and any new requirements – support for the renovation / maintenance management and operation service.Formal persons involved must be made anytime, systems development, testing and implementation .

By using the marketing information system for excellence

What is the difference between a good salesman and marketing? The most important is the ability to anticipate market needs and trends to really is the core of marketing. Marketing Manager, to be able to predict whether a question is a piece of luck, the company is. Given these forecasts are based on facts and figures, not emotions. Companies that “smell blood” can (anticipation) and the “go kill” (ready for the next boom in demand), we can always manage to get their hands most of the administrators to help the market. changes in the market and anticipate consumer preferences, requires a robust information system, known as marketing information. Marketing information system to collect the relevant information, organize it into something meaningful recommendations based on these numbers, and stored for future use. All parts of the marketing information system that is missing one of these three units is the only obstacle to business.Among these three elements, the first of which is the most important since the efficiency of the system depends on the availability and accuracy of the information. There are two types of resources typically used for data collection. Basic resources, which makes the company itself, through various media (interviews, observation and consumer behavior, etc.) and secondary resources, which uses an external Web page (eg, research, governmental or professional). All of these measures has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is to be involved in decisions to carefully choose the font, the quality of the information necessary and cost.Then organization that classifies and organizes the information into something big “is useful. When the data were obtained from the basic resources, then the task is to organize the information should not be a big problem, but if a different use of resources, it may take some time in various parts of the data. This was also of high-performance computers and data in the electronic forms.Last results and decisions on the basis of these data stored easier. This is mainly made by management, but the success of these decisions are exclusively on marketing information data. As you can see, the market information system is a prerequisite for important decisions, but many companies continue to function well without MKIS .