College Parents Benefit From “Kiddie Condo Loans”

Despite its relative obscurity, a great investment tool for college bound students is growing in popularity among savvy college parents. The FHA loan program, affectionately nicknamed “Kiddie Condo Loans”, is one of the best programs out there to help jump start a student’s credit and provide a low down payment option for cash strapped parents to purchase a home for their son or daughter.For details on the loan program, I went to Steve Beecham, President of Hometown Mortgage in Alpharetta, Georgia. Steve’s excitement over the program is evident as he explains, “There are few programs, if any, left in the market place where a co-signer doesn’t have to live in the property.” The bottom line is a college bound student can qualify, with a parent’s help, for as little as $500 down.The FHA program actually requires three percent down. However, that three percent can come as a gift from several different places, such as:1. A relative by blood, marriage, or law2. The borrower’s employer3. A charitable organization4. The seller (can give up to six percent)One easy source for the funds might be the Nehemiah Down Payment Grant. This is a charitable organization that will fund up to six percent for the purchase; three percent of which can be used for the down payment and three percent which can be used for closing costs. Your mortgage lender would fill out the paperwork on your behalf. Six percent would be written into the purchase price as a contribution to Nehemiah. The organization in turn, at closing, gives all of it back to the seller, less a $500 contribution from the buyer. So, the net out of pocket from the buyer is the $500.Obviously, there are some ground rules for the program, some of which are:1. At least one of the buyers (usually the college student), must occupy the home. But extra bedrooms can be rented out to help defray the costs of the mortgage.
2. Qualifying guidelines are based on the student’s and the parent’s credit and income. Generally, both parties must have a credit score of at least 580.
3. If it is a condo, then a majority of the condos in the complex must be owner occupied.Also, don’t let the nickname fool you. This program can be used on virtually any property, not just condos. And, it can be used up to a maximum loan amount of $346,000 for homes inside Metro Atlanta.

Business School

Business schools teach science, technology, information technology be used in the company. Business Technology students learn to build, repair and maintain channels of communication for companies, such as computers, software, networks, web applications and telecommunications.Business technology sector, which is an ongoing maintenance of new technologies and the use of better quality. Business Technology students acquire the necessary skills for a career as a systems analyst, programmer, special assistance, or the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to prepare. Technical experts should have a thorough knowledge of the enterprise communication systems. Employers want candidates for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with focus on information technology or a diploma in management systems. Previous experience of working in connection with information technology increases job possibilities.Business technology is a lucrative field, where the annual salary is $ 85 000 and $ 107, 000, depending on experience and training tool. If a technical understanding and a willingness to work of art you find in business courses at the local university. For more information about the schools of Business Technology [] online and Technology Business School, please visit our website for more information thoroughly and resources.DISCLAIMER: For a overview and does not necessarily correspond to certain practices to get courses and / or services specifically for the school (s) that are reported or not SchoolsGalore 2007th com.Copyright – All rights reserved a positive connection with Communications, Inc. Notice: Publishers are free to use this article on an ezine or website as long as the article is reproduced in its entirety, including copyright and disclaimer remain, and all links intact and active .

Student Loan Debt Consolidation

The way that my debts have built up since college, it seems like I have been paying for the fun that I had. I remember how carefree life was. I had a student loan to cover most of my expenses, and a little bit of help from my parents on the side. Life was good until I was through with school. Like many members of my generation, I was unlucky. I graduated just as the dotcom bubble burst. I was highly skilled and constantly underemployed. My student debt grew and grew.I signed up for a student loan debt consolidation, but it did knew very little good. Student loan consolidation rates were too high for me to afford with my current income. There was just nothing that I could do. Finally, something came through for me. I had a friend in the high-tech industry who hooked me up with a job. It was luck, and nothing else. I had the right connections. Suddenly, I could pay for my student loan debt consolidation.I can’t tell you what a relief that was. I came out of college idealistic and eager to tackle the world, but the world was not ready for me. As soon as I entered the workforce, I was completely broke. My education did nothing for me except to make it hard for me to get low end jobs. The high end jobs were not hiring. My student loan debt consolidation had spiraled out of control. I had no money. It’s tough to be hopeless at the age of 25. Getting the new job, along with the student loan debt consolidation, saved my optimism. It’s strange to think how often it just simply comes down to money. Now that I have enough of it, I am fairly happy.If you are facing high student loan payments, I don’t have to tell you that things can be pretty bleak. A lot of the time, the student loan debt consolidation just doesn’t go far enough. If you went to community college or a state school, things might be fine. If, however, you used your student loans to go to an expensive private school, you might be out of luck. Even with student loan debt consolidation, sometimes the payments are too high. If you cannot get a good job, you might be faced with thousands of dollars of debt perpetually hanging over your head. It can get pretty grim.

Online School of Information Systems

These include information systems, development and application of technologies for the implementation of programming languages ​​are used in general business conditions. Telecommunications equipment, all schools offer courses that prepares the integration of systems management and computer systems technician information.An online education students for careers in systems analysis, programming and technical support to activate. Language training school offers advanced technical knowledge of information systems professionals need to pursue a career in information systems, the responsibility business.Online schools closed the design of information systems and computer networks, computer programs in C + + or Java to facilitate supply, the definition , management and systems approach to corporate environments and maximize the opportunity, operating systems. Information online students can learn at their own pace, without the current job. Students can earn associate’s degree and Master of IT systems. Some schools offer certificates online distance education emphasized in Information Systems Research, the Tour technology.If interested in a profitable and exciting career in information systems, and to examine options: www.schoolsgalore systems. com http:// and the search for information on the school network [], colleges and universities, education and training needs.DISCLAIMER: the review and may or may non-specific practices, courses and / or services with a school (s) reflect connected or not. Copyright 2006 – All rights reserved
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There should be a career in Information Systems Management?

Technology is changing the world. The Internet has its applications and the use of changing and constantly moving. The economy is necessary for workers to respond in an intelligent, educated, able to meet the requirements of technology and contradictions. Today, more students choose a career in information technology management. Due to the growing popularity of Internet presence and activity of their position, usually secondary demand.If who wish to pursue a career in management, you need to attend college or technical school. For continuing education and specialized classes, provides information management system. This training prepares you for a career position in a corporate environment. IT training for students in-depth look into the world of computers and technical training that helps them in years. Classes to learn how to effectively manage resources for the technical or commercial organization to develop. These resources provide a competitive advantage company.Many to manage the quality of the software company’s technical resources. Education so that students get a solid understanding of basic principles of management and operation of the basic systems. This type of higher education allows students to improve their skills to a variety of computer and technology environments.The for the functioning of most companies to meet essential. Information systems management courses provide students with the skills necessary to actively work with computers and business decisions. Participants learn the concepts, methods and real applications of information systems and technology industry. Also lead and direct the design and effective use of technology, quality management systems in various areas related to the development of computer fraud and technology.Internet, identity theft, hacker sites, and Web spam is a problem of illegitimate growth of the World Wide Web that focuses on many of these conflicts offered by many universities. These classes help students, potential threats from damaging the site or your identity could be seen. These classes help students learn about the security network security course helps students develop the technical skills environment.Computer to manage techniques, materials and information about the procedure. How to read the practice of Internet security, resilience, risk assessment and the common practice in security. Categories of information technology, students can:
Working and learning in Internet, software and applications,
Acquisition of knowledge and experience in information management systems
Working with multiple networks and programs

Fraud, Internet spam and cybercrime, and spam-like practices
Use technology to research and identify the relationships between information systems and various software programming
Working with his hands in the system of information management and business structures and their relationship
Demonstration of competence and experience in maintenance, planning, implementation and operation of database systems
At the beginning of the change in the overall economic situation and automated actions.

Should College Loans Be a Hindrance to Education?

In today’s professional world, higher education has evolved into a social norm. If you want to earn more money, you have to go to school longer and build up your credentials. In fact, a bachelor’s degree in today’s culture is equivalent to a high school diploma years ago. Of course, pursuing post high school education involves more than grades, and ambition, it is heavily influenced by financial capacity.Many high school graduates, even the top ranked students, are forced to take on blue collar jobs because of financial constraint. Sure, there are many scholarships available, but are fairly limited. Now, issues arise with the role the government should play in assisting students in continuing their education to strive for their dreams. Many people are failing to look at the financial rewards, as well as other perks of getting a higher level education. Many students want to avoid taking out loans, but are they really that burdensome down the road?Just imagine you’re an average kid that just graduated from high school. You got into an average university but cannot afford the tuition. You don’t qualify for any scholarships or grants. Now what? Do you feel too intimated by loans? You shouldn’t be and here’s why.In the long run, most people work to earn money to support their families. Well the good news is that there is a strong correlation between education and earnings. In fact, this correlation is true for ALL racial groups and men AND women. Well what if I start working immediately out of school, won’t that be financially better than going to school for at least four years and paying all that tuition? WRONG! Studies show there is an increasing earnings gap between high school graduates and college graduates. Thus, the life time earnings of an average college graduate far exceeds the life time earnings of an average high school graduate, even taking education costs into consideration. So financially, you are well off.What else can you get from a college degree? Studies show that low unemployment rates and poverty levels are linked to higher education. Basically, the government is able to collect more tax revenue from you, but you’re still able to live a happy, healthy live. With more government support, comes more societal gain and increased quality of life since the public sector is able to support its citizens, including you. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a genius, these studies pertain to the average person.Let’s look at numbers. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the average after-tax income, in dollars, is as follows:Professional Degree – 74,500
Doctoral Degree – 59,500
Master’s Degree – 46,600
Bachelor’s Degree – 39,000
Associate Degree – 31,500
Some College – 29,000
High School Graduate – 24,900
Some High School – 18,800As you can see, there is an upward trend with education. The difference between a high school graduate income and college graduate income is almost 57%. Now you ask, I cannot afford college; I would have to take out a loan. Data by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that cumulative life time earnings net of loan repayment of a college graduate is close to 33% higher than a high school graduate.In fact, analysis by The College Board shows that “by age 33, the typical college graduate who enrolled at age 18 has earned enough to compensate for borrowing to pay the full tuition and fees at the average public four-year institution, including interest on student loans to cover those charges, and earnings forgone during the college years.” Along with financial gain, studies show that jobs for college graduates cover a greater percentage of health insurance.These days, at least from my experience with friends of mine who took out loans, they aren’t very costly. Some companies will offer you interest free loans for years after graduation, and only charge a fixed cost, say $500 for the service. So instead of paying a ridiculous amount, say nearly 1.5 times the initial tuition, your only paying about .5% more (the average private four year tuition is about $25,000 per year).Of course, you may easily think of examples that show the contrary. Remember, this analysis is based on an average. There will of course be exceptions, which are most likely outliers, and represent an extremely small percentage of the population. As long as you have the ambition to complete your education, your investment will pay off. Think of education as an investment, not expenditure.People will say your undergraduate degree means nothing, but in reality, it has a lot of value. Your career path may be nothing compared to the writing on your degree, but it carries wealth, prestige, and a respectable quality of life.