Nikon D7000 Make Your Shooting

Whenever I get a new camera the first thing I do is grab the battery and the memory card and start shooting. What I should be doing is taking the extra time and reading the manual, but that’s not much fun. Instead, I thought, why not make a chapter for people like me who can’t wait to start taking images but don’t want to feel guilty about not setting up their camera first? Here are ten things you can do right now that are going to make your experience with your shiny new D7000 a ton better, from turning on the audible chirp for focusing to getting a feel for ISO settings, white balance settings, image review, focus settings, and several other custom functions that will help you right now. That doesn’t mean I want you to skip over the other nine chapters, because they’re filled with some really good tips, but this is a great starting point.

The D7000 is different from previous models in that many of the controls we use every day are available with a few clicks of a button. You no longer have to drill through two or three menus to make simple adjustments. But don’t worry, for those of you who love menus, they’re still there. I’ll briefly discuss how to adjust settings using the buttons and then discuss some of the custom menu options for those of you looking to tweak your camera a bit.

Poring Over the Nikon D7000

Camera Front

Nikon D7000 Camera Front

Camera Back

Nikon D7000 Camera Back

Poring Over the Nikon D7000

Camera top

Nikon D7000 Camera top