Facebook Face Recognition

Turn off face recognition mode on Facebook now!

Due to ongoing security concerns regarding data collection on the Social Network, Facebook And one of the concerns is Face Recognition that Facebook has brought to facilitate the users if users are friends or other people. Upload our picture to Facebook and there will be a notification to the face owner in that photo for Auto Tags.

This function can be used to prevent the creation of fake Facebook, but it is also a concern that Facebook users use Facebook’s face information to do other things as well. Whether Online Advertising or data theft may occur.

Blograby users who have concerns, as described before, can try to comment. What do you think about Face Recognition, but at least Facebook will try to take responsibility for this issue, which Facebook will use the face to use again or not? But for sure, when we turn this function off, there will be no notification telling us who has uploaded our image again. There are advantages and disadvantages as well.

Details from Facebook as follows