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Ideum, a design company specializing in museum work, developed and sells a library for detecting multitouch and gestures for Flash Professional CS5 and Flash Builder 4.0. Called GestureWorks (see, the library supports all the gestures we have discussed thus far.

GestureWorks provides unique gestures such as flip/flick which calculates acceleration, 3D tilt, and a multitouch gesture scroll. It also supports continuous transitional and concurrent gesturing, which means you can use multiple gestures, such as move, rotate, and scale, simultaneously.

GestureWorks also includes a simulator for testing touch-based interactions within your application if you do not have ready access to touch-based screens. This should facilitate a quicker and smoother development process.

Lastly, GestureWorks comes with many examples, including a Google Maps example which demonstrates the expected gestures when manipulating a map. This will give you a head start if you are interested in applications using geocoding.


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