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This article assumes that you played or how the settlers of Catan investment advice Game.Initial important game, this may seem obvious, but in the first place on the numbers that are often rolled to build. You want to diversify their resources. You have Don ‘t every five years, but only two could be disastrous. Based on a variety of numbers. When all is 6s and 8s and 5s and you have the chance, you ‘s have little or nothing to trade and build with. Even with the same numbers will be a dynamic party / famine that may cause injury. If you get more than 7 cards and then someone rolls a 7, the thief takes half of your resources. And you lose your resources, you can lose, no matter how good your strategy on a is.Build PortIf you are a resource with one or two good numbers (probability) to build the port there. Building the first colony on a port can be risky, because it is usually the port of your second choice, and you ‘ll start with fewer resources. And you ‘ll have five launch sites and all others will have 6. This strategy allows you to get a2:01 traffic, which can really help when others won ‘t build trade you.Only what you know you Canbe only 5 locations (cities and 4). I also know that this is quite simple, but a waste of time for business resources to something that you can ‘t try to strategy.Build is a loss in game one CityEarly players to branch out and build more roads and build colonies. The brick and wood tend to be in high demand. If you are wheat and ore always update a city and get twice as many resources. In addition, cities will earn you more points. The danger of this strategy is that, while others are upgrading the roads and the box can you (see below). Make sure you develop the position in this game is not huge, but it’s important. Range, where you want to build and pay attention to other players ‘intentions. If they go in the same place you are sure you can beat your OCDWhen there.Ignore buy development cards Don ‘t sort heap. The other players determine “possible that a stack of cards you have ever watched. This is a very good sign that theyare Vice-Presidents. Keep your cards in a stack. You can see the point of strategy when other points.Placing Horten ThiefYou victory may be a better market position by strategic placement of your resources are the thief. Block space that have the same resources as an area, and you can corner the market. The scarce resource of your card even more valuable. Pay attention to what other players and get players to steal the resources you need.My One way TipThis strategy tip you might have trouble, but you can help win the game. It could also mean for some people, but it is completely legal. If you drag a Monopoly card and have a lot of developing a trade resource for you things through the task of a resource. You can even find deals to be good to be true. That’s because they end aren ‘t good. After selling out all these resources play Monopoly card and take it all back. I know … simply cruel. Can be done after a couple of times people see it coming, so it may work for somegames.These some tips to help you win the next game The Settlers of Catan to play. You’re going to play again, don ‘t you?

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