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Where can I find an affiliate marketing guide which can show me how to make money working from home? I asked this question when I first started as an affiliate marketer, but there were none, it was all hyped up rubbish “buy this book and I will show you how to be a success on the internet, or let me show you how to create great wealth” yep they saw me coming, and I kept spending, wasting a fortune on a lot of garbage.If you are serious about affiliate marketing then don,t do what I did, learn how to do it the right way, from the very beginning.. Stop buying all those books which only make others rich and put you in the poor house, find and invest in a program which will set you up for success.The Seven Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing1. Do Your Research,The number one cause of failure in online marketing is the lack of research, lack of research is like putting up a web site and hoping for customers to come. marketing campaigns take work and time, don,t waste all your efforts by not doing your research and hoping for the best, you will surely fail. If you don,t know how to research join a membership site like Wealthy Affiliate to get the training you need.There are good and there are bad affiliate programs, check out the affiliate program you are about to promote, do a, search engine search, join forums. Forums are great places to find out what people are talking about, and can help you to decide whether a product you are considering promoting will be worth your time and effort.2. Be Certain About The Product You Want To Promote.If you choose to promote digital products e.g computer software, make sure the product is instantly down loadable , or find out if the product needs to be shipped and will take a few days or longer for delivery, if this is the case make sure that your customers understand what will happen.3. Ask Yourself, Would You Buy The Product?If the answer is no, then don,t promote it, if you don,t like the product chances are you will not be able to sell it, so don,t try.4. Is It A Quality Product?This is where asking the merchant nicely for a, free copy of his product, so you can review it can be really handy, I do this on a regular basis, It saves me money and allows me to evaluate the product for myself and I always do an honest review. Merchants with good products will happily give you a free copy. (guess who did not ask for a free copy of the cookbook without the index)5. Is It A Hot Niche?.Who else is promoting it? If it really is a good product in a hot niche, there should be other affiliate marketers promoting it If no one else is promoting it, be cautious, but don,t forget that it could be a new market no one is yet promoting, so do your research and find out.6. Does The Product Have A Money Back GuaranteeA product that has a money back guarantee is usually easier to market, providing your visitors with the feeling of extra security to buy your product.7. Don,t Get Attached To Your ProductsNew affiliate marketers often become far to attached to their product, partly because they have put so much effort into promoting them, HEAR ME if your product is not making any money DUMP it and find another one to promote.In my search for an affiliate marketing guide I found Wealthy Affiliates who have been my mentors ever since. Thirty bucks a month is a pittance for a teaching and mentoring program of this class

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