Three most important guide to affiliate marketing for beginners

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I’m always amazed at how a newbie can easily start their affiliate marketing business and profiting from it. But here’s a fact that cannot be denied: not all newbies can do that. Most people start with affiliate marketing just to get the big fat zero goose number of commissions. I know how it feels; I’ve been there too.So what creates the difference between a successful affiliate marketer and those who failed? I believe that the answers reside on the right affiliate marketing guide to follow. Now, there’s thousand (or maybe millions) information about profiting with affiliate marketing and each of them claim its the best way to do affiliate marketing. In the end, we are the one who suffers information overload, or we might be jumping from one method to another just to see no differences.As to not giving you another information overload, let me list the three most important affiliate marketing guide that you can follow easily.1) Always do research.As an affiliate marketer, your job is to promote and influence people into buying the products, so we can get our commission. That is why research is so important: and I don’t literally mean keyword research only. You need to know what ticks the customers to buy, what factors that influence them to make the buying decision, and how to direct them to buy.This is easier said then done, but, start slowly and you’ll see result. Start by doing some keyword research first to see how the customer can find the product.2) Focus on one method to generate traffic first.Do not get yourself distracted. Do not get yourself into information overload. Start with one method first, and do it until you see some result.There’s too many methods on how to generate traffic and be a successful affiliate marketer – building a list, starting a blog, do some pay-per-click campaign, start a membership club, do article marketing et cetera. But doing all at once is crazy, and one only have 24 hours per day to do all the job.Don’t buy the next guide that promise you how to make money fast until you make some money.3) Persevere in your promotion to gain more profit.Doing promotion in the Internet is easy, but most people can’t persevere.The Internet can make information spread faster than a virus. Think of this scenario: you find a “secret” guide in Internet promising you how to make money as an affiliate marketer by writing article. How secret can a guide be if thousands person are looking at the same time?Next thing you know, there’s thousand people started to write articles.That’s why you need to persevere, and repeat whatever you’ve started to gain more profit first before jumping into a different method.Say you want to start building your list. You write your emails, you setup your page, and then you write an article to promote your squeeze page.The next day you check whether your bank account has been full with money or not, and you get frustrated when you see there’s nothing at all. And you start to look for another guide. This time you try to do blogging. The same cycle goes on and on; but you’re still not making money!Now think what can happened if you stop frustrating and write more articles to get the promotion going better?There you have it – three quick affiliate marketing guide for newbies to start banking commission as an affiliate marketing. What’s next?

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