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You can find a free Affiliate Marketing guide on just about every street corner of the internet! Unfortunately many guides are only designed to push a product and they don’t really give you a step by step process that works unless you buy the product. The truth is, there is plenty of free information on the internet on how to startup an Affiliate Marketing business. A free Affiliate Marketing guide should assemble this information in a useful manner and should be offered totally free, and not cluttered with product pitches. I think Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic business, and it’s one of the only businesses you can truly start with little or no money.If you are considering utilizing a free Affiliate Marketing guide to start your online business, apply the questions below to determine if it is truly a free guide that offers real value. If you can answer yes to all these questions, then you probably have a fair chance of getting some really useful information to get you started.
Does the guide give you precise steps to start up your Affiliate business with NO money (aside from a computer and internet connection)?
Do you receive the lessons free of spammy type product pitches which distract you from learning the method?
Does the guide point you to free internet resources for things such as article marketing, keyword resources, etc.?
Does the guide offer any free products, or videos?
Does the author seem truly interested in your success?
Do the lessons offer a way to opt-out, and stop receiving the information?
Does the author give you resources to further expand your education and business?
Applying these simple questions should rule out most of the junk that’s out there. I am a firm believer that everyone coming into this business deserves a fair shake and the opportunity to start up their business using free techniques. Most people considering Affiliate Marketing are looking for a way to make money, not a way to waste money. That’s not to say that if a person wants to establish their business faster they can opt to purchase a good product or join a reputable site, but it should be their choice and not a requirement of any free Affiliate Marketing guide.

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