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Today’s mortgage lending environment is becoming more and more difficult for borrower to get approved for mortgage refinance traction. Since the housing market began to turn lenders have started to tighten up their underwriting standards making it harder for borrower to get approved. Fortunately, for veteran borrowers they have two very flexible transaction options to ease the approval process through their own VA home loan program.VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRL)The 1st option is something called a VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRL). This is a loan where the veteran borrower already has a VA home loan and would like to refinance down to a lower interest rate given the current market interest rates. The amazing benefit of this loan is that it’s incredibility easy to get approved. There are no appraisals required so value is not of a concern. There are no minimum credit scores; however, some investors and large banks have started requiring minimum credit scores recently.The paperwork needed to process these loans is minimal at best. There are no paystubs, W2s, or bank statements required. One thing to watch at for is with such easy credit standards veterans become very susceptible to unscrupulous lenders that are more than willing to take advantage of borrower. The majority of my previous clients are receiving unprecedented amount mailers that make it seem that VA rates are lower than that actually are. So please watch out for your closing costs when proceeding with caution with such a transaction.Summary of the VA IRRL· VA to VA loan rate and term rate reduction
· Appraisal, income docs, or asset docs are not required
· Verification of the past 12 months of mortgage payments, and minimum credit scores may be required
· 1 or 2 skipped mortgage payments
· Up-to 2 discount points may be rolled into the loanCash out or rate and term VA refinanceThe 2nd option is what is considered a full VA refinance transaction with an appraisal, and all of the other normal documentation i.e. paystubs, W2s, ect. The nice thing about this loan is that it allows borrower to refinance all the way up to the current value of the veterans home. That’s right 100% financing on refinance transaction for not only borrowers who are looking for rate and term refinancing coming out off an ARM or another conventional loan but also for cash out refinance transactions as well. So veterans that want to consolidate debt, do home improvement projects, or for other various reason are allow. In addition, to this the VA loan will allow VA jumbo loan refinance transactions that are over $417,000 or some in high cost areas. But another word of warning the guidelines for VA jumbo refinance transactions can get very complicate so please make sure your loan officer is very familiar with VA loan or you could really get yourself into some problems.Summary of VA Cash out Refinance· Cash out refinances up to 100% of the value of the home established by a VA appraisal
· Refinance out of ARMs or other mortgage like conventional & FHA loans
· VA jumbo refinance loans are available but proceed with caution
· No monthly mortgage insurance unlike most mortgages without 20% equity.


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