What You Need to Know by Black Friday to Keep Your Business in Profit

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As you start reading the beginning of this article, you will find comfort in knowing there is a powerful new way to guarantee increased sales this holiday season. Even in a struggling economy, your business will not feel the hurt if you implement these incredibly simple marketing tips.You don’t know it yet, but by the end of this story you will be armed with the knowledge that may just keep your business afloat this year while major companies around you are falling at their knees. As you already know, companies like Linens ‘n’ Things and Circuit City are in despair as their sales and share prices have fallen so much that they are going out of business or closing down hundreds of stores to try to stay in the game.You see, in a market where competition is great, you have to find a way to compete and do something that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. Imagine if you are a company like Best Buy and one of your major competitors, Circuit City just shut down over 150 stores. All of a sudden, there are less places to go to get the product the customer is searching for and sales go up.Well, that’s what is going to happen to you if you can stay in the game long enough while others are crumbling. The way you must do that is by giving the customer more for their money than just the basic sale. What if you were able to give away something of value, that is needed by almost every consumer you have that was equal to the price of the purchase?I’m sure you can imagine the feeling of your customers knowing that they pay $300 for a television for example and get gas or grocery certificates in the amount of $300 with the purchase. Are you beginning to see how this can be a powerful closing tool?Even if your competitors are selling the same television for $280, you are going to come away with the sale because you are offering something of value that the customer wants that far outweighs the $20 difference. The best part is, you can offer up to $500 of gas or grocery vouchers to your customers and it wont even cost you as much as a meal out.You know, every time I walk in to Macy’s, or any store for that matter. I am bombarded with sales stickers. It seems EVERYTHING is on sale, but now you have a way to keep you prices and profit margin where they are and not have to slash your prices to attract customers. You can be confident that your business will benefit greatly this holiday shopping season as these gas and grocery giveaways have worked for such companies as Ashley Furniture, Carnival Cruise Lines, Dish Network and a host of other businesses with smart marketing departments.These rebate certificates are being used by car dealers, furniture stores, hotel chains, timeshare companies, health clubs, apartment companies and so many more. In fact, almost any business that can afford to give away a cheap gift card with a purchase can give back so much more with gas and grocery certificates. You’re probably wondering how you can implement this in your business right now in time for black Friday. Well, its easy and the process is fast and reliable.You can even have your company name and logo appear on the certificates to remind your consumers what a great deal they got at your store.If you are like everyone else, you will want to get the word out quickly that you are giving away free gas and groceries. Once you have leaked that information, word of mouth will do the rest. But you need to hurry, as every business that can will grab this incentive and run with it.To a prosperous Holiday Shopping season.

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