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Most of this book focuses on things you can do right now, but there are some other things you will be able to start using very soon that will make standards-based web development even more interesting, from 3D canvas support with WebGL to new storage APIs, CSS3  transitions, and native drag-and-drop support. This chapter discusses some of the things on the horizon, so you can get an idea of what to expect. We’ll talk about things that you may be able to use in at least one browser but don’t have good enough fallback solutions or are too far undefined to start working with right now:

CSS3 transitions
Animations on interaction. [C3, S3.2, F4, 010.5, IOS3.2, A2]
Web Workers
Background processing for JavaScript. [C3, S4, F3.5, 010.6]
3D canvas with WebGL.2
Creating 3D objects on the canvas. [C5, F4]
Advanced client-side key/value database storage similar to NoSQL solutions. [F4]
Drag and Drop
API for drag-and-drop interaction. [C3, S4, F3.5, IE6, A2]

Form validation
Client-side validation of inputs. [C5, S5, 10.6]
We’ll start by looking at CSS3 transitions and how we can use them in WebKit browsers.


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