Why Should I Consolidate My Student Loan?

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College loans are used to pay for assorted college related expenses; they’re usually offered as interest-deferred until the student leaves school. From the perspective of a lender, a college loan is a sound investment; most college students more than triple their immediate annual income after graduation, and this makes lending large sums (tens of thousands) of dollars very easy and sensible to do.Most college loans have a grace period; during the first six months after leaving college, the loan doesn’t require payment, and isn’t accumulating interest – this window is meant to let the new college graduate find a job and settle in to their career, cover moving expenses and the like, before the clock starts ticking on their loan.Unfortunately, the job market for new college graduates doesn’t always guarantee a lucrative starting career. Even with a good degree most students have to get an entry level position. Also, around that time in life, graduates are often getting married or having kids. These factors can turn a student loan into a nightmare of debt, as they juggle payments from multiple lenders and try to live within their means as other expenses accrue. Fortunately, there’s a way out. College loan consolidation lets you borrow a lump sum of money from another lender to pay off all your student loans. In return, you get a lower interest rate over a longer term; your monthly bills drop considerably; the monthly savings can be used to cover the bevy of new expenses you’ve got as you work your way into your professional life.College loan consolidation programs in the United States come in two varieties – private and Federal. Federal student loan consolidation can happen if you have outstanding federal student loans that total more than ten thousand dollars, and are finished with school. If you do not fulfill these requirements, you must use a private lender.Private lenders will look at your credit history and determine your monthly payments and interest rate. As with any private loan, it’s worth it to shop around, for lower monthly payments or better terms. It also makes sense to watch interest rates – if interest rates are low, consolidate your loans now before they rise again.

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