The base point is used as the starting point for all points.

Points for the base Points earned

Plus points for site placements or membership tiers.

Badges Ranks Name Ranks Posts Ranks Points
Novice 0 0.03
Apprentice 100 0.06
Journeyman 1,000 0.12
Pathfinder 10,000 0.24
Squire 100,000 0.48
Adventurer 1,000,000 0.96
Scout 10,000,000 1.92
Fighter 100,000,000 3.84

Note: Changing the member's rank according to the table will automatically change once the number of articles is reached according to Ranks posts. Members will receive a new point rate immediately upon receiving a change of position.

Additional points for the category submitted articles.

Category Names Category Points
Automotive 0.01
Business 0.01
Culture 0.01
Entertainment 0.01
Games 0.01
Lifestyle 0.01
Music 0.01
Science 0.01
Sport 0.01
Technology 0.01
Travel 0.01
*If any articles or comments Violation of agreement after it is detected once the impression has been approved. The system will delete articles and comments. along with the cut off points received.
Point system on the whole website, the administrator can adjust, add or reduce the value at any time without the need to inform members in advance before doing anything..