Base points are used as the starting point for all points.

Points for as a base Points earned

Extra points for website placement or membership tier

Badges Ranks Name Ranks Posts Ranks Points
Newbie Soldier 0 0.03

Note: Grid members rank changes automatically when the number of articles reaches the hierarchy. Members will receive a new point rate when they receive a position change.

Extra positive points for the category to which the article was submitted

Category Names Category Points
Business 0.01
Culture 0.01
Entertainment 0.01
Featured 0
Games 0.01
Lifestyle 0.01
Music 0.01
Science 0.01
Sport 0.01
Technology 0.01
Travel 0.01
Uncategorized 0
* If any articles or comments Wrong agreement after it is detected when the impression has been approved. The system will delete the articles and comments. And cut the points received as well
With the point system on all websites, the administrators can adjust further or reduce their value in a reduced time without needing to notify members in advance of taking any action.