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Crimson Desert and Black Desert to be Featured at Gamescom 2023

Global developer and publisher Pearl Abyss has announced that it will be showcasing its highly anticipated new title Crimson Desert and the latest content for Black Desert at Gamescom 2023. The event will take place from August 23 to...

Black Desert Mobile: New Wizard Class Unleashed

Pearl Abyss has announced the arrival of the new Wizard class in Black Desert Mobile. This powerful new class wields elemental magic to devastating effect, and is sure to shake up the meta. The Wizard is a ranged class that...

ChuanQi IP’s Blockchain-Based MORPG MIR2M: The Dragonkin Launches Worldwide

"Discover an Exciting MORPG - MIR2M: The Dragonkin, Born from the Acclaimed Legend of Mir 2 IP by Wemade and Developed by XFun Games Limited Embark on a thrilling adventure with MIR2M: The Dragonkin, a groundbreaking game that breathes new...

Exoprimal: Suit Up, Adapt, and Survive in This New Action Game from Capcom

Exoprimal is a new online, team-based action game from Capcom that pits humanity's cutting-edge exosuit technology against history's most ferocious beasts – dinosaurs! In the game, players are divided into teams of five and must work together to complete...

Thai Language Support Added to Popular Tower Defense Game The Battle Cats

PONOS Corporation has announced that their popular tower defense game app, The Battle Cats, is now available in Thai. The new language support is available in version 12.4.0 of the app, which was released on June 26, 2023. In addition...

Unlock Early Access: Pre-register for ChuanQi IP’s MIR2M: The Dragonkin, the Blockchain-Powered MORPG

Experience the Excitement of "MIR2M: The Dragonkin" - A Cutting-Edge Mobile/PC MORPG based on The Legend of Mir 2 IP Gear up for an unforgettable adventure with MIR2M: The Dragonkin, the highly anticipated MORPG title developed for both mobile and...

Discover Everfrost, a New Region, and Unleash the Power of the Guardian Class in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss has exciting news for adventurers in Black Desert Mobile with the introduction of the highly anticipated new region, "Everfrost," and the powerful new class, "Guardian." Embark on an epic journey through a land perpetually gripped by cold...

ChuanQi IP Launches Teaser Site for Blockchain-based MORPG MIR2M: The Dragonkin

New MIR2-based Game Unveiled: Explore Captivating Professions and Epic "Sabuk Castle Siege"Experience the thrill of the latest mobile/PC game, derived from the renowned MIR2 IP, offering three captivating professions and a grand-scale war known as the "Sabuk Castle Siege,"...

Black Desert Mobile Introduces Everfrost, a New Region, and Guardian Class on June 27 for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

Pearl Abyss Unveils June 27 Release Date for New "Everfrost" Region and "Guardian" Class in Black Desert Mobile In an exciting announcement last Friday, Pearl Abyss revealed that the highly anticipated "Everfrost" region and formidable "Guardian" class will make their...

Capcom’s New Game Exoprimal: Join the 2nd Open Beta

"Exoprimal's 2nd Open Beta Test Now Live: Experience the Thrills Before the Official Release on 14 July 2023! Limited Time Only.""The 2nd Open Beta test of Exoprimal is available for a limited period and welcomes all players. Explore the...
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Elevate Your Bentley Experience: The Bespoke Elegance of Bentayga EWB by Mulliner

Bentley Motors redefines the essence of bespoke luxury with the introduction of the Bentayga EWB's groundbreaking two-tone customization option—a...
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