Writer guide

Members can write articles and news on the website. By writing an article on a website is the same as posting on a blog. In which members can print an unlimited number of stories. Send at any time but if copying Or where did the information or messages come from? The information must be clearly referenced to the source.

Describe the categories of articles and news

  • Business
  • Culture
  • Entertainment
    • Games
    • Lifestyle
    • Music
    • Travel
  • Science
  • Sport
  • Technology

Therefore, the article submissions need to clearly state the content that matches the category. In order for the team to review and approve the display on the shopping website page that simple

(In the case of the owner of a cosmetic brand / various businesses / shop owner or accommodation / want to do CRM/advertisement of goods and services Please choose to submit an article as a featured article. by the rate for posting articles on the website)

Article Status

Because the website has been filtered quality articles only Articles submitted will be checked for accuracy and post format because the web has. Points are given to encourage article submissions. The status of the article is as follows.

  • Live: Refers to articles that have been approved and displayed on the website.
  • Rejected: means the article does not meet the standards and requirements of the website. There will be a reason
    • Plagiarism or Copyright – Refers to articles submitted that do not meet the standards for copying all text, without altering the text or the author’s analysis. Submissions are subject to copyright, which affects the original author of the article. Every word is copied from the original website. (How to copy the article to be sent and passed)
    • Wrong Language – means the language used in the submission is not approved, i.e. too many other languages in the article. or refuse to translate text that the general reader does not understand misspellings
    • Wrong Categories – This means posting or submitting articles in the wrong category, for example, the information submitted is information about fostering ideas. But it’s not about the method of education or the education system. It will be an article in the variety category, not the education category, etc.
    • Duplicate – means the submitted article duplicates the previous article. or duplicate articles already published on the website (how to avoid duplicate data)
    • Shortly – means the submitted article is too shaky. (Should not be less than 400 words) or only images without any description.
    • Out of time – means the article has to be more than 24 hours in duration, and the article already mentions past events. Articles must be submitted no later than 12 hours after the incident.
      inspection conditions The specific inspection conditions, for this reason, are 1) Articles that are out of time will be rejected as Out of time. 2) If the review team is delayed by the specified time due to the volume of articles or other reasons. Will be adjusted to Reject to Out of time as well. 3) The decision of the team is final.
    • Other – means the submitted article does not meet other standards, such as refusing to cite the source article. Characters are used Font style, use of colors, too small, too bold, unnecessarily. intentionally post to advertise products or to earn compensation from various Affiliate promotions and intentionally post articles for SEO or to advertise products and services without being an advertising/payment agent on the website

*Once an article has been approved (Live), it cannot be edited and deleted. If an article is not approved (Rejected), it can be edited and deleted.

Submitting articles to the web page

Those who can write articles, they want to publish and submit them to the website using the website form. (Writing articles) either as a member or not as a member of the shopping website. But when applying for membership, members can write articles and collect points from the point system to exchange them for money and rewards immediately through the website’s system. Which is detailed according to the points system.

Source of articles and information

Of course, if you’re writing an article for a web page, there must be an article that you wrote yourself from your own thoughts. And there are articles that you see and feel useful and want to continue to be published on the web page, it must be organized as follows.

  • Invented and written articles – you can post articles and describe things as you please.
  • Copied and Mixed Articles – You must also cite the source of the article, whether in whole or in part.

Content copyright

For articles written and published on our website, both images, and text. We are based on a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, which allows anyone to use news, information, articles without prior permission. Just give credit as your username. of website members with a link to that article on the web “Enjoy shopping” is enough.

Caution for writers

  • The source must be the true source of the news. Do not refer to the first post or home page of the site. “Intentionally posting articles for SEO purposes will be banned immediately.”
  • Please be careful with the use of language, profanity, misuse of words. Use of inappropriate languages, such as the language of teenagers, the language of children, etc.
  • The submitted content should not be too shaky, should not be less than 400 words.

Entering a search term (Tag)

  • It is a keyword or keyword related to the article.
  • Use a comma (,) to separate multiple words.
  • Do not put too many search terms (Tag) than necessary.