Elevate Your Bentley Experience: The Bespoke Elegance of Bentayga EWB by Mulliner

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Bentley Motors redefines the essence of bespoke luxury with the introduction of the Bentayga EWB’s groundbreaking two-tone customization option—a testament to the infinite choices offered by Mulliner, Bentley’s pinnacle of personalization. This initiative, born from a unique customer commission, emerged a full year ahead of its original schedule, showcasing Bentley’s commitment to exceeding expectations.

The collaboration between the discerning customer and Mulliner’s expert team culminated in a striking combination of Kingfisher, Mandarin, and Imperial Blue hues, setting a new benchmark for personalized automotive luxury. This partnership not only highlights the customer’s influence on Bentley’s design process but also Mulliner’s unmatched capability in creating truly unique finishes, color combinations, and even limited edition coachbuilt vehicles.

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for Mulliner, witnessing a 43 percent increase in bespoke commissions over the already record-breaking figures of 2022. This surge underscores the growing desire among Bentley owners for vehicles that reflect their personal style and the unparalleled craftsmanship that Mulliner brings to every commission.

Currently, an impressive 75 percent of all new Bentleys are adorned with Mulliner content, ranging from intricate detailing to complete custom builds. This trend not only celebrates the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Bentley but also points to a future where every Bentley is as unique as its owner, thanks to the limitless possibilities offered by Mulliner.

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