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The Maneki-neko: A Symbol of Fortune for Chinese New Year

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In Chinese and many Asian cultures, the Maneki-neko or “Beckoning Cat” is considered a symbol of good luck, wealth, and prosperity, especially significant during the Chinese New Year festival. Having a Maneki-neko in homes or businesses is believed not only to attract wealth and customers but also to bring good luck and auspiciousness to the premises.

Origin of the Maneki-neko

The Maneki-neko originates from Japan, known as “Maneki Neko,” which translates to “beckoning cat” or “luck-bringing cat.” Legend has it that cats can bring fortune and prosperity to their owners by beckoning with one paw, as if calling someone towards them.

Maneki-neko during Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year, many families and businesses place Maneki-neko statues at entrances or in places believed to best attract money and fortune. Some believe that a right-paw-raised Maneki-neko invites wealth into a home, while a left-paw-raised cat attracts customers to a business.

Colors and Types of Maneki-neko

Maneki-neko comes in various colors, each with its meaning. For instance, gold or yellow symbolizes wealth and prosperity, white signifies purity and happiness, and black is thought to ward off evil and danger.

Significance of Maneki-neko in Asian Culture

The Maneki-neko is not just a symbol of luck and prosperity but is a part of the long-standing cultural beliefs and traditions in many Asian countries, including during Chinese New Year. It represents the hope and wishes for a prosperous and happy life, reminding us to seek and foster goodness in our daily lives.


The Maneki-neko plays a profound role in Chinese New Year celebrations, symbolizing not just wealth and success but also the desire for a life filled with joy and fulfillment. It serves as a reminder to cherish and promote positivity in our everyday lives.

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