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I find myself getting so many gifts these days. It seems like every month there are so many “Big Days”: relative’s birthday, holidays, promotions, I am constantly on the hunt for deals. I want to give my loved ones gifts but it can be expensive keeping up with all the events! Some weeks I feel like I need to find a deal a day in order to not break my bank account gift shopping. I can’t help it, I have a generous nature.I may be generous, but I am also a bit of a procrastinator. I find myself shopping for these big events the day before they occur. That is why I like the daily deals websites; I can check them out anytime and there will be a wide range of items for sale. I just order the best gift; have the company overnight it to me, and the next day I am ready to give. Even with the cost of overnight shipping, I still save money when I compare the same items at retail stores.With the holiday season quickly approaching and so many people to shop for, I have had to change my procrastination ways. I check deal websites every day waiting for that perfect item to go on sale. So far I have found a necklace for my mother, a flashlight for my nephew, and a Nook for my girlfriend. That’s only the tip of the iceberg; I still have two nieces, my grandmother, countless friends, and my neighbors to shop for.People think bargain hunting online is hard, or only for the ultra tech savvy, but I really think anyone can do it. Once you find a few good websites it is just a matter of checking back with them often to see what net items they have. Checking often is important because many items are on limited in quantity. Some deal of the day sales don’t even last a day because the item sells out before 24 hours. Additionally, certain daily deals websites even offer a giveaway of the day, which enables me to save even more money on cool products.I for one wouldn’t be caught dead in a store the holiday season. The crowds are so intense, especially with everyone madly perusing the super stores for cheap items. This economy has made shopping hazardous; you are liable to get trampled stepping foot in a department store anytime around Black Friday.My advice to everyone reading this (even the procrastinators), would be to stay home and check your computer. The deals are better, and I can assure you that you will not be trampled.

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