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3 Important Tips To Consider Before Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Atlanta, like any other modern city in the US, is fast paced and therefore fraught with danger from the most ordinary or “unexpected” sources: speeding cars, reckless taxi cabs, bus accidents, drunken drivers, careless construction workers, product defects all these and many more situations can be potentially lethal sources of severe injury to the unsuspecting and unprepared individual. People living and working in Atlanta are exposed to hundreds of potential dangers each day simply by commuting to and from work. Few people ever think of themselves as being the next victim of an accident, or ever needing the services of a personal injury attorney. But accidents do happen each and every day, and when disaster strikes and people find themselves in the hospital emergency room with injuries, it is advisable to consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to claim compensation, not only for medical bills, but also for pain and suffering caused.There are many personal injury law firms out there. For the accident victim it can be an absolute minefield to distinguish reputable law firms from the untrustworthy firms who simply pass on clients accident claims to their hordes of semi-qualified paralegals. Paralegals are often swamped with thousands of accident lawsuits. The result, clients end up never even consulting with a qualified attorney and simply do not get the best legal advice or serious attention that their case deserves.What types of injuries justify taking a personal injury case to court?Just about any type of personal injury caused through the negligence of another party qualifies. For example, injuries from fractured bones to more serious injuries such as spinal or neck damage, ruptured organs, loss of any bodily functions whatsoever, brain injuries etc. In fact, any impairment or suffering caused is reason enough for legal action and rightful compensation.So how does the personal injury victim make sure they are hiring a law firm that has their best interests at heart and will do everything necessary to give them the best possible legal advice?Here are some vital tips to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney:1. Choose a law firm that only takes on a few cases at any one time, rather than a firm that will take on hundreds. Attorneys who do not immediately accept a case but rather carefully screen clients on a case by case basis before actually accepting the brief are a good indication that they are serious about proving the client and their case with every attention it deserves. This in turn maximizes the chances of recovery and settlement.2. Anyone choosing a law firm to represent them should also first do some research and make sure that the firm in question specializes in personal accident cases to ensure that they are hiring an attorney with the necessary skill and experience to represent them.3. It is also important to hire a law firm that is prepared to handle accident lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. That means that the injury victim will not need to pay expensive legal fees upfront – the attorneys will only be paid if and when the victim receives a settlement.

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