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Despite the global financing situation, there are jobs available in the United States provided that one is not that choosy. These jobs can be very specific and can require a specialization or skill set. Some jobs even require further education and studying and are technical to the core. But nothing feels better to anyone than having a job. It is a sense of pride and independence wherein one feels of value to society. Being able to work is the key to all economic woes and by being one of those that do take pride in their work is more than gratifying and rewarding, it is fulfilling. Here are some of the jobs or career paths that may be interesting to you:- San Diego DUI Lawyer. This specialization is in demand to the San Diego County as many drivers are cited for suspicion of DUI. The laws in this county are very strict and technical. Being cited, you may have to appear in a special court at the Department of Motor Vehicles to appeal to throw out your case. The judge or arbiter in this matter will see if there is sufficient recent for your case to be elevated to the circuit court. This extra judicial proceeding must be handled by a local DUI specialist who will argue not in front of a judge but of a DMV officer to try to see to it that your case be thrown out for its lack of merits and such. With so many technical things needed to be done, a San Diego DUI lawyer has his or her hands full with so many cases. It is a career that will continue to exist.- Crime Scene Sanitizer. This job is for those who have the stomach to clean a crime scene after it has been analyzed by the police and is ready to be turned over to the owner. More often than not, this job has its steady client, especially those in residential and commercial areas that need their place to be cleaned and sanitized in order to conduct business. A Sanitizer is in charged of removing all the stains and smudges left in an incident. They are also in charge of replacing, if not cleaning all carpets and furniture that have been compromised and stained.- Bio Engineer or Technician. The race for finding the cure for each specific disease has always been on. Those with degrees in specialized sciences are recruited to do research into finding these medicines that will down the road make money for the parent company. And for most bio engineers and technicians, their true motivation is not in the money, but by helping save lives through their research, discoveries, experiments and medicine.

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