4 Areas of Specialization in Law Practice

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The legal occupation has often been maligned and ridiculed even by the very industry practitioners themselves. Still, it is an occupation that is much needed and necessary even in this day and age. Taking up the 6 year law program most universities and colleges offer, a graduate now has many options to choose in defining or specifying the area of practice. Here are some of the areas of specializations that one can choose after garnering a law degree program:- Trial Lawyer/ Criminal Law. These are the specializations most seen in television. Though in these shows, there is a certain amount of liberty taken in the arguments and discussions that happen during a trial. Perhaps in most cases, it is not as dramatized as what we see in television. One area of sub-specialization is DUI lawyers. DUI lawyers are very popular these days especially in California where because of the number of vehicles involved and the distance people do travel or commute, many incidents of DUI does happen. DUI lawyers in San Diego are very popular as well because of the complex local laws in this city and county. Imagine having to first be tried by a case manager in the Department of Motor Vehicles to see if your case should be tried in the circuit court is just one additional requirement in San Diego. It does get complicated.- Tax lawyers. Tax lawyers are essential especially for those who are more affluent and the key word is not tax evasion but tax avoidance. These lawyers come in handy especially for large corporations who want to pay the right amount of tax as required or can find a way to optimize their net profits. For practitioners of this field, a degree in finance and accounting is an advantage but not necessary.- Corporate Law. Most of the lawyers do practice this form of law. This umbrella specialization includes mergers and acquisition, maritime law, and other business related activities which ultimately needs some form of legal work. The documentation and wording of contracts are important these days to avoid any problems in the near future. In the case of maritime law, there may also be issues that deal of ownership and insurance of goods as the biggest carrier of goods still involves shipping.- Divorce Law. These lawyers are responsible for getting the best settlement for their clients in such cases wherein two people formally together wish to forever be apart. It is a touchy topic and issues may get personal so that is why the divorce attorneys are there to make sure that things are unbiased.

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