5 Reasons to Find a New Criminal Defense Attorney

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During a trial, a person’s freedom often depends on the quality and skills of their criminal defense attorney above all else. Even if the client is completely innocent, a poor argument, bad expert witness, or unprepared lawyer can fail them, resulting in disastrous consequences. Mistakes and poor attorneys are out there, however, and here are a few ways to help you identify these potential hazards.1. Confusing Clients
A criminal defense lawyer or team with too many clients to deal with can inadvertently mix up facts or other important issues. Remember when your teacher would accidentally call you by another student’s name on occasion? It can be very tricky to constantly keep each person or even each case apart. This is why it is important to evaluate a criminal defense lawyer’s caseload before hiring them. If you feel that they can’t provide you with enough attention and time, move on to one who is more available.2. Unprepared
Criminal defense lawyers must spend many hours of research to successfully argue a case. An attorney who doesn’t spend the proper time required to fully understand the issues or who doesn’t examine enough different resources will not be capable of properly and justly defending their client. It can be difficult to tell whether or not an attorney is prepared or not, especially for someone with no legal background. If you notice that a criminal defense attorney seems disorganized, sloppy, or vague in their statements they may not be ready for trial.3. Confused Clients
It is up to the attorney to ensure that his or her client understands how the case will be argued and what they are expected to say or not say if questioned. An inept lawyer will have trouble communicating clearly to his clients, and this confusion can ultimately end up costing them the case. A good lawyer is patient and avoids using jargon or language that is beyond a client’s comprehension.4. Changing Fees
Hiring an attorney can cost a small fortune, so you want to be sure about how much you’re going to have to pay well beforehand. A good lawyer will be honest and upfront about all charges and expectations of payment. A poor one will provide confusing bills, vague answers, and won’t work with you at all when you need help with payment options. Never hire a lawyer without signing a proper contract and understanding all fees and charges beforehand.5. Poor Preparation of Expert Witness
Many cases require an expert witness to help build a reasonable argument. It is up to the attorney to secure one and inform them of all necessary aspects. Not prepping a witness before a case can result in some nasty surprises along the way and a conflict of interest. It is up to your attorney to ensure that any witnesses called on your behalf will help move the trial in your favor and not be a detriment to the case.

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