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A Brief Summary on Trial Procedures

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Many of our people do not even understand how complicated it is to go through a court battle. Maybe, they are not interested in knowing those intricate legal terms and processes since they are not yet involved in any court case.However, it is important to be familiar with at least some basic legal matters for you may never know when you will see yourself caught in the same scenario – defending your rights and calling for justice. Having such legal understanding about the trial procedures will definitely put you in a better position if ever you got involved in a case.These are some of the basic trial procedures:

Arraignment of the case – Every case trial begins with an arraignment wherein the defendant of the case should present himself before the court to receive his copy of the police report (if available) and the charges filed against him.

Most of the times, the defendant’s legal counsel will enter a “not guilty plea”. The judge then will schedule the filing of other motions, pre-trial meeting and the trial itself.

Pre-trial conference – This meeting is set by the court to give both parties a chance to discuss a variety of other options to resolve the case rather than continuing the trial process. This is where settlement negotiations are being made, but if this discussion failed, the actual case trial will take place as scheduled.

Court trial or hearing – This is where the main battle takes place. In a court trial, both parties will be given a chance to defend their evidences and prove his innocence on the part of the defendant or the other party’s guilt as for the plaintiff. In addition, both parties will also be given a chance to call on their witnesses to provide further information that may serve vital in the resolution of the case.

Appeals – In case either or both parties are not contented of the case turn out, they may ask their respective attorney to file an appeal in a higher-level court for a review on their case. The Appellate Judge then may sustain or reverse the decision of the lower court depending on the further evidences filed to his office. Legal technicalities and conflict of interest are most of the times the reasons for the reversal of the prior decision.

In anyway, these legal procedures may seem so simple to understand but the actual involvement in such proceedings may be complicated even for those who are scholarly individuals.Thus, it is still wiser to have an ally to impart his guidance and expert representation. A professional trial attorney then, has the capability of serving his vital purpose in every court case.Our Trial Attorneys California can be relied upon for more official information regarding trials and trial procedures.

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