A closer look at having Business on Facebook

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The answer to the above question will depend on your personal business objectives and your ability to use this tool effectively. Firstly, you need to know that the original basis for the existence of Facebook is social networking. Therefore, it is basically a tool that enables individuals to share information and stay updated about recent happenings within their social circle. It could be the social circle of family & friends, a collection of contacts, people with common interest, or network of professionals or business connections.A pure business networking tool is LinkedIn. Facebook is purely a social networking instrument. Therefore, if you must promote business with Facebook, you need to be careful how you do it so that you don’t irritate the original users. To ascertain whether Facebook is suitable for your business, you need to analyse if there are interest groups and target audiences that have the potential of generating business for you. You may aim at generating business directly by offering your product or service to those using Facebook, or indirectly, by creating awareness for your brand, or generating sales feedback on your products and on yourself using the network. Other online social networking sites do exist. What comparison can you make between Facebook and these other social sites? Also, is it better to focus on one site or extend your tentacles to multiple networking websites?Facebook leads over other social networking sites. The age group of its users range from early-twenties and above. In fact, social networking scene is ruled by Facebook – only having a measure of competition from MySpace. Facebook is focused more on sharing life events, keeping touch with friends and family and getting back with lost contacts. But professional circles and business connections are also popular on Facebook; however, you must understand that they are not part of the original purpose for the creation of Facebook, and therefore can generate issues if care is not taken when using it for other purposes. LinkedIn is completely devoted to professional and business connections and leads in this niche. However, the number of subscribers is low when compared to social networking websites in general. Couple of questions you could ask yourself Can I realize my business objective by using social networking sites? If your answer to this question is a YES, then you can promote your business successfully using Facebook and other social network sites.  What is the specific network that will best suit my specific business objective? The answer to this question is FACEBOOK. But yes, you must be creative and socially committed in order to achieve a good result with business marketing on Facebook.

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