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Windows Phone 7 applications implemented using Silverlight are naturally suited to the MVVM pattern, which discourages the use of code-behind in the views in favor of handling events and activity in the view model. However, many common scenarios—such as binding
commands to interface objects, linking methods to application bar buttons, notifying of changes to object properties, and detecting
changes to text-based controls in the view—are challenging to accomplish without using code-behind. The helper classes and components in Prism Library for Windows Phone 7 are specially designed to simplify these tasks in Silverlight applications created for Windows Phone 7.

In addition, the Prism Library for Windows Phone 7 includes helper classes for publishing and subscribing to events, displaying notification messages, and selecting data templates at run time. Many of these components and helper classes are used in the Tailspin. PhoneClient project. You can download the complete Tailspin solution for use in conjunction with this guide from the patterns & practices Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide community site on Code-Plex (

The Prism Library for Windows Phone 7 is provided as source code in the two projects Microsoft.Practices.Prism and Microsoft. Practices.Prism.Interactivity within the Tailspin solution. These solutions implement the Prism Library for Windows Phone 7 library, and
there is also a set of tests to help you explore the use of the classes in the library. These tests can also be used if you extend or modify the source code to meet your own specific requirements.


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