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Project Management (PM) is a process, a robust and reproducible series of events that led to the conclusion and implementation of projects included. In most cases, you can see what the structure of the project management process groups to manage the project. I had the opportunity to study and review process in recent years, many hours of Defence of the process of government and local government. The practice and business processes, end, energy, banking, health care and nuclear power. Anna is the concept of project management and the reason why I usually represents organization.In Project Management (PM) processes are of real interest to the organization, the methods for PM in an environment where there are no officially. Although the company may have SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) has been documented in specific computer systems and software development and project management. It should be noted that the projects are not only a compliment to Information Systems Department. Please note that all reflect the PMBOK SDLC Processes.According PM (Project Management Body of Knowledge), “The project is a temporary effort to create a unique product, service or result to produce. These temporary and unique characteristics, whether the company to is a draft. ” In this sense, many projects are organization, and often, with the exception that can not handle the project in accordance with the Guidelines “project management”. If not, you do not act until September, although they are successful, these projects can often run chaos. The aim of the trial in September, is for companies to design and project manager and develop a common and recurring process in MS has not determined specific business unit or division of the company. Project management process by all departments of their specific projects or projects that you want to connect a range of business processes can be used units.In system work, can any group, project templates, to expand the project and related documentation. Typically, the project documents ..The first draft of the Charter of the second project-goals3. Summary4 ​​case. Analysis5 interested. Documentation6 scope of the project. Documentation7 project requirements. Matrix8 responsibility. Plan 9 project. Plan10 communication. Plan11 risk. Minutes12 Assembly. this report and the state is not an exhaustive list but gives an idea of ​​certain types of documents, which is officially a project. Once again we see a situation that is not used in project management are just some of the pitfalls? The Department of Information Systems, is typically used for many organizations, the software is in this example. In this case, the PM is a process, it is expected that the project is poorly documented or documented in some cases, in general, and probably be able to stream. In other words, the session with business users, the administrator and / or an application designer with ..We want to make an application and the applicant to operate, what they do. At some point, the applicant will return and ask for additional features. This notice and act accordingly. This continues until the claimant satisfied the application is approved, and moved to later development production.So can see from this example that the project does not control the reaction by forcing developers Active. What can often happen without trial, which is in September, the application to the production, and all of a sudden something does not work as expected. This may be due to many factors. It has not been thoroughly tested before they put on the production, because there is no reference material to create test scripts. Alternatively, he looks for the function that is not needed, or I forgot to ask, and the documentation of what he identified or not. There may be other reasons, but the result is the same discomfort, dissatisfaction with the time and cost for the project project.Once again, in this example we see the resources of the State of passive design has not checked all the steps, where there is no chaos. In fact, in this example, that resources are used efficiently and the company will pay the additional cost to financially and emotionally. Believe me, if the majority of assets of businesses in this chaotic state, which meets to reconcile involved. In addition, product quality is not managed effectively, so the company would pay for it. Resource productivity of the project is also under threat, and thus the cost for this example and make the process of packing PM that.If around him, we find different results. We want to create and maintain a healthy and well documented project requirements. To test requirements for the project to develop methods to come, must be documented, information on the exam are already needed in their hands. Director of the project can begin to sense the end and work backwards to complete the project on schedule. Software, including the SDLC design is good, but business users should be able to (i) the needs and requirements and get a machine that well.At at this stage to facilitate the procedures, documentation, can be considered to be the same application and documentation used to develop can create test cases. Suddenly he noticed that we can extend the functionality of the application that was not the original plan, which is when the process comes in. This is commonly known as exchange control, which is used effectively known, and to request changes before they need for which the permit. Since the adoption of this change in requirements is documented in the project so you can develop, but also to examine the process of application testing. Is also the project plan, and follow-up. (Please note, is that a discussion of risk factors here, that is the subject of another article) for information on how to PM the management structure for the project success. When I say “over” and refers to three aspects of project management of the project cost, schedule and scope of the project, about the quality. If the result of the project is not determined on the quality, no matter how good he was, the project can be classified as failure.In my research, I learned that if the organization decides to implement a process or methodology of PM, a company connected with the real savings in U.S. dollars. For example, the average cost for the project from 75% of the undocumented are reduced. The schedule for the project can be reduced by approximately 40%. Project resources can be reduced by 75%. Then there is the overall quality, the number of defects can be reduced by 80%. These costs, which saves time and quality are produced when the organization is diligent in carrying out the process of project management. As an organization matures, the use of project management for the extra money, time and quality savings.Let time to save the real numbers. Studies show that the use of project management and their application for the € 100 000 $ 25,000 could be developed. This is a significant savings in the budget and spend only $ 75 000, other initiatives. If the schedule means for the project by 40%, which means you that the 20-week program will be reduced from 12 weeks to be reduced. In this sense, now that the money and time to work on other initiatives. Here the use of project-related resources, savings of up to 75%, funding 800 hours to 200 hours of play time is now. Now you have more time, money and resources for other initiatives. But wait, there’s more (it sounds like info-commercial), a number of defects is reduced to 80%. What might the disadvantages of finished goods 20-4 error. Ends of the money and resources by a defective product or not. What will happen to your business? We especially when companies are looking to add more efficient business processes. IT administrators can tailor information and maximize the return on your business goals. To achieve this, the need to understand C-level executives in the ranks of IT managers, such as project management processes, including the impact on the overall costs and applications.In during the economic crisis, companies that sound processes in the afternoon (and other processes operating principles) have to focus on managing operating costs and increase your profits with traditional methods. In contrast, companies must improve to increase profits and control costs, improve productivity, improve business processes, access, security, increase productivity and improve customer service, suppliers, partners and employees. Impressive at the end of the voting process as compared to the cost of the management company. PM space is not a process, if the projects are in chaos, can be a huge undertaking. This is a cost to society to act in this way, I would recommend to know the difference and the right decision .

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