Am I Too Drunk To Drive?

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If unsure about whether to drive, it is most likely that you should not be operating a vehicle. If you are at a bar or a friend’s house and someone says you should not be driving, you should listen. If you are scared of seeing a cop on your ride home, don’t get behind the wheel. These seemingly obvious signs that you are too drunk to drive are overlooked by many people. If caught and convicted of a DUI charge, there will be many serious consequences. Community service and taking alcohol-related classes are some of the lesser sentences for those accused of DUIs. Driver’s licenses may also be suspended or taken away. Especially for multiple offenders, jail time is a huge risk in a DUI charge.If you speak to people who have been been charged with DUI, they will tell you that they wish they would have paid attention to the warning signs of drunkenness. Signs that you are too drunk to drive include:
Blurry vision
Lack of balance
Slurred speech
Delayed reactions
Lack of coordination
Shortened attention span
VomitingIt is clear that these signs of drunkenness will greatly hinder your ability to drive safely. Therefore, listening to your body will be necessary to avoid driving while over the legal blood alcohol content limit.If you have received a DUI and would like to prevent another charge, learning when you’re too drunk to drive will be essential. Paying for a cab will always be less expensive then a DUI. Making the decision to not drive may ultimately save you a lot of money.

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