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An Insight on Some Real Life Shocking Coincidences

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Many of us come across different coincidences in our lives. Most of them occur in the form of accidents in which case the need to hire the auto accident attorney or auto accident lawyer arises. To some people, coincidences are the wondrous works of nature while according to some skeptics; it is just another probability that strikes our path. Our world is filled with some astonishing synchronous occurrences for which there is no logical or scientific explanation. You are free to decide for yourself if these stories are a mere chance or controlled by fate. Given below are some coincidences that left their mark in history forever.Let us begin with the story of a man who broke up with his girlfriend in 1853. The girl took the news very badly, and committed suicide. Her brother blamed him for this incident, and went to shoot him in vengeance. When he reached his place, he found him in the garden, and tried to shoot him. Lucky for the man as the bullet just grazed his face, and then got embedded in a nearby tree.Precisely 20 years after this incident, the man thought of uprooting a tree in his garden using dynamite. With that explosion, the embedded bullet from the tree was propelled straight to his head, killing him instantly. It appears as if this bullet had his name on it. This shocking incident is not the only one as we find many such coincidences.Another such incident was part of the famous portrait painter of Austria who existed in the 19th century. He was quite distressed with his life, and attempted suicide many times. But strangely, every time he was rescued by a mysterious monk. He first attempted suicide at the age of 18 by trying to hang himself. He was saved just in time by a Capuchin monk.He tried the same thing again when he was 22, but again it was interrupted by that very monk. Eight years after that he was sentenced to death for his political activities. Once again, the same monk came to his rescue. When he was 68, he finally committed suicide with a pistol and his funeral was conducted by the same Capuchin monk, whom the man never even knew.Another astonishing story is that of a man, who was shot dead as revenge by his mates who were playing poker with him. Those fellows narrated that he had succeeded in winning a $600 pot through cheating. In the man’s place they found another player to whom they passed the unlucky $600. When the police came for investigation, they asked the new player to handover the original $600 to the man’s next of kin. By that time, the player had turned it into $2200 winnings only to discover the dead man was his father whom he hasn’t seen in seven years.You will find something really odd about these coincidences that they appear remote in the extreme. They make us wonder if they are just coincidences or fate has a part in them. The rationale, however, tells that it cannot be a chance.

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