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Average college tuition costs vary quite a bit from university to university. In general, two year schools and programs cost far less, and four year programs, especially at more well-known universities, cost a lot more. How much more?Two Year Programs Vs. Four Year ProgramsWell, the average tuition price for a community college or two year program in which the student will earn an Associates Degree is right around $2,700. Compare that tuition cost against a median tuition cost of around $9,000 for a four year school and a Bachelor’s Degree and you will see a stark contrast.If a potential student and their parents are worried about the high cost of tuition and are low on savings it may not be a bad idea to start off at a community college, go there for two years and then transfer into a larger university for the remaining two years.Just be sure that the credits will transfer, with most reputable schools all the credits should transfer to the four year university. This strategy for paying for college can be a wise one.If tuition cost are too high at a four year school, or even a two year one, not to worry, there are plenty of loans and scholarships out there ready for the taking. The American Dream is alive and well in this country despite what you might have heard to the contrary.State Funded Four Year Universities (In-State, Out-Of-State)State universities are also a good option for those looking to save money on their college investment. If a student has an in-state residence than the median tuition cost will come down considerably, on average. The average tuition and fees for an in-state university in the U.S. is roughly $7,600 according to the very latest data.If the college student chooses a state funded school but is not a resident of that state the cost of the tuition will go higher. The average college tuition costs (state funded university) for an out of state student is approximately $11,900. That’s quite a jump, so it certainly helps with costs to chose an in-state school. There are some exceptions however, certain states have what’s called reciprocity, in which students can cross the border to a neighboring state and still receive in-state prices. This practice is common in the Midwest.Private Four Year CollegesLet’s take a gander at the most sticker-shockingly expensive schools – private universities. The average tuition for a college (private) in the U.S. is right around $27,000. That is an enormous jump up from a state school, right? As you can see, it’s more than double! Many, if not most, students looking to attend prestigious private universities will have to look very closely at scholarships, grants, and student loans to afford tuition.Always A Great InvestmentInvesting in higher education will make the difference between most likely working minimum wage to low paying jobs to having a career in which making middle and upper class money is possible. So, it may seem like a daunting investment, however it’s a very smart one. Don’t let the average tuition for college scare you away from making the right decision, people get to mountain top every year.

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