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Bad credit home equity loans are for those homeowners who have been in credit crises. These loans are like any other loans except that these are secured by a second mortgage on the borrower’s home. To be precise, in home equity loans, the home is used as a collateral property to cover the risk of the lender. A home equity loan gives money for a fixed time rather than a revolving credit line. Home Equity can be up to eighty-five percent of the market value of borrower’s homeHome equity loans can be used for different purposes like repairs, remodeling, retreats, tax payments, vehicle purchases and so forth. The rate of interest on home equity loans is much lower than that of other loans, like credit cards. The positive points of a home equity loan are the low interest rate charged by the lenders, because in this case the loan is secured and the risk for the lender is low. However, the lender does not lose the chance to charge a higher interest rate in bad credit home equity loans. The argument for the higher rate of interest is that the lender holds the second mortgage and not the first one, plus the lender is in a high-risk zone because of the bad credit history of the borrower. The second most important point in favor of a bad credit home equity loan is that it is available in both fixed and adjustable rates; thirdly, the interest paid on home equity loans can be used as a tax deduction. Finally, the borrower can get the maximum benefit from his home without selling it.But these loans have a darker side. The negative point for a home equity loan is that it is so easy to get that it could prompt the borrower to seek the loan even if he doesn’t need it. Secondly, the lender deducts some latent charges. But the worst aspect of home equity loans is that the borrower can’t hold or delay the payments, or the home may face foreclosure.Bad credit home equity loans are available for people with bad credit histories. This is to improve the credit history of the borrower and get him out of debt. But the borrower has to be on high alert, because the loan is secured by the second mortgage on his home.


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