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Be Richer! is a city building and management game, the sequel to one of the best candidates to play Build-a-lot. Create cities booming, with residential, commercial and monumental … in your quest to build a real estate empire! Like its predecessor to be rich!, Is the continuation of a similar story. You run a small-time real estate company was contracted to improve neighborhoods with homes, commercial property and improved landscaping. As you become more successful, your jobs are more lucrative and more difficult, leaving you with the big boys in the industry.That property ‘s where the similarity ends to play. Be Richer! has many new features on the original that you ‘d be surprised it was produced by the same company. In addition, the game seems to move towards a simulation game high, like the legendary SimCity games.You start the game as a real estate costs wannabes, eager to enter the lucrative industry. Your first decision is to choose to be your advisor / mentor. The person who provided you with useful tips and advice during the progress through the career of game.You district neighborhood. In each scenario district /, you are invited by the mayor orcommunity leaders to increase the value of the site. You will be given tasks for each scenario, whether by upgrading it to build houses, buildings or premises, or landmark. You must also make a profit, rental income against a target scenarios ‘has expired. As expected, further progress you in the game, more types of buildings you have to build / manage tasks more complex and difficult and progress through the various neighborhoods are.The scenario scenarios, each with a distinct feel and atmosphere – the grass and quaint to modern steel and inner-city of glass. You will also encounter scenarios where you build a “heart ” for the district as a shopping center, a zoo and even a purse! In addition, you are responsible, as you progress through the profession, you are also able to neighborhoods giant sandbox mode, you design and build to unlock your heart ‘s desire.What makes this game unique among other cities-building games is similar to the transition to a more simulation game, SimCity Classic. In Be Richer! almost every place on the map can be used toConstruction and decoration. You can build your buildings anywhere as long as there is enough space. You can even shave the roads to clear your property if you do not have enough roads to connect all the buildings in the neighborhood. Just like in real life, the roads deteriorate over time and now must be maintained! To help another new feature and much appreciated is the ability to adjust the specialized staff to win your millions. You have a gradually increasing number of executives “slots ” where you can hire managers with specific expertise. You want a manager who makes the building more quickly, or do you prefer a manager who can find the best deals around? There are so many managers that you won ‘t be able to rent all of their choice so smart! Managers also your gameplay so you create a completely different game, you use a different set of things much more managers.There to be richer! Even small things like people walking around the city, flying over their daily lives on the helicopter. This game is a jewel in the city building and the type of management, with sound4.0/5.0: dose strategy and simulation thrown in. A for all fans of the genre. Rating game must-try

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