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Education is one of the most costly affair yet a very important necessity. There is always a sense of pride and honor when one is able to finish studies and earn a degree. But sometimes, savings are not enough when paying for tuition and other education fees. This leads to doing part-time jobs and taking loans. Though loans are difficult to pay, there are ways on how to lessen the payment of loans by knowing the student loan consolidation rates.Even though parents borrow money to support the education in universities, many of us apply for student loans to cover up the additional costs. But the real test of loan part is the payback time. When we take loans, there is interest that has to be paid along with the capital or principal loan. What is worse is that the loan might not be the one but it can be many to fulfill our needs. In return, we accumulate many debts to cover while working.To make your financial situation better, we have student loan consolidation wherein all existing loans like student or parent loans can be combined and the payment has to done for the new consolidated loan. This minimizes the hassle and worry of paying back to different lenders. However you should note that there are fixed time to apply for the loan which is 6 month after graduation or leaving school. There are different student loan consolidation rates that are based on institution or state. Some have a fixed rate, while others vary depending on the school.Many of us are busy with our life and don’t bother to look into these loans and keep paying as it is. There are some who still doubt the benefit of consolidation and hence are not concerned about it. The most common questions are: Is there any other benefit apart from making one payment instead of multiple payments? Does it help you to save on your payments?Yes, the student loan consolidation rates definitely help you to save. As an example, when the loan is $30,000 and the regular loan payment is around $300; after consolidation, it will come to about $200 with saving of $100. The mentioned figure is just for illustration figure and should not be taken as a guide. If there are unfulfilled payments or late payments for loan, it can be approved depending on the rating.So if you have multiple loans from different institutions like Federal Direct Loan program, Federal Perkins Loan, Nursing Loan Program, non-federal loans from banks, schools and private institutions, take the time to consolidate it and benefit from the student loan consolidation rates.

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