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Black Desert Mobile Introduces Everfrost, a New Region, and Guardian Class on June 27 for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

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Pearl Abyss Unveils June 27 Release Date for New “Everfrost” Region and “Guardian” Class in Black Desert Mobile

In an exciting announcement last Friday, Pearl Abyss revealed that the highly anticipated “Everfrost” region and formidable “Guardian” class will make their debut on June 27. To mark this momentous occasion, Black Desert Mobile has organized a captivating in-game event, granting Adventurers a sneak peek of the new region by venturing into the enchanting “Eversnow Valley” for a thrilling 20-minute adventure. Building upon the previously shared Developer Commentary video on June 7, Black Desert Mobile has now unveiled a captivating trailer, showcasing the wonders of the forthcoming region. In this enthralling preview, the esteemed NPC Nana Margot guides viewers through the mesmerizing landscapes of Everfrost, a mystical realm perpetually blanketed by snow. Additionally, the trailer provides a glimpse of the menacing monsters that daring Adventurers will confront in this treacherous new territory.

Guardian, the mighty warrior that protects Everfrost, will arrive with the new region. She uses the Battle Axe as her Main Weapon and the Battle Shield as her Sub-Weapon. Using her melee combat style, she wields her weapons to attack enemies without mercy.

In celebration of the upcoming Everfrost and Guardian updates, Black Desert Mobile is holding the “Eversnow Valley” event until June 26. Throughout the event, Adventurers can experience the upcoming region in advance.

Adventurers that are level 70 or higher with 5,000 or higher CP can participate in the event through NPC Lando in Velia, and they need “Citron Tea” in order to access Eversnow Valley. Citron Tea is an essential item for fighting the freezing cold, which enables Adventurers to stay in Eversnow Valley for 20 minutes.

During the event period, Adventurers can obtain one Citron Tea per day from event missions and the in-game mailbox, respectively. Adventurers can also acquire rewards such as “Ancient Knowledge EXP Scroll Chest”, “[Abyssal-Primal] Memory Imprint Chest”, “Exquisite Black Crystal” and more at a set chance from the Spoils of Battle in Eversnow Valley.

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