Black Friday 2010: LeakGate

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You may have heard already that advertisements from Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and other large retail stores were “leaked” to various media sources on the Internet, many who proceeded to publish the sales and deals. There has been no word of who has been leaking the information or the big retailers will go after them, but it does raise a couple questions. For one, does it harm Sears, Target, Kohls or other retailers to get more publicity close to the biggest shopping day of the year? Also, if they did go to a media source, would the source’s identity be protected?LeakGate: Black Friday 2010Here’s a rundown of some of the details so far.
Economy in 2010 is sluggish, and many are trying to find a way to get something for everyone on their list. The stores realize this and are stretching out Black Friday deals throughout the month of November to help.
Sales and deals have been released or leaked – depending on who you ask. However the information has gotten out, the Internet has made it easier to keep track of all the sales and deals going on.
Some media companies have rebroadcast the information, building up an even bigger frenzy.
People are left wondering whether it is marketing or actual leaks. Many times, large companies will try to control the information so their competitors don’t have the information and have time to adjust their prices accordingly.
In the age of the Internet, the release of information is harder to control. Since the beginning of November 2010, a sales frenzy has begun.Cyber Monday is the New Black FridayWhoever leaked the information and for whatever reason they did it, one thing is for certain. In the years ahead, there is a good chance that more and more people are going to skip the long lines and mobs of people at the stores and just wait for Cyber Monday. This may actually be better for the stores as well. Only time will tell.For now, the Internet is abuzz with sales and deals and super plans to get the most for your money this holiday shopping season. The smarter shoppers, however, know that it is after Christmas (or during season changes) that the best deals are found without all the hassle and hustle and bustle of Black Friday.In any case, the increased interest in Black Friday may be a sign that times are changing for the better.

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