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Why are people willing to stand in line overnight and camp out to get deals on Black Friday? Maybe it just shows that people are really interested in getting good deals on laptops and televisions. Some people really want those deals and they go all out to get them. Instead of staying home in their warm beds and getting some good sleep, they would rather be outside in the cold to get a great deal on a laptop computer.If standing outside in the cold is not your cup of tea, then you might want to consider shopping at a normal business hour. Some companies still offer deals after the initial rush of shoppers has passed. When you get up on Black Friday you will see the news cameras taking video of all the people still standing in line and coming out of the malls with their new purchases. You can see shopping carts filled with big screen televisions and computers. Most people that finally get into the store don’t get what they were looking for. The deals look too good to be true, and if you are not one of the first people into the store you are going to have a hard time getting one of those really cheap laptop deals.One good thing about the big retail stores is that they are innovative. The day after thanksgiving is Black Friday and now they have come up with another way to get people to shop. Now they have turned that first weekend after thanksgiving into a shopping spree. If you don’t get what you want on Black Friday you still have a chance to get deals during the weekend. A few days later on Monday they have more deals for you to consider. They have called the Monday after thanksgiving Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is for all the people that want to shop online. Cyber Monday gives you another chance at picking up those laptops. The prices might not be as good as on Black Friday but a discount is a discount. You will have to wait to get your stuff shipped to you.Black Friday and Cyber Monday are chances for you to get a discount on items you want. Make a plan for the items that you are looking for and check the pricing so that you don’t overpay. You have to get into the store for Black Friday and get past all the crowds to be successful. Cyber Monday requires you to jump on deals online. The weekend after thanksgiving really kicks off the holiday shopping season.

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